Wake Forest Car Accident Lawyer – What to do Before You Call a Lawyer

What to do Before You Call a Lawyer

A car accident is one of  the most deviating events that a person can be involved in. They can damage your car and more importantly yourself. In the aftermath of a car accident it can be a chaotic scene. It is important to take care of some housekeeping immediately following the accident. First of all be sure to call your insurance company and let them know what has happened. Next you need to take some steps to make sure your lawyer, if you decide to go that route, has enough evidence to win your case. First, you need to decide if it will be beneficial for you to invest in an attorney. You have to keep in mind that an attorney is going to take a third of your settlement. Keeping that in mind you have to determine if two thirds of your settlement with a lawyer will get you more or less than you could get from a settlement without a lawyer. Here is an example: if you could get a $5,000 settlement without a lawyer, or get a $7,000 settlement with a lawyer. You would be better off with the $5000 on your own because if you go with the $7000 then you will actually only get $4,666. The attorney will take the rest. So you have to determine which route will be most beneficial to you. If you decide to dive in on your own, insurance companies will try to offer you a lower amount than you could potentially receive.  

Another good idea is to get contact information from people who witnessed the incident. It is best to do this as soon as possible after the accident. The police will get witness accounts on their own for the police report, but it will be beneficial to gather as many witness accounts as possible so that your attorney will have plenty of credibility to prove that you were not at fault. Make sure your witness accounts are not putting you at fault for the collision. Try to get the contact information from anybody who witnessed the accident. 
The next thing you want to do is order a police report. You can do this by calling the police station in the town that the accident occurred and asking for a copy of the police report. If you call and they do not have a police report for your particular accident, call the county sheriff and find out if a sheriffs deputy wrote up the accident. It is very important that you obtain a police report. When you contact an attorney, they are going to want to review it as soon as possible. You may have to pay a fee to have a copy of the police report printed and sent to you. You can typically find more information regarding police reports and how to get them on the police station website. 
Make sure you get pictures of any damage caused by the accident. This includes damage to the vehicle as well as you. When taking photos, make sure you get images of all of the damage. Don’t just send in pictures of a bent bumper. Get pictures of any blood, bruises, or cuts that were caused by the incident. Insurance companies will offer a larger settlement if you can convince them that the accident was not just a minor bump. Sell it as a life changing event. Also be sure to get documentation of any property inside the vehicle that was damaged as a direct result of the accident. Items commonly broken in car accidents include cell phones, laptops, and other valuable electronics that could be easily damaged in a collision. 
You should also get a repair estimate. Most of the time an insurance adjuster will try to send you to the cheapest repair shop they can find. Don’t feel pressured. You can take your car to whatever shop that you believe will do the best job. The shops that the insurance company recommends typically do not do the best repair jobs. 
Make sure that if you are in any kind of pain that you visit a hospital for your injuries. If you avoid a visit to the hospital your injuries will not come into play in your case because the argument will be that obviously they were not severe enough to need medical attention. Don’t be afraid of hospital costs. After a collision your visit will more than likely be covered by car insurance because it was related to a vehicle incident. 
My last tip for you is to be prepared. Make sure you have all of the proper documentation and information on hand before you attempt to get in touch with an attorney. Have the physical address of the accident, a record of all of the medical treatments related to the accident, and any other important information that you believe will help your settlement. Having all of this handy when you call will allow your attorney to provide you with the best legal evaluation they can. 

