How To Get People To Your Article With Social Media

After you have created an article or blog post it is important to market it so that more people actually read it. The way that I have found to be most successful with is sharing it on social media. Now you can’t just go and click share and your done, there are a few simple steps that will help your be available to millions of people. The first step is to add hashtags (#). By adding hashtags when people search for posts related to what your article is about your article will show up.
The next step is to share it with groups of people. Your followers will automatically see it but there are other ways to share it to larger groups. On Google plus you can use communities to share with groups. This is the way I use most often as Google plus is my main source of social media news.
Another important step is to have a brief description of the article or an interesting question that is answered in the post. When you do that people will have more of an idea of what is in your post.
The final step is to add an image to your post. Having an image catches the eye of readers scrolling through their feed and will make them stop to see what it is. Which will lead them to the title of the post and the description and eventually to your article.
The title of your article is also very important. Learn more

New From Google – Mobile Search App Could Look A Lot Like Google Now

Google has recently been working on a new interface for the mobile search app. It will look a lot like something we have seen before. The new app will have cards instead of a long list. all of the cards will have different information about what you search for example if you search “Google” there will be a card for information about the company, a card for stock, a card for search results and a card for news, images, etc. You will be able to swipe away cards that you do not want on the screen you can also disable some cards from coming up. If the cards on search are a success they will apply the card idea to desktop search to. The problem I see with this is that you could not swipe the cards away and it could turn into a pain. I have this problem with the google plus notifications. I find myself trying to swipe with the track pad but in reality I have to click the little X. I can’t wait for the new interface to be applied. I think it will make search faster and smoother. I just hope the find an efficient way to deal with removing the cards.

New From Google – Android YouTube App Update

The YouTube app has recently been updated, I believe last night, and the changes are aesthetic as well as functional. The first thing you will notice is the new visual for the app. It is a red rectangle with rounded off corners with a white play symbol in the middle. When you open the new updated app you will have your what to watch section. It is pretty much the same accept for the fact that it is now lighter colored. If you swipe your finger to the right you will have your options and your subscriptions.

The coolest new feature I have found is that when you are watching a video you can minimize the video and navigate the app while the video plays in the bottom right corner. To get rid of the small screen you can swipe it to the left or right. To maximize it you can either tap on it or swipe it up. Its not going to revolutionize the way you watch videos but I think it is pretty cool. It is also pretty handy when listening to music or creating a playlist so that the sound will still be playing while you are searching for the next video. To sum it up I like the update. Do you like the new YouTube?

Three Tips To Create A Headline That Gets More Traffic

When blogging it is important to get traffic. The question is how? The most important part to getting traffic is to have a header that screams out:  “click the link!”, without actually saying it. There are a few ways you can do this. The first way is to ask a question. By asking a question peoples natural instinct is to want to know what the answer is. Then they will click the link to find out more. Another great way to grab peoples attention is to create a list, ex. 10 ways to get more followers on Google plus. For some reason people just love lists. The most popular are longer ones such as top one hundred or worst one hundred. One of the best types of headers are best and worst. Which are just state that the article is about something you should never do, without giving any hints. The key to all the attention grabbing headers is to make the reader feel like they are missing out on something if they don’t click the link and read the article. You want to make people wonder.
Another way to lure readers in is to use vivid adjectives. By doing this you are creating an image in readers head. This image can cause them to want to know more about the image they are seeing to complete the picture.  Matching the adjectives with the image can also help reel ’em in.
The next way to get people from the headline to the blog is to make the reader feel like what they read will make something miraculous happen. Examples of this are “sell your jewelry for twice as much cash!” or “double your income in four days!”
Combining strategies will create an amazing header that is extremely eye catching.  Some examples of a good headline is: “Five easy ways to double your blogs traffic!” This headline combines a list with a vivid adjective and a claim, “that makes miracles happen”.
 All of these strategies will lead to more readers wanting to learn more and in return more traffic on your blog.

