Will Video Calls Replace Everyday Face To Face Conversation?

When video call sites like oovoo and skype first came out I thought it was the coolest thing. But now it is so common it seems like someday it could replace human interaction. That may be a little extreme, but think about it. Why would you drive to a restaurant to meet someone when you could just video call them? The answer is, because without actually seeing someone you will slowly turn into an unsocial person. I’m not saying that video calling will do this.  It’s just that if you resort to video chats over going to meet someone, there might be a problem. So use video chats all you want, just don’t over use them. 

Social Games

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When it comes to social games on your phone the most talked about is words with friends. In this game you basically play scrabble with your facebook friends over the internet. Social games allow you to play a game with an actual person instead of a computer that can sometimes seem super human. Online games also give you bragging rights when you get with your opponent in real life. Google hangouts took this a step forward and added a visual face so you can have a hangout and play an online game at the same time. This could be the future of online social gaming. Would it not be awesome to play any game with anybody in the world. The great thing Google could incorporate any game they wanted into hangouts. Social gaming is a fun way to catch up with your friends but should not be an alternative to actually going and seeing your friends.
Another mobile online game is angry birds friends. This twist on the classic game allows you to compete with your friends to see who can cause the most destruction. This game seemed like a blast but there is a problem. If you want to play with your friends your friends have to be on Facebook. If you don’t have a presence on Facebook you will be stuck with the practice levels. So personally I was out of luck but if you are on Facebook and have lots of friends you could have a blast destroying pigs and getting back your eggs.               If you want to give it a try the link to download on android is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rovio.angrybirdsfriends&hl=en

What Time Should I Post On Social Media? 2

When posting on social media it is important to post at the right time and in the right time zone. What are the best times to post things. During typical work hours you will see the most action on social media. Typical work hours are between the hours of noon and six. The reason for this is that when people are at work they need something to connect them with outside of work. Social media provides them with this connection. Another question that I will answer is: what time zone should I use? The answer to this is all in the numbers. Almost half of the nations population is in the eastern time zone. Eighty precent are in the eastern and central. So if you are in the east coast just post between noon and six. If you are on the east coast you should post between three and nine.

Will Stores Be An Endangered Species?

It seems like stores are a very important part of out everyday life but they could be fewer of them faster than you think. Online shopping is getting more and more popular. Why is this? Because you can visit multiple stores without spending a penny on gas. Social media could take this a step forward. Toyota recently released a way to create custom Toyota cars with your friends and you can also talk to an expert. Social media will soon be how we shop for everything. Google also has the ability for you to walk through buildings virtually. This technology may even be used for shopping in the future. Online stores like Amazon get you the best deals on almost anything you would ever want. In my opinion stores today are just show rooms for online stores. The only reason people go to stores now is to see how cloths feel and fit or how any product feels or fits. The stores that will take longer to go online are food and produce stores. These will stay in physical buildings for longer.

Myspace Still Exists? See The New Myspace Tomorrow

Some of you may remember Myspace. The lost social network of the early two thousands. Well today is the last day that network will be offering the same service. Myspace will launch the new myspace which will be more suited for the creative class of america. Who knows? Maybe myspace will rise again to be a social media giant. The site will switch to the new site tomorrow and the old site will be history. I am interested to see what this new site will offer. Who knows, maybe I will give this new site a shot. Myspace has twenty seven million users in the united states and twice that world wide. This number could be very different tomorrow.

Does Adding An Image To Your Post Attract More Attention?

When posting on social media, everybody’s goal is to get peoples
 attention. One of the best ways to do this is to add an image to the post. When you are scrolling through your feed a picture catches your attention way more than just a bunch of words. Pictures will also add information to your post. You can post info graphics to share an idea. Adding a photo can also show off how clever you can be. Sometimes sharing photos will be the topic of the entire post. When you share photography you are doing just that. What helps on Google + is sharing a full sized image. Sharing a full sized image will attract the most attention from your followers. So if you are posting something, do yourself a favor and post a picture. Spending just a few more seconds on your post could have a big impact.