How To Make Money On a Blog With Adsense

Image result for adsenseEvery blog has the opportunity to earn money for its owner. It is as easy as signing up and being approved. It is called Google Adsense and it can provide all the income you need to pay your bills or it could be just a side income to use to buy the things you want. But before you get carried away, you are not going to be making good money instantly. It is going to take some hard work and dedication. First you need to apply for a Google Adsense account. Your application can take anywhere from one day to a few months to be approved. Just be patient and let it process. While you wait, think about what content you are going to be putting the ads on. You are going to need a blog that gets over one thousand views a day to start making good money. The key to getting lots of views is to create a blog that ranks well. Read more about how to rank well HERE . Another way to get a good amount of views is to market your blog on social media. Read about Social Media Marketing HERE. If you already have a blog that gets over a thousand views a day you don’t have to worry about all that. You just have to wait for your Adsense to be approved. Alright, now your Adsense has been aproved, now what? Now all you have to do is connect your Adsense to your blog. Connecting your Adsense to a Google Blogger Blog is the easiest. All you have to do is click earnings on the left hand menu and enter your google account information. The process is just as easy on a wordpress blog. All you have to do to add your adsense account to your wordpress blog is buy the domain. That is the only reason that I say blogger is easier. In order to post ads on a wordpress page you have to buy a domain and host it which costs a hefty $70 a year. If you are just getting started that can be intimidating. So if you are just starting I suggest Starting your blog with blogger until you can get a solid following. The ads are free and you can still buy a domain if you want later. To connect Adsense to your wordpress blog you just get your adsense code, and place it into a textbox widget on the sidbar of your blog. When once you post your ads you will be able to see them on your site. They will be related to whatever the viewer has been recently searching. You will be compensated anywhere from five cents to five dollars per ad click depending on the ad. But you cannot click the adds yourself. They will be removed from your earnings if google suspects that you have been clicking your own ads. 
That is how to monetize your blog using Adsense. 

How To Customize a Blogger Template

When you are designing your blog it is important that you capture the mood and theme of your blog in the visual design of your webpage. Blogger offers a few basic starting packages that you can use to get started. But this is just the beginning. There are many themes to choose from. There is a simple theme that just creates a list of your latest posts with a header and an optional sidebar. There is a theme called Dynamic Views which is similar to the simple theme but has options at the top that readers can use to change the format of the posts. Another theme is called picture window and is the same as simple theme but has a static picture at the top. There are a few more that I haven’t experimented with yet. All of these themes also have different color packs that you can use to coordinate colors of your template. All of these themes can be customized even more in the customization page. To navigate to the customization page just click template on the left hand menu. You will be shown a screen with all of the different templates and options that go along with them. Above the list of templates there will be a preview of your blog on both desktop and mobile. Immediately below these, you will see two buttons; one that says “customize’ and one that says “edit HTML”. You should click the customize button in order to make additional changes to the template, unless you are proficient at HTML coding. When you click customize you will be presented with a view of your blog and above it you will see a tool bar where you will be making changes.

In the center of the toolbar are the same options to change the template. Once you have found the template that best fits your blog, you can begin editing colors, fonts and images. You will be able to customize these on the far left hand side of the toolbar. The first option on this list is Template and will be what is open when you first press the customize button. The next option is background. Here, you can change the color of the background or add an image.
After background is width. Here, you can adjust the width of the entire blog and the side bar individually.
Next is layout. This is where you can change the formatting of the template. You can choose from a variety of layouts that will shape where you can add different gadgets in the layout. The last option is advanced. This is where you can adjust the color and font of pretty much everything in your blog. Including the header, post text, post titles, and much more. There are plenty of options available to customize your blog to your specific needs. Go try them out and make your blog unique.

What Does It Mean When Google Crawls Something?

Image result for google crawl

What Does It Mean When Google Crawls Something?

If you are trying to get traffic to your webpage it can be very frustrating getting started. The best way to get visitors is to rank well in search organically. This is easier said than done. Ranking well in search takes a good mixture of  unique content, links, images, videos and on top of all of that you need Google to crawl your page. It can take anywhere from one second to a month for google to crawl your site. But before we discuss crawling time and some other topics related to crawling. What does it mean when Google crawls something? The answer to this question starts with Googles algorithm. Google ranks webpages in search by how well they match a keyword search. So they have to go through and read every webpage that is posted on the internet and determine which ones are most relevant to a search. To read the hundreds of thousands of content posted daily, Google’s algorithm sends out little virtual Google bots to search the internet for content related to any keyword that is Google searched. This process is called crawling. Once a webpage has been crawled, depending on the quality of the content it will usually rank for whatever the content is about.

