Whitewater Rafting the Nantahala in July


The Nantahala river is a scenic whitewater run that is full of great views and also offers some thrills. Nantahala is a Cherokee word which means land of the noon day sun. the river is called Nantahala because of the steep walls of the gorge. The walls are so steep that some parts of the river only get direct sunlight for the middle part of the day. The Nantahala river is a relatively short river that runs from Lake Nantahala to Lake Fontana. The section that is actually rafted is on the last eight miles of the run. The sections above the commercially rafted section are popular fly fishing spots. There are also scheduled releases for whitewater kayakers who want some class IV-V thrills. The section that is commercially rafted is only class II with one class III at the very end of the run. This river is great for kids and first time whitewater rafters. Kids must be above sixty pounds to be allowed on the river. The water is below fifty degrees year round due to the fact that it is sucked from the bottom of the four hundred foot deep Lake Nantahala.

What To Expect in July 

In the month of July whitewater rafting is in the peak of the season. The river is full of rafts from one of the many outfitters on the river. You will also find numerous fly fisherman and whitewater kayakers making their run down the river. While rafting on a weekend day or a holiday you will find yourself dodging large groups of rafts on your way down. Other groups may engage your group in a water fight. The water will be crystal clear unless it has rained in the last 24 hours. The weather in the Nantahala Gorge in the weather is very nice especially for hopping on the ice cold Nantahala river for a cool down. You will enjoy class II rapids as you wind your way through the gorge. The last rapid on the river is the famous Nantahala falls. This is the largest rapid you will face and is the most difficult. Just keep your boat straight and smile for the cameras. On busy weekend days there will be photographers snapping photographs of most of the rafts that make the run. Be warned that around the fourth of July the Nantahala Gorge is packed. Be prepared for long waits to get a trip. I suggest making reservations if you are planning on rafting on any weekend day in July, or the fourth. 

Lodging Around Nantahala In July 

When searching for lodging in the mountains of western North Carolina you have a few different options. If you want to stay in a rental cabin, there are hundreds of options within range of the Nantahala gorge. The area surrounding Nantahala is full of very beautiful cabins to suit any desire or price range. Another great option is camping there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from that are inside the gorge and just outside of it. Each campground offers a different camping experience. The weather in July is perfect for pitching a tent and roughing it in the mountains of western North Carolina.

Nantahala River

Why Create a Google Plus Profile For Your Business?

Why Create A Google Plus Profile for Your Business?

When you are attempting to increase your business’ presence online, a Google Plus profile is a necessity. Ranking in Google search is an extremely valuable asset to any business and should be a top priority. Although Google Plus is not the most popular social media platform it is definitely one of the most powerful when it comes to ranking in search. When you compare the ability for social media posts to rank in search, you will see that Google Plus is the most powerful. Twitter is second most powerful. When your business has a Google Plus profile, your posts that contain keywords related to your business will rank in search and bring customers to your business. So if you are in charge of a business or in charge of web marketing for a business, you need to create a Google Plus business page. A Google Plus business page will bring more traffic to your business than any other social media platform.
When creating your business’ Google Profile it is important to not put the name of the company as the name that the google profile is under. You will make your business specific page later. You will want to use your own Google account to create the business page. If you do not have a Google account you will need to make one. Once you are logged in to your account, go to Google Plus. It is smart to fill out your profile information before creating the page if you have not already done so. Once you are logged into your Google Plus account you can now begin setting up your business’ page. To do this you will need to click on the drop down menu in the top left corner that says “home”. Then near the bottom above “settings” you will see a button for “Pages” This is where you will create your business page.
When you Create your page you need to make sure that all of the information is filled out. Make sure you leave a good description of what your business is all about. You should also add contact information so that potential customers can reach your company to do business. You also want to make sure that you add a link to your company’s website. If you do not have one, you should at least create an online blog with contact information and other information about your business. You should put a link to this blog once it is created.
A business page on Google Plus will bring customers from Google search to your business. I recommend that every business create a Google Plus page to increase their web presence.

Whitewater Rafting The Nantahala River in Western North Carolina

Rafting The Nantahala River

 The Nantahala River offers some of the best whitewater rafting in the southeastern united states. This class II river runs eight miles through the beautiful Nantahala Gorge. Below you will find information about rafting this gorgeous river during different months throughout the rafting season, as well as an overview of the rapids of the Nantahala and how to navigate them properly.




