How To Post Quality Material That Ranks Well

Ranking high in a web search is not magic. There isn’t a button you press that automatically puts you at the top. It takes hard work and consistent writing. Here are some of the best ways I have found to increase the ranking of blogs.

First of all you want to own the domain. Buying the domain will show search engines that you are doing it for something other than fun, and that you are trustworthy. Search engines only promote sites that they believe are trustworthy sources of information. When you do not own your domain you could just be anyone, search engines don’t know if you are worth promoting. So if you want to rank well, do yourself a favor and purchase a domain.
Second, post original content. Don’t copy content off of other blogs or sites. Posting original content allows your blog to be seen as trustworthy. If you post original trustworthy content that solves problems that people are searching for, you are more likely to rank well. Also adding original media such as videos, podcasts, images, etc. will also make your blog more prone to higher rankings on search engines.
The last tip I will mention is back-links to your blog. Having links from other websites related on the topic back to you are very beneficial for high rankings. Going back to being trustworthy, if other sites trust you that shows search engines that you are in fact trustworthy. Also, never buy back links. The source makes a big difference. One back link from a high ranking site is more valuable than one hundred back links from insignificant blog. Don’t forget to back link to your own blog. Keep the readers on the blog as long as you can.
I hope this helps with any basic questions you have about ranking well in search.

Online College Programs Vs. Traditional Universities

Getting your college degree is essential to get a decent job these days. Businesses will not hire individuals who lack a college degree. College degrees show employers that you can handle a tough schedule and can handle large volumes of work. In the end they want someone who will make them money. Businesses want individuals that will stop at nothing to get the job done and make the company money.
Going to college can be very time consuming, and if you are living on campus it is pretty much your life. But there is another option. Most major Universities have online programs. This allows students to earn their degree from anywhere in the country. This allows students to save money on either housing on campus, or commuting to and from classes. It is also handy because you can hold a job easier and earn money while in college.
Some programs give you virtual avatars so you can interact with other students. They can be very complicated. These avatars have a virtual classroom to move around in and do what you would do in a regular class. It is basically like a social media platform for college. You get to chat and talk with students and earn your degree at the same time. I know social media will eventually play a huge role in all schools, including public grade schools. You can read about that HERE
In conclusion online college can be a better option for some students, while others will have a better time physically going to classes.

When To Post For Maximum Ad Clicks

Some people write blogs to express themselves and let other people see what they are thinking or doing, they don’t really think of blogging as a big deal. Then there are the business sites that are devoted to driving customers to their business. Then there are those who blog for monetary gain. This is achieved by Placing ads on the blog or website. You can do this by making connecting an Adsense to the blog.
Putting ads on the blog is not going to instantly make you money. they have to be clicked before you generate any revenue. To do this you need traffic. To generate maximum traffic you must post at the right time of day. Not too early, not too late. Depending on where you are the times will be a little different.
The trick during the week is to post during east coast work hours. Lets face it, we all get bored at work and start surfing the internet. Plus bored people at work are more likely to click ads. So the exact times that are optimum for maximum traffic are: on weekdays from 9a.m. to 3p.m. eastern time. It is important to remember that this is eastern time because most of the country’s population is located here.
When posting on the weekend follow the same rule.
Also be sure to share your posts to a community or group on social media to pick up more viewers. Every extra visitor is another potential click, and clicks equal cash.

College Football National Championship – Follow It On Social Media

Weather this is the biggest game in college football or the biggest game in all of football, the college football national championship is tonight at eight thirty. This years mach up is going to be interesting. No south eastern conference this year. Its the big ten and the pac twelve. The Ohio State Buckeyes will face off against the Oregon Ducks in Arlington Texas. Its always fun to see what other people are thinking during the game. The smack talk before the game is also quite entertaining.

The best place to witness this trash talk will definitely be on twitter. Just watch the hashtag UOvsOSU. I’m almost one hundred percent sure there will be rant after rant. Fans gone wild, defending their team. Trash talk on social media is the funniest part of sporting events. 
On the other hand, social media can give you a behind the scenes look at the game. Snapchat usually makes a compilation of peoples view of the game. Like tailgating and the view from their seats. They also have snaps from the players in the locker room getting ready. It is interesting seeing the players preparing for the game. 
On Instagram you can view sports center, college football playoff, or other sports broadcast accounts. They will be constantly posting hype before the game. They will also post interesting photos and videos of big moments in the game. 
Social media is a great way to interact with other fans and provides a different perspective of the game. So don’t forget to check social media throughout the game. It will keep you entertained during the commercials and just enhance the whole viewing experience. 