The amount of time it takes to crawl a website is determined by how relevant the webpage is. If the website is very new and does not have that much content, it will take longer for it to be crawled and ranked. If your Google has crawled your website before and has confirmed that it is a reliable resource it will be crawled much faster than a new unconfirmed website. There is another way to get your site crawled instantly using something called webmaster tools. I will write an article specifically about those soon.
Some tips to make sure your site gets ranked well after it is crawled include making sure your content is original, making sure you have original images and videos, and making sure you have organic back links to your webpage. Having original content and media will get you ranked higher than if you use other peoples content and media. Google is looking for new information that will improve their search results and keep people coming back to search with them. If you post content that is the same as other websites, you will be ranked below them unless you bring something new to the table.

Bicycle Repair Wake Forest North Carolina

Bicycle Repair Wake Forest North Carolina 

Image result for Broken bikeWhen you are riding your bicycle and suddenly something breaks or stops working, what do you do? Most people might try fixing it themselves become frustrated and quit. So then what? The most fool proof thing to do would be to find the local bike shop and talk to a bike mechanic about what is broken or what needs to be worked on. Depending on what has happened you may have to pay a bike mechanic to do the repair, or you might be able to fix it on your own once they have told you what needs to be fixed. If you have to take your bike to the mechanic you will have to decide which mechanic you are going to invest your hard earned money to, in order to repair your bike. Every bike shop in Wake Forest has a mechanic that can repair a bike in need of repair. The difference is the quality of the repair that is done and the prices.There are many different types of repairs that you can have done at a bike shop. Some minor, some major. This article will discuss different bicycle repairs, what they are, and typical costs to have them completed.


A tune up is an overall cleaning and adjustment of your bicycle. The process of a tune up is actually very simple. Most avid bikers can and will tune their own bike if they have the time and correct tools. A tune up usually includes cleaning some of the major components such as the drive chain. It also entails adjusting all the cables, including the brake cables and the shifter cables. Tune-ups in Wake Forest cost around $100

Flat/Bald Tire

A flat or bald tire can lead to loss of traction which can be very hazardous to riders. It is important that you replace bald tires. Flat tires can lead to a damaged wheel and also makes riding difficult. Changing a Tire or a Tube requires to the same process. This is because in order to take the tube out you have to take the tire off anyway. Changing tires requires the correct tools. If you do not use tools made specifically for the job you could damage your wheel. To remove the tire from the wheel you have to use tire levels to remove the lip of the tire from the wheel. Once it is off you can just replace whatever needs to be done. Tire or tube replacements in Wake Forest cost around $10

Wheel Truing 

Wobbly wheels are most commonly caused by a bent wheel. This can be fixed by truing the wheel. Truing a wheel should be done at the first sign of a wobbly wheel. The longer you wait to have the service done, the worse the wobble will get. Also It will shorten the life of your bicycle. Wheel truing in Wake Forest costs around $30. To read more about wheel truing click HERE

Hub Adjustment

axle set
If you feel extra friction on your wheels, or play in your wheels it might be time for a hub adjustment. This is where the mechanic will look into your hubs and make sure the cones are not too tight or too loose. If the wheels are experiencing too much friction the cones are probably too tight. If the wheels are sliding side to side the cones are more than likely too loose. Hub adjustments in Wake Forest cost around $15. More about hub adjustment here

Brake Bleeding

If your bicycle has hydraulic brakes you may eventually need to get your brakes bled. This is needed when you have a leak in your brake lines that allow air to enter the brake fluid. The fluid should be replaced every five thousand miles or so when you have a hydraulic brake system on your bike. Brake bleeding in Wake Forest costs around $40 per wheel. 

The Burger Shop Wake Forest North Carolina

The Burger Shop (Facebook)If you’ve ever visited Wake Forest you know that there are plenty of restaurants to choose from when you need to fill your stomach. But there are not really any good places that specialize in burgers. Citizens around the Wake Forest area have been waiting for a local, non chain, restaurant to open that specializes in burgers. Shorty’s has been in wake forest for decades but their specialty is hot dogs. On July eighth however, a new restaurant opened that specializes in handmade classic burgers. The restaurant is simply called the burger shop. It is located in downtown Wake Forest on Wait Ave. next to Virgilio’s. This restaurant is going to be a great addition to the town being that there are no local burger joints in Wake Forest. The Burger Shop will also offer milkshakes. This restaurant will be very popular with high school students who will stop in during their lunch break once school gets back in.

