2 For 2 Tips and Strategies – What is The Highest Score on 2 for 2?

Mobile games have become extremely popular this decade. Game producers have begun producing games that are easier to play yet retain their addictive nature. Most games today can be played with one finger and with as little as thirty seconds of free time. Popular mobile game producers today include Ketchapp, Voodoo, and more recently, Crazy Labs. Crazy Labs most recent hit game is the endless strategy game 2 for 2.

2 For 2 Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on 2 for 2?

2 For 2 Game Description

2 for 2 is a great game for any mobile gamer who find games similar to 2048 entertaining. 2 for 2 forces players to employ a bit of strategy into their gameplay. The object of the game is to combine dots with various numbers in order to score points. There are a couple of different ways that you can play 2 For 2. One way is to randomly combine dots and just see if it works out. The other way to play is to think about each move before you make it. This will actually produce quality scores that will keep you ahead of your friends. Below you will find out how to play 2 for 2 correctly on iPhone.

How To Play 2 For 2 on iPhone

In order to play 2 for 2 correctly you must think before you make your moves. When you open the app on your iPhone, you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

2 For 2 Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on 2 for 2?
There will be a number of multicolored dots. The color of each dot corresponds to a number. Each dot on the screen is also labeled with a number. To play 2 for 2 you will need to draw lines between dots of the same color and number. You can draw lines between dots of the same color and number that are adjacent to and in the same row or column as the starting dot. You cannot draw lines between dots that are diagonally adjacent to the starting dot. The more dots of the same number that you combine, the more points you will receive and the higher resulting number you will get. Whichever dot your line ends on is where the resulting dot with a higher number will be placed and the space where the other dots were removed from will be filled with new dots. 

2 For 2 Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on 2 for 2?
There are a number of strategies that you should use while you play 2 for 2 that will help you get a higher score in this challenging game.

2 For 2 Tips and Strategies How to Get a  Higher Score

There are a few different strategies that you can employ that will help you score higher and win those bragging rights away from your friends. The first tip I will share today has to do with the placement of your moves. When you connect dots to get higher value dots, you should try to end your move on a dot that is close to a dot that can be implemented on the very next move. Think of it as thinking one step ahead. This way you will always have at least one move you can make which will prevent the game from ending prematurely. Another tip I have to share is to make sure that you try to save moves. What I mean by this is that if you have the option to combine just two dots, try to find a way that you can combine three, for or maybe five dots. This way you remove more dots with fewer moves and also get more points per move. This will help you achieve higher scores and maybe even get you the top spot for 2 for 2.

What is The Highest Score in 2 For  2?

2 for 2 gives anyone the opportunity to achieve amazingly high scores. There have been a number of great scores recorded since the release of 2 for 2, however, there is only one high score. The highest score in 2 for 2 so far is 910,852 and was scored on August 25th. As 2 for 2 continues to get new players daily, I would not be surprised if this score is beaten in the near future. Comment below if you have seen or scored a higher score in 2 for 2 and we will update our record!

15 thoughts on “2 For 2 Tips and Strategies – What is The Highest Score on 2 for 2?”

  1. i have a high score of 123,460, if you are still keeping score. this is much higher than your current high score.

  2. 439,864 and still going when I have time. I’m guessing not many people are playing this game. FYI there is a finite score that can be reached

  3. 441,308 and going, highest single number is 32k, shouldn’t it be 33k because it’s actually 32,768, no? Round up?

  4. Just hit 1 million, 1,001,036 to be precise, and going, turns out 32k is rounded down but 64k is actually 65k (rounded down) because it’s 65,536…

    1. Finally a real challenge, I just turned 65K at 910,852 and still going… I agree very addictive game…

    2. This game is very long and time is a challenge… 65K + 32K at 1,330,852 and still going… Great game Lucas!!!

  5. 65k + 32k + 16k + 8k and score shows 16,651,156 and 2900 stars. Still going but as I lose one space each tim I level up, I am afraid I won’t be able to go for much longer. I’d love to see a list of highest scores. Any idea where they are officially recorded?

    1. Here´s Martin from Germany.
      16 Mio. is to big for 65k + 32k + 16k + 8k. I just finished 131k (only a green circle with dots in it) and so got a score of 2,037,704 with 3,102 stars.
      I just wanted to go a little farer. When I started the game, my score was “0” while the stars still are at 3,102 and the the game itself ist at the standing I paused the last time…

  6. Ummmm. 1,683,621….I did do an in app purchase to get out of a tight spot in the game. 65k + 32k + 16k + 4K + 2k.

    Has no one gotten to 130k yet? I noticed the game got a little janky the further I went.

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