Rapids Overview

The rapids on the lower Nantahala range anywhere from gentle flat water to class three thrills. The definition of a class three rapid is a rapid that requires some whitewater experience to navigate. Your outfitter will give your group a safety instruction speech before dropping you off at the put in. There are two commercial launches on the river. Depending on which outfitter you choose, you will put in at the upper launch or the lower launch. Both launches offer a nice calm spot for everyone to get situated in the raft before paddling out into the main current. One of the first things you will notice is the super cold water. The water stays at about fifty degrees year round. Once the raft has been paddled out into the current, you will be swept downstream toward the first major rapid, which happens to be the second largest rapid on this section.
Patton’s Run
Patton's RunAs you approach Patton’s Run you will see a sharp right hand turn in the river. Just around this corner is the rapid. The water will change from just small waves lapping at the side of the raft into large waves with large rocks everywhere that pose a risk of getting stuck. To avoid these rocks it is important to hug the inside of the turn, staying approximately fifteen feet off of the right hand bank of the river. Once you hit the straightaway you will splash through a series of large waves before hitting a calm spot. The trouble most people have with this rapid is the large rocks on the left hand side of the river. If you drift too far right you will find yourself stuck on the rocks. Once you are in the straightaway after the large rocks you won’t have to worry about getting stuck until you get to the next rapid.
Tumble Dry
Immediately after Patton’s Run you will reach a fork in the river. When rafting the best route is to the right of the island. At the beginning of this rapid there are a few shallow rocks that could cause you to get stuck. These shallow rocks are on the right; so again you want to hug the right of the river staying about fifteen feet off of the right hand bank. This rapid starts off as just small waves that lap at the sides of the raft, but once you float around a gentle right hand turn you will slide into a large set of waves that are always fun. At the end of this rapid there is a large rock that poses a high risk of getting beached. To avoid this make your way to the left center side of the river as you splash through the set of waves.
Pop and Run
Pop and Run is not a very serious rapid, it is more of a fun little trick. There will be flat water about two or three feet deep flowing down just before the first bridge. You will see a lone rock in the center of the river that can be bumped with the raft without danger of getting stuck. It is a fun little move on the river that you can do if you want more thrills. Immediately after Pop and Run you will come to another fork in the river. Make sure you go to the right of the island. As you float down the channel you will pass under the first bridge. This signifies about one fourth of the way down the river.
Pyramid Rock
Pyramid rock is another rapid with some opportunity for extra thrills. In addition to the larger waves that make up this rapid there is a large pyramid shaped rock in front of an island; hence the name. If you do not want to hit the rock position your raft so that you float just to the right of the large rock then once you pass it stay a little to the left of center to avoid a second large rock on the right hand bank. Then just splash through the remaining waves into a calm spot. If you want some more thrills you can bounce off of the large pyramid shaped rock and do a spin into the waves below. To do this your group will have to paddle hard into the rock, then the current will spin you off most of the way around. after the current stops spinning you just straighten the raft out before splashing through the waves below.
Deblibar’s Rock
After passing under U.S. 19 you will float passed a park on the right hand side of the river. This park is called Ferebee Park. If you want you can pull over to the concrete beach and stretch your legs or have a picnic. Just after the park you will enter Deblibars Rock rapid. This rapid starts out as a series of medium sized waves leading into a sharp right hand turn. Once you come around the turn you will see a large rock to the far left and a rock with water pouring over it in the center of the river. There are two ways to run this rapid. The first route is to stay to the right of the overpour the making your way back to the center to avoid a large rock on the far right hand side of the river. The other more difficult route is to go in between the over-pour and the large rock on the left hand bank.
Quarry Rapid
Quarry rapid consists of a sharp left hand turn followed by some of the biggest splashiest waves on the river. You will start by coming up to a right hand bend in the river. As the water picks up a sharp left hand turn will become visible. You will want to hug the left hand side of the river as you go through this sharp turn to avoid bumping into the rocky right hand bank. From here it is just a straightaway through a big splash followed by four or five large waves.
Root Canal
After Quarry Rapid you will move into Root Canal. This rapid consists of a sharp right hand turn with a tree overhanging the river on the left hand bank. The tree’s roots are visible wrapping around the rocks on the left hand bank. The roots of this tree are the source of the rapid’s name. To run this rapid stay to the right center avoiding the tree and its roots. Rafts have been known to get pinned on the tree then flip, dumping the rafters into the freezing water. There is not much of a calm spot after this rapid before Whirlpool picks up where Root Canal left off.
Whirlpool gets it’s name from the very strong current that slides passed  large rock creating a whirlpool that can sometimes catch rafts and hold them spinning around behind the rock. This rapid starts off slow then picks up into larger and larger waves. The last wave is the biggest with a large pile of foamy white water at the top. If you hit this last wave square you will get the passengers in the front of the raft nice and wet. Immediately after the last wave is where the whirlpool forms. The further left you are after the last wave the more likely you are to get caught in the ‘Whirlpool’. If you get caught it is no big deal, you can get out by paddling toward the center of the current. This will allow you to get flushed downstream.
Ledges is a rapid that consists of a few small slides down rocks. The beginning of this rapid can be a little tricky. At the top of the rapid there are lots of shallow rocks that could get rafts stuck. To avoid these just stay to the left then move over to the right once you pass the shallow rocks. You will slide over some diagonal ledges of granite before making your way into a set of small waves. Once you get into the straightaway you will see a large rock on the right hand side of the river. Avoid this rock! This rock is what’s called an undercut rock and has an underwater cavity below it. If you hit this rock, and fall into the cavity you could drown. So once you hit the straightaway make your way to the left again.
The Bump
The Bump is the last rapid before the grand finale. This rapid has a large hydraulic at the end of it that can flip even the biggest rafts if it is hit wrong. The key to running this rapid successfully is keeping your raft straight when going down as well as having good momentum. Start off on the right hand side of the river gradually making your way over to the left hand side to avoid a large rock in the center of the river. There is a large orange construction sign hung in a tree that says “BUMP” in big bold letters along the left bank of the river. Just below this sign is the hydraulic that can cause some problems. You can either hit the ‘bump’ or go to the right of it. After this rapid you will float passed a large concrete beach. This is where rafters get out to scout the Nantahala Falls, aka Little Wesser. If you are new to rafting and are not accompanied by a guide it is recommended that you stop here to get a look at the falls before making your run.
The Nantahala Falls (Little Wesser)
Nantahala FallsThe grand finale of your trip will be the Nantahala Falls. This is the largest and most difficult rapid to navigate on the whole river. This is due to the sharp turns, pushy current, and large waves and hydraulics. If you do not have a guide with you, you will want to scout the falls before making your run. You can do this by pulling over to the large concrete beach above the falls then walking up the paved path to the overlook. The Nantahala Falls consists of two sharp turns with large waves and two hydraulics at the end that are bigger than the bump. When making your run down the falls you will want to start off to the left gradually move to the center of the flow as you approach the main drop. When approaching the main drop stay just left of center keeping your boat strait as you plow through the big hydraulic at the end. Make sure you smile because there are people watching and professional photographers taking your pictures. After you splash through the second big hydraulic immediately start to make your way to the right hand side of the river to avoid getting hung up on some shallow rocks. Depending on the outfitter you choose you will either take out on the left side or one of the two take outs on the right side. Your outfitter will inform you which one to use when you receive your pre-trip safety speech.
River Description By Month