Adding an image also gives your posts personality. Not literal feelings, it just establishes a tone. If you are writing about your topic in a negative way you would add a picture with a cool, dark color scheme. By doing this when your audience sees the picture they will instantly know that you are not happy about what you are writing about. If you are excited or happy about what you are writing about then you would do the opposite. Instead of using cool, dark colors you would use bright, warm colors. This shows you have a positive outlook on your topic.

Why Are Hashtags Important?

All social media connects you with people of a similar interest. How do they do it? Most social media services use hashtags (#) to connect you with people of similar interests. To do this you just have to search a hashtag and see who is posting to it. Twitter started the hashtag era when they started using hashtags to connect people. Ever since then all social media provides hashtags and hashtag search. Accept for Facebook. But today that changed. Today Facebook started using hashtags. will this help Facebook recover? I don’t think so. I have had good experiences using hashtags. On instagram I have met over thirty people that I now talk to very often. So in my opinion hashtags are a good change for facebook but it won’t help them out of the hole they are in.

Hashtags also help you find information on any social media service. If you could not tag a subject into your content there is no way for other people to find it. If people cannot find your content they cannot read it, if they cannot read it your information is just sitting, accomplishing nothing. As soon as you add a hashtag it will be much easier for millions of people to find your work. And use the information you provide to improve their knowledge on the subject that you wrote about.

Lots of companies now use hashtags so that people can share images of their product in photo contests. So basically what is happening is that they are creating a gallery of pictures, most of them being of their product. So if someone sees that hashtag on one of their friends’s pictures they will click the link and find all of that company’s products. So that company just got free advertising by creating a hashtag and hosting a contest on social media this is how social media can be beneficial to any company, big or small, looking to sell more product or service.

Which Operating System Is The Most Social?

iOS 7Operating systems have not been social in past years but recently Windows, Apple, and Android have been making their operating systems more social. How did they do this? Well Apple did it by adding the ability to post to facebook from the notification area. Android had the release of the Facebook phone which was a flop, Windows connects you to xbox live and any social media service you want all in one screen. But most recently Apple has released ios 7 which has the new air drop feature. This is the most social thing that I have seen in an operating system. It is basically Snapchat but better and it takes it a step further. It allows you to save pictures shared with you and you can share with as many people as you like. I think this feature makes ios 7 the most social os.

Why Should I Use Multiple Social Media Services?

Having multiple social media accounts will help you promote yourself, and your content. If you are just using one service you are missing out on a lot of people that might be interested in your content. Using multiple social media services will also help you find more information that you can share again on another social media service and therefore use social media correctly. It is very important that you share others content and using multiple services will help you find content worth sharing. It will also get more people to share your content and get you a larger following. So if you are only using one service, broaden your horizon and get started on multiple. You know what they say, the more the merrier.

How Has Social Media Changed The Way We Watch Sports?

Sports and social media have slowly been merging together and will keep merging until they are almost nothing without each other. Examples of how these two areas have merged are the Twitter live updates of almost any major sporting event you would want to see. You can follow game four of the NBA final on twitter tomorrow at 9:00 PM. I can see google doing something similar with hangouts. Could you imagine watching a game from any section of the stadium you want to watch it from? I believe watching games through hangouts will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the game better than just watching it on the television. Vine would be The most interesting. If you missed a game and wanted to see the most important parts you could watch a six second vine instead of watching a two minutes of replay footage. Social media is the future of sports there is no doubt about that. Twitter has proved that and now it is Google’s turn to do something great with sports. Google already has the live scorebord that comes up in search results but they will do much greater things in the future.

Yahoo also offers a sports dashboards and it is pretty good. I can picture google doing something similar in the future. If Google could just make a tab on the top that said sports it would be amazing. They could have options to watch games live and have a dashboard with all the games and sports you want. imagine watching any game from your computer and seeing live comments from your communities and other google plus users on a hangout tab on the same screen. This would change the way we experience sports.

Another Google product that could change the way we watch sports is Google glass. Imagine watching an NFL game from the point of view of the coaches or the referees. Or watching Golf from Tiger’s point of view. The options are only limited to peoples creativity.