The Dark Side Of Social Media

I have found social media as a tool to promote my content, myself, and my interests. Some people have found other ways to use it. There are the people that sell fake followers. I don’t understand why people would even want to buy followers in the first place when they can just get their own. There are also the people that just don’t know how to use social media. If you go to a community for a certain duck related television show, you will see what I mean. These people post things that People just don’t care about. Here is an example: “I missed it :(” Are you kidding me. How does that help me or entertain me. If they are going to do that go back to facebook. But I guess I could just not go to the community but their are some interesting articles about the show in the community. Another type of Google plus user that annoys me is the people that use Emoji’s. Why do you want to let people know that you are feeling excited. If you are, great, keep it to your self. Unless you are going to share why you are feeling excited, don’t. Do these people bother anybody else.

Movies And Social Media

Movies have not changed in years. At least the way they are released to the public. Movies have always been shown in movie theaters. Recently some movies have been released on Direct TV and similar television providers. But I would not be surprised if in the not so distant future movies are released on social media. Weather it is on Youtube, or on a Google plus hangout on air. It would be Amazing to be able to watch the midnight releases on a hangout. And now with chromecast or apple TV you could put the movie right on your TV.

Eventually all entertainment will be on social media. TV, movies, even Sports. Could there be a new way to watch television, maybe on Google? Only time will tell. Could you imagine being able to cancel your television provider and save hundreds of dollars a year. It would also make watching television a better experience. How? By linking the television to Google plus and being able to comment on what you are watching with certain communities or circles. With Google anything is possible.

Why Getting Authorship From Google Is Important

Have you ever searched something and seen links to articles in the search results with a picture of the author. Have you ever wondered how they achieved this. It actually isn’t that hard. It is achieved by getting authorship from Google. When you get authorship your content will be favored over everybody else’s and rank higher in search. Which in turn will get you more page views and ultimately more clicks on advertisements. When Its all said and done you get more money. The hard part is linking your blog or website to your Google plus account. To do this you have to type in a special code into the about me section of your blog. It is hard to explain so I will just put a link to a website that describes exactly how to do it. Another key part to getting authorship is having a recognizable picture of your face on your Google profile.

Once you have authorship you will start ranking higher in search. This will play a key role in marketing your content. Another thing you can do to market your content is to use communities  . These will also help you market your content and help you find information to create more content. It is okay to join more than one community that is about the same thing. This will only increase your knowledge on the subject and make your content better. Another tip I will give you is to add an image. Learn more

Why Is It Important To Join Communities?

When Google plus first released communities, I really did not see the purpose other than to bring people with a similar interest together. But the truth is, it is the bringing together people with a similar interest that makes communities so powerful. All of these people are in one place already gathered to see what you want to share weather it be something you found interesting, something you are doing, or content. All of these people that you already know will have at least some interest in what you are sharing. That is why communities are so great for marketing your, or others, content. You know that somebody is going to look into what you shared. Where as when you share to public half the people that see it will just look at it and say, “what?”
If you are going to share to public it has to be something that everybody can appreciate.

So when you Are looking to join some communities look for communities that look interesting, or that you think will contain a good audience for your content. It is a good idea to join multiple communities on the same subject that way if someone happens to post something before you, you have options. Then just post and share away.

Another reason why you should join communities is to get followers.    Learn more

Why Did You Start Using Social Media?

Social media has many different lures for people. Some do it to keep up with friends, some use it to stalk friends. Others use it to try and meet people. One of the most important ways to use it is to promote yourself. At first I used it to share with my friends. But then I was enlightened by someone that I can use social media to meet people with similar interests. This was made easier when Google Plus started communities. Since I fist started I have meet people that kayak and gone to meet them in rivers. I have only just started to use social media as a way to promote websites and people, including myself. It is important not to promote your content more than you share with people or the other way around. Try to keep them equal. Why did you start using social media?

Where Do You Use Social Media?

Social media started out being websites that people visited to meet people and talk to friends. But now that phones give you the capability to use social media you don’t have to go to the computer anymore you just turn on your phone and it gives you all of your notifications. There is really no reason to use a computer, other than to have a keyboard and a bigger screen, that’s all the computer has to add to the experience. Before I got my cromebook I did all my social media on my phone. It started with instagram and has expanded to include Twitter and Google plus. Now I use Google plus more than any other. The reason I got started with instagram is because it was fast and easy. I think that is the main perk of using social media on a mobile platform. Facebook reported that seventy present of its users use it on mobile. This is just because people don’t have the time to just sit on a computer and dedicate time specifically to social media. They would rather check their feed while walking to their favorite food stand. Its all about speed and saving time now. What do you prefer Mobile or Computer?