Using Instagram to Market Your Business’ Products


Image result for instagram moneyInstagram is a great tool for marketing products to specific demographics. The ability to put your product under the eyes of specific groups for free is an opportunity that every business, big and small, should take advantage of.  The process of marketing on Instagram is extremely easy and thousands of businesses are already posting pictures and getting more business. Instagram is a great tool because it is based on visuals which catch customers attention very easily. Using Instagram to market products is just a matter of creating a quality image that contains your product and is portrayed in a very attractive manner. Then posting it while making sure that somewhere in the post whether it be in the image or in the caption you mention how the customer can purchase the item or get in contact with you. It is vital that you give your customers a way to reach you or your product. Otherwise there is no reason to create the Instagram in the first place, unless you dominate search results online for whatever you are trying to sell.



The first step to creating a good Instagram account for your business to showcase your products is to make sure you have a solid profile set up. A good business Instagram accounts has a username that matches or is a variation of your company’s name. Once you have your account with password set up, you need to set your bio. This is the part of your profile that will be displayed below your username and profile picture. In your bio you will give a brief explanation about what your company or business is all about. It is where you will put your company motto if you have one. After this you will want to put a link to your website if you have one. Do not put your website link in the bio. There is a special space for your website link. If you put your link in the bio it will not be a link. If you put it in the space that says “website” there will be a clickable link below the bio on your profile. Now that you have your profile set up you can start creating posts to promote your business and get products under the eyes of potential customers.