Snapchat Message And Facetime – How To Use


Snapchat has been updated and now gives you two great new features. These features create a new Snapchat experience that will leave the former version looking like a pile of dirt. These additions add two features that have previously been released; but Snapchat adds its own twist to them.S
The first new feature is messaging. Messaging has been around for quite some time but now snapchat has created its own version. To access the snapchat messaging, you swipe right from the camera screen. Then swipe right again across the user you would like to message with. You can then either message the user you have selected, or send them a picture from your camera roll. When you send a picture from your camera roll, the recipient can view the photo as long as they want. But when they exit the messaging section then return it will be gone. Like a traditional snap. The messages do the same. Once both parties have viewed the message it will be removed. Unless either the sender or the recipient taps on a message or photo. If someone taps a message or photo it will be saved, until they tap it again.
The other new addition is Snapchat facetime. This feature allows you to facetime with other Snapchat users. To do so, both users must be in the messaging section. Once this occurs the yellow rectangle at the right of the text box will turn blue. To facetime, both users must hold their finger on the blue button. You must continue to hold your finger on the screen for the facetime to continue. Unless you lock the camera in either the front or back facing position by sliding your finger to the top or bottom of the screen. Sliding your finger to the top will use the normal camera. Sliding your finger to the bottom will cause your front facing camera to activate.
These new features can be kind of fun. So go play with them, and let me know what you think.

Top Three Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Webpage

People always ask the question: “How do I get traffic to my blog/website?”. Getting traffic is vital to your website or blog. Especially when you are trying to generate revenue through ads. There are many ways you can achieve this. Some SEO tips that “experts” recommend, are not really the best ways to get major traffic. But some of these tips couldn’t be more accurate.
There are three tips that I believe you should take into consideration when driving traffic to your business or website. I have found these three tips to be the most effective in driving traffic to a website or business.

1. Post quality content 
Quality content is the most important factor when driving traffic to a website. Quality content will make readers stay on the site. It will also bring readers back for more. You will want to write in a way that readers will not stop reading and move on. You need to have the readers full undivided attention.

2. Keep posting; keep material fresh
It is important to keep the material on your webpage fresh and new. To achieve this it is vital to continuously post new content regularly. Having recent posts will bump yo up in search results, and when you are higher in search results it will increase the amount of traffic to your site. Just be sure to keep accumulating more and more content. Content is what readers are after, so give keep piling it up to feed your readers.

3. Share with social media
Sharing your content to a social media site is one of the best ways to get your site under the noses of the users you want to find it. You can pick out your audience and share it directly to them. This is especially handy when you don’t rank very high in search engine results. It will allow you to feed your content directly to your target audience. You do this by sharing to specific groups or communities, that are related to your topic, on a social media site.
 To read mor about useing socail media to market your content, click HERE

Google Hangouts vs. Face Time

Most apple users are familiar with the application Face Time. Which allows you to speak to friends and family face to face. Google also gives you the ability to do this through  an application called Google Hangouts. The two applications accomplish the same goal. They both allow you to see the face of the person you are speaking with. But there are some differences that you can find.

To start off FaceTime is produced by Apple and can only be used on Apple devices. To acces FaceTime both the caller and the called upon must have an apple device. To start a FaceTime you either begin with a normal call then transfer to a FaceTime, or go to the contact you would like to speak with, then click the FaceTime icon instead of the phone icon.
Once a FaceTime  has begun it is pretty strait forward, just talk, nothing fancy. Where as on hangouts you have plentiful options to choose from. With Google hangouts you have the ability to talk to more than one person at a time. Which is an advantage over FaceTime. You can also add effects, like different backgrounds, or masks to go over your face. There are also sound effects you can mess around with. These tools are just for when you want to mess around and have a good laugh. Google Hangouts also gives you option to make your chat live on YouTube. This is handy for interviews, or just sharing a conversation live to anyone who wants to watch. You can also take screenshots of yourself or the people you are chatting with.
Hangouts and FaceTime both get the job done. The job being speaking with friends and family face to face. Although they have different options and abilities. FaceTime is more suited for families and is very simple and straight forward. Hangouts can be more complicated, but also adds some new twists to the chat.
Try the two and see which is best suited for you and your needs. 

