100 PICS Quiz Tips and Tricks – How to Get More Coins in 100 PICS Quiz Game

Picture quizzes have become extremely popular in the past few years. If you go online you can find hundreds of different picture quizzes about almost any subject you can think of. There are even a number of different apps you can download that allow you to play picture quizzes on your mobile device.

100 PICS quiz game

One of the best picture quiz apps on the app store is 100 PICS Quiz. This picture quiz app gives players plenty of different categories to choose from, each category contains 100 puzzles for players to solve. The game starts you off with three puzzle packs titled Logos, Taste Test, and Animals. There are at least fifty other categories to choose from but they require coins to unlock or download them. You get coins by solving puzzles. When you get a picture to solve, it will be covered in four blue titles. To remove the tiles and see the picture, you just tap on them. Be careful though, every tile you remove is one coin you won’t receive for solving the puzzle. The more tiles you remove, the smaller your coin reward. So the key is to remove the fewest amount of tiles possible. While still solving the puzzle. Below you will find out how you can get more coins in 100 PICS quiz to unlock and download more puzzle categories and packs.

How to Get More Coins and Unlock More Categories in 100 PICS Quiz

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, there are some strategies you can use to get more coins in 100 PICS quiz. The strategy that I have found to be most beneficial is to go into the animal pack and answer as many puzzles as I can without removing any tiles. You just have to look at the letters and see which animal name you can spell in the space. The other way you can get more coins is to purchase them with money. You can get 150 coins for $1. When you think about it, that means you are basically paying almost a penny per puzzle. Personally I believe that earning the coins by using the strategy of solving the puzzle without removing tiles is easier but your judgement is up to you.

Coins can also get you hints and tips in the 100 PICS quiz game. These hints can either give you a letter to help you solve the puzzle, or remove all the letters that are not used in the answer. These hints only cost 30 coins, but if you use them a lot, you are going to need a lot of coins.

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