Creating Posts

Now that your profile is set up and ready to direct customers to your business’ website or to you directly, you need to fill your profile with images of products or anything related to your business that will catch your customer’s attention. To do this it is important to have high quality pictures of your products. Having high quality images is seen as a reflection of the quality of your product. Also, it is important to be creative with angles. Take pictures of the products in action from different angles that make the product look good and catch customers attention. When creating a caption you should briefly describe the product in the post and describe how to purchase the product. If you have a link in your bio you can simply say “visit the link in our bio for more information. Another tip for creating posts is to make sure you don’t overfill your profile with products. Your profile should contain images of events related to your products or images of activities related to your product. For every post about a product you should have two posts with images of a related activity or place. A good idea for posts other than products is to give potential customers a look behind the scenes. Customers love to see where their purchases are coming from. But when you give a behind the scenes look, be sure that you are displaying a professional looking set up. If you are running your business out of your garage, don’t have random personal items in the pictures. Do not post more than twice a day. If you are posting more than two pictures a day it will be seen as spam. Nobody likes to do business with a source of spam. So be smart and keep your posts to a maximum of two a day.


Hashtags are what you are going to use to get your posts containing your products under the eyes of your desired demographic. Hashtags are so effective because you can put your post right where you want it to be. If you have a post containing fishing hooks, you can add the hashtags: #fishing, #fishhooks, and #hooks. This will lead anyone who looks at any of those hashtags to your profile, then subsequently to your business. Using hashtags will also lead to your profile gaining followers. Followers will add credibility to your business. When people see that you have a large number of followers, they will know that you are a credible business and your products are trusted. Using hashtags are a great way to expand your brand. Another way to gain followers is through interactions. Visit hashtags related to your products and like some pictures. Whoever posted the picture will see that you liked theirs and see what your profile is all about. Which will get their eyes on your products. Hashtags are a great idea when your account is new.
Instagram is a great tool for marketing products and I have found it to be the most effective social media platform to do so. Follow these steps to create a strong social marketing account on Instagram that will drive more customers to your business and in turn lead to more sales.

Kayaking the Neuse River in Raleigh in August

Kayaking the Neuse River in Raleigh in August

First Quarter Mile 

Image result for neuse river elf kayaking
The Neuse river is a generally river that flows from the tail race of falls lake dam all the way to the Pamilico sound. Depending on the flow you may or may not be able to safely navigate the river. At high water, which ranges between seven hundred and four thousand cubic feet per second, the tail race immediately downstream of the dam turns into a quarter mile section of class III plus whitewater. This water is extremely dangerous to paddlers who are not equipped for those turbulent conditions.  At lower water, below seven hundred cubic feet per second, this upper quarter mile section turns into a maze of rocks and extremely shallow water. In august the water level is rarely above three hundred cubic feet per second so if you want to attempt to navigate the upper quarter mile you can give it a try. Most paddlers and tubers run the section that starts just below this first quarter mile. 

Below First Quarter Mile 

Image result for neuse river kayaking augustBelow the first quarter mile is the section of the Neuse river in Raleigh, North Carolina that is most commonly paddled. This section consists of gently flowing water that flows for around three miles to U.S.1. This section of the Neuse river us full of scenic views. When floating down try to avoid strainers. Strainers are fallen trees in the river which can be very hazardous. Just paddle away from these as you float down the river. The entire section of river is flanked by the Neuse River Trail. This is a paved trail that is used by bikers and runners. If you ever have any trouble and are forced to get off the river the paved trail is always an option. This trip takes around four hours with minimal paddling. If you really put some paddling in, you could probably make it in an hour and a half or so. If you want a little excitement on your trip, you will pass a few different rope swings on your way down that you can get out and swing into a deep pool. There are also some sandbars where you can set up for a picnic if you desire. 

What to Expect in August

In August the Neuse river is warm and it is a great experience if you have never tried kayaking a river. In August both the air temperature and the water temperature are very comfortable. You can kayak, canoe or tube down the river at this time of year. If you do not have your own kayaks you can rent them from a local outfitter. 

Rabbit Online Video Chatting Update August 2015

Rabbit recently updated their online video chatting service to create a service that is much more simple to use. The most recent update of the rabbit online video chatting website included some simplifying of controls and the ability to save friends and chat with specific people in the room as well as the whole room. These additions add a few advantages to this version over the previous version of rabbit.