The Burger Shop’s first day in business ended earlier than expected due to a shortage of food. The restaurant was scheduled to close at eight pm but was closed down around five because they ran out of food.
During my visit the line was very long. I waited a good thirty minutes before I had a chance to order. I ordered a double cheeseburger with fries and a drink. The price wasn’t too outrageous I only paid about seven dollars for the meal. The first thing I noticed about the restaurant is that it is obviously a family business.  The family worked the entire operation. When I got my food it was exactly what is advertised; a classic burger. Nothing fancy here. Just a good old american burger with a side of fries. The fries did not impress me too much but they did the job.
If you are looking for a relatively cheap burger place in wake forest that is not too expensive, this is your place.
The Hours of The Burger Shop can be tricky. They have a two hour period in the middle of every day they are closed from three pm to five pm. This is because they need to restock all of their food. They are also closed on Sundays and Mondays for the entire day.
 If you can catch them when they aren’t busy, I’m sure you will be satisfied with the dining experience.  

Post Photos On Yik Yak Update July 2015

Image result for yik yakYik Yak has always been text only and photos for special themed peek locations. This has been entertaining yakers around the world for the past few months. Users of the service have been patiently waiting for the ability to post pictures to accompany their yaks. Well, their long wait is over. The latest Yik Yak update now allows for pictures to be taken and added to your yak. It is as simple as updating the app, composing a new yak, and clicking the blue circular camera button on the bottom left of the screen above the keyboard. The first time you try to take add a picture you must first be sure to allow Yik Yak access to the camera. On the camera screen you just point the camera at whatever you want to capture and press the circle capture button on the bottom center of the screen. You also have the option of selecting an image from your gallery to add to your Yak. This is done by clicking the gallery button that looks like a nine by nine grid just to the right of the capture button on the camera. To access your camera roll you must first give the Yik Yak app permission to enter your photos. When you post your image it will pass through moderation before being approved and posted to your location. In order to pass through the moderation, the image associated with your yak must be appropriate, contain no faces and have no illegal activities. I always thought Yik Yak would never allow pictures because there is no way for them to monitor what users post and user reports would take too long to be processed. Having the pictures pass through moderation before being posted solves this problem. Yik Yak did a good job making the new feature intuitive and safe for users. Plus it also keeps the service anonymous. It from five to ten minutes for your image post to be approved and posted to your location. When you first post your yak, your post will display a temporary automated yak that says “Your Image Is Being Processed” It looks like this:
After your image has been approved and Yik Yak has verified that the image is appropriate for their service the temporary yak will be replaced by your yak containing the image. It will be displayed with the text portion first with the image below the text. It will look like this when approved:
Overall I believe that images will add a new touch to Yik Yak that should be positive but could also be negative. Let me know what you think of the new update. 

Snapchat July 2015 Update – New features And How to Use Them

Snapchat is constantly updating its mobile app to keep enhancing the snapping experience. Previous updates have added a simpler, cleaner look, filters, fonts, messaging and even facetime. I must say that personally I didn’t think that the facetime would be necessary, but I have actually used it quite a bit to share a moment with someone really quick. To read more about the previous snapchat updates click HERE Anyways, lets get back to our main topic which is the snapchat update that was released in July of 2015.
The July 2015 snapchat update, also called the version 9. 11. 1 update, ads two main new features. The first new feature allows users to add a photo to their snap code. This is basically like adding a profile picture to your account. To add a picture to your snap code, swipe to the camera screen then swipe down on your screen to reveal your snap code. By tapping on your snap code you will be presented with your snap code with the interior of the ghost displaying the view from your front facing camera. To capture the image just tap the gray circle button below your snap code. After you tap the button it will say ready, set, go, and you it will take three pictures. These pictures will play as a slideshow in your snap code. Other snappers will be able see your snap code picture next to your name when you add them.
The second new feature added in the July 2015 update is the ability to tap once to view entire stories and snaps you receive. This feature is very helpful when viewing long stories that previously you would have to hold for three minutes to view the story. Now you just tap on the story once and it will play through. If you want to skip to the next segment you just tap again. No need to use two fingers.
I have found the new snapchat update very helpful and I can’t wait to see what snapchat comes up with next.