Social Media In Public Schools

Most people see social media as a distraction, but it can also be a productive tool for students in schools across the country. Social media sites can be used as a tool for students of all ages to produce projects and show their mastery of subjects. Teachers and professors use YouTube as a tool for students to upload videos of themselves acting out skits or explaining a topic. Then the students e-mail the video URL to the teacher or professor for them to view and grade.

Facebook can also be used to display a students understanding of a topic. Students can make a profile of a historic figure. Using facts and images to showcase their knowledge on the topic. The same concept can be applied to Twitter. Making an account with information accurate to a particular historic figure, then tweeting about their life and such.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sites can also be used by after school clubs and teams. The clubs can display information regarding upcoming meetings, competitions, etc.. They can then post results and fun images from the meetings and events, for members to enjoy.
What new uses for social media will be applied to classrooms? Only time will tell. Smartphones are already being used in the classroom for interactive games and activities. These are more attractive to students and get them excited for the activities. These activities catch students attention because they use their phones, which is a fun twist to traditional learning. 

Yik Yak – Anonymous Social Media Platform – App Information

There is a new breed of social media on the market. With this type of social media you can post whatever it is that you want without worrying about what people will think of it. With Yik Yak you can post whatever you want without consequence. Well that’s not entirely true, but we’ll discuss that later. On Yik Yak you can speak your mind anonymously. This allows users to let things that might be too embarrassing to post on twitter or facebook. 

Posting on Yik Yak is just like posting on any other social media service. The only three differences between Yik Yak and other services is that your post is anonymous, and posting is refereed to as yakking. Posts are called yaks, And you can only view yaks that are posted within a certain distance of you. Nobody knows who is posting. This allows people to be more risky with their post. You will find that posts on Yik Yak can be very personal. This may seem kind of weird to some but entertaining to others.
Yik Yak is most popular on college campuses with underclassman but it is very entertaining for many other people. Though the use in rural areas and cities with older demographics see limited use, the app is constantly yakked  on by younger folk. You will commonly see users yakking jokes, food, school work, and many other things.
On the app, instead of liking or favoriting a yak, you either up-vote or down vote the post. Up-votes are what you are going for when you post. The most popular posts have upwards of ten thousand up-votes. The votes also determine weather or not a yak is kept on the feed. Once a yak reaches five down-votes, it is removed from the feed. This keeps offending yaks from being kept on the feed.
You can also peek at other locations. By selecting the peek option you can see what people are yakking anywhere in the world. The most entertaining yaks will be found on college campuses to be sure to peek at those. There is also a section at the top of the peek tab that has a few sections of yaks with a theme. Those are always interesting to view. Another feature in the peek tab is the ability to save peek locations. So if there is a place you want to see what the users there are yakking you can have easy access to those locations.
This app is available on apple and android. If you find yourself looking for some mindless entertainment then I suggest you download Yik Yak. Happy Yakking!!!

Why Having Ads Is So Important To Social Media

Everyone hates when an ad is displayed before a video on YouTube. But the reality is without those ads before the video YouTube would not be able to exist. Well YouTube could exist without ads, as they are owned by Google, but that would not be a smart move for Google. Ads make it possible for social media sites to exist. They generate revenue which is why the sites exist. Let’s face it, social media sites are not created to help people get together and communicate. Social media sites are created to expand the creators wealth. 

Companies pay to have advertisements placed on social media sites. The companies pay an advertising placement service, such as Google Adsense, to place their ads on web pages relevant to what the company sells or provides. The owners of the web pages must create an account with the advertising placement service before they will have the option to have ads displayed on their site. When the ads are placed on the site the owner will be payed a certain amount by the advertisement service when the ads on their site are clicked. This is how the sites gain revenue.
This revenue is what the social media sites are after. The sites are created to bring in large quantities of people. These users believe they are here to socialize and communicate with other users; but the reality is, the users are being brought together to click some ads. They are being brought together to generate capital for the creators of the webpage.
So next time an ad comes up before a video, or clutter the margins of the screen, just try to put up with them. because without them Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites would not be a free service.