Simplified Controls

The new version of rabbit offers a control panel that is made simpler and less cluttered. How did they do this? They started off by moving some of the icons into a single button that expands when clicked. The new icon that contains all of the old icons looks like three dots in a row. Icons moved into this folder of sorts are the icons for: full screen, pin all, start self cast, turn off video chat, lock room, leave chat, and end chat. With all of these moved into one icon the dashboard is much less cluttered which leaves more space to see what is going on in the room. Weather it be a movie or a meeting for a class group, you will be much more engaged with less clutter on the screen. 

Adding Friends on Rabbit

Users have been asking for the ability to add and save friends for a while now. Wish granted! You now have the ability to add and save friends. This way you can easily start rooms and invite people to your room. Adding friends also allows users to message specific people in the room. You can also message every user in the group but you can also send messages directly to specific users that only they can see. This could lead to some drama but it can be a cool feature if you have a private question that you need to ask a specific person. How do you add someone as a friend on rabbit? To add a user as a friend just hover over their bubble at the bottom of the screen then click the plus symbol in the top center of the bubble. This will send them a request. Once they have approved the request you they will be listed as your friend and you will be able to invite them to your room or go to their room much quicker. 
All around I think that the update will have a positive effect on the service. I can’t wait to see what rabbit adds next. Check out the new features and let me know what you think. 

Whitewater Rafting the Nantahala River in August


The Nantahala river is a scenic whitewater run that is full of great views and also offers some thrills. Nantahala is a Cherokee word which means land of the noon day sun. the river is called Nantahala because of the steep walls of the gorge. The walls are so steep that some parts of the river only get direct sunlight for the middle part of the day. The Nantahala river is a relatively short river that runs from Lake Nantahala to Lake Fontana. The section that is actually rafted is on the last eight miles of the run. The sections above the commercially rafted section are popular fly fishing spots. There are also scheduled releases for whitewater kayakers who want some class IV-V thrills. The section that is commercially rafted is only class II with one class III at the very end of the run. The water is below fifty degrees year round due to the fact that it is sucked from the bottom of the four hundred foot deep Lake Nantahala.

What to Expect in August 

In the month of August, whitewater rafting on the Nantahala river is fun and exciting. You will enjoy gentle class II rapids that wind through a scenic gorge. The water is crystal clear and you will be able to see trout swimming beneath your raft. The river is not nearly as busy as it is in July but there will still be people wanting to get their last few runs of the summer in. You may run into some crowds on the river during the weekend but if you make your run during the week your trip should be pretty quiet. Some differences you can find rafting in August as apposed to other summer months is that there are more rain showers this time of year. Also the prices that outfitters charge is a little bit lower due to the fact that the tourism starts to die down around this time of year and the demand to get on the river is much lower. The air temperatures this time of year are just as warm if not warmer than the months of June and July. 

Lodging Around Nantahala In August

When searching for lodging in the mountains of western North Carolina you have a few different options. If you want to stay in a rental cabin, there are hundreds of options within range of the Nantahala gorge. The area surrounding Nantahala is full of very beautiful cabins to suit any desire or price range. Another great option is camping there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from that are inside the gorge and just outside of it. Each campground offers a different camping experience. The weather in august is great for camping in the mountains of western North Carolina. 

Basics to Ranking in Google Search

If you want to rank well in Google search it is very important to make certain that your content is unique, fresh, and relevant. Your content needs to fill a niche that has not yet been filled. Find a search keyword or phrase that doesn’t have many results. To see how many results there are for a keyword or phrase you just put quotation marks around the keyword or phrase in the google search bar. So say you want to see the results for: Jacksonville boats. You would type in: “Jacksonville boats”. By doing this you are only seeing results that contain that specific keyword or phrase. In normal Google search there are results that are paying extra to rank higher as well as results with the words of the key phrase jumbled. When you put the quotation marks around the phrase, only search results that have the exact phrase will be displayed. If there are less than two pages of results that means that you can fill that niche with content. Jacksonville boats is pretty full, I’ll go ahead and tell you. When you are posting unique material that is filling a niche you are guaranteed to rank well for that content.
Another deciding factor in where you rank is the diversity of media and length of content within the resource being created. If you want to rank well in google search you need to provide a resource that is full of relevant information. If you can post content with at least seven hundred words you will rank well if you are filling a new niche. If you want to rank well for a keyword or phrase that already has a lot of content that matches it, you will need to increase the amount of content being posted. For the most popular keywords I would say around fifteen thousand would be a good benchmark. On top of having a solid amount of content, you will want to include different types of media that are unique to your website. Include videos, images, vines, and GIFs. Be sure that these media files are unique and have never been seen online before.
Another way to rank well on Google is to fill the niche as fast as possible. If an a new product hits the market, or something happens in the news, you can take advantage of the opportunity by being one of the first posts on google about whatever it is that is new. If you can be the first post about something and your content is lengthy, relevant, and contains diverse media, you are guaranteed to rank well for that keyword or phrase.

Pinterest Buyable Pins Allow Merchants to Sell on Pinterest

Image result for shopify pinterest

Pinterest now allows merchant’s products to be displayed on pinterest as pins. Pinterest users can now buy merchant’s items directly from the merchant from their pin. Pinterest users can upload their debit or credit card information to their account as well as their shipping address. This allows users to purchase items displayed as a pin extremely quickly. The addition of buyable pins will be a great marketing tool for companies. This addition will be especially effective for companies who sell products that are attractive to females ages fourteen to twenty nine, because this is the largest demographic that uses pinterest. Their products will be one click away from being purchased by millions of users of pinterest. The buyable pins will be able to be treated just like any other pin on pinterest. Users can pin items to boards and share them with friends. This ability will allow users to create boards called “birthday wishlist” and pin items that they really want. Then their friends can look at the board and see what they could get them for their birthday. I know from speaking with some users that they can be frustrated because they see something on pinterest that they are extremely interested in but can not find the item anywhere. This will make it easier for users to find select items that they see on pinterest, because the item will have the option to be purchased on pinterest. Right now there are not many merchants that are set up with buyable pins on pinterest, but in the near future there will be plenty of merchants that begin to add their items to the pinterest shop. There will be larger brands such as Target or Michael’s that will get their foot in the door for this great marketing tool. For companies to be able to create buyable pins to put on pinterest they must first be own a shopify.com store. Basically all the buyable pin is, is a shortcut to purchasing an item from a company with a shopify online store. So it is just a shortcut to purchase the items you find on pinterest.

Zello Instant Talking App For iPhone

Image result for zelloThe Zello mobile app is a communication tool that is extremely similar to the old Nextel cell phones. It is an instant talking service that allows you to use your phone in the same way that you would use a walkie-talkie. First of all downloading this app has been more difficult than it should for some people. Some people misspell the name of the app and spell it “zellow”. When you search “zellow” on the app store, the only result you will get is zillow. Zillow is an app that allows you to search for property and homes. So make sure that when you type it into the app store you spell it correctly. Zello offers a simple and effective way to use your iPhone as a walkie-talkie. 

When you first open the app you will have to create your account with zello. They will ask for your desired username and password as well as your email. Once you have completed these you will be prompted with a screen where you will add more information to your account. You can add a profile picture and any other information you want related to your profile.
Once you have filled out your profile you will be sent to a screen where you will test your microphone. You will call a contact called “Echo”. It is called echo because when you talk to it, it just plays whatever you say back to you. So basically you are the sender and the recipient. To talk you hold down the large circular button in the center of the screen until you hear it beep. When you hear the beep you can begin speaking. Once you have said everything you need to say, just release the button and wait for it to be played back. If the quality of the audio sounds good you know that your microphone is working. If not, get a new phone.
Once you have verified that your microphone is worked, and messed around talking to echo, you can add contacts to begin talking to whomever. To add contacts, tap the arrow in the top left corner of the screen. Then tap the same area with the three horizontal lines. This will bring you to your dashboard. Then tap on contacts, then tap “add a contact” at the bottom of the screen. There are three ways you can add people to talk to on zello. The first way is to search their username. This it the most common way. The other two ways to add new contacts are through your phones contacts and by scanning the users QR code.
Once you have added contacts you can talk to them; instantly. To talk to your contacts, just go to your contact list and select which contact you’d like to talk to. Then, just like talking to echo, just tap and hold until you hear the beep then speak. When your contact responds you will hear a beep then whatever they said will be played. Their message will be played even if your phone is asleep.
If you do not want to receive messages for whatever reason you can disable the notifications by going to your  dashboard and tapping on your status. You have the option of changing your status on zello to : Available, Solo, Busy, or Offline. Available allows anyone to send you messages and you can hear the messages when your phone is asleep. Solo means you can receive live messages from selected contacts only the rest are saved for later. Busy means that you will receive visual notifications and you will be able to listen to them later. Offline means that you will receive notifications on your lock screen and you can play them back later.
This app is pretty neat and is a must try for anyone who likes a quick way to talk with friends. This app is also similar to walkie-talkies which can be fun to mess around with. Go try it out and find out for yourself.