How to Get More Instagram Followers For Free

How to Get More Instagram Followers For FreeGaining followers on social media is a very valuable skill to learn whether you are interested in business or just gaining attention. Most Instagram users are unaware of the value of followers. Followers are the best way to get immediate attention to posts. There are other ways to get likes on a picture but having a large following is the most fool proof way to get attention to your posts. When you are trying to grow your following you have a number of routes you can choose but a combination of all of these techniques will have the greatest success when gaining followers on Instagram. Below you will find the best ways to get more followers on Instagram for free.

Before we discuss methods of gaining Instagram followers for free I want to discuss why paying for followers is a bad Idea. If you want to know how to gain Instagram followers for free skip to the next paragraph. Paying for Instagram followers is an enormous waste of money. Even if the price seems reasonable, you are not receiving a real product. When you pay for followers you will only get followers that are ghost accounts. These accounts are created for the sole purpose of following people. When you have ghost following accounts, you will not gain any interaction which is the whole purpose of gaining the following in the first place. The only benefit you may experience from purchasing followers for your Instagram account is the appeal. If you appear to have more followers other, real, followers may be more willing to follow you. In my opinion gaining followers on your own is the best way to go. On that note lets go over methods of gaining Instagram followers for free.

How to Get More Instagram Followers For Free

If you are interested in getting more Instagram followers for free there are a few different routes you can take to achieve your goal. All of these methods will require some time and effort on your end but are guaranteed to produce results. The best way to go about gaining followers is to combine all of these methods.

Method #1 – Using Interaction To Gain Instagram Followers

The first method to get more Instagram followers for free is simple interaction. Interaction consists of liking and commenting on other users posts. When you interact on Instagram you gain the attention of those users because they will receive a notification of your interaction with their account. The more you interact with other users accounts, the more likely one of these users will become interested in who you are and may return the favor either by liking your posts or following you. For interaction to work your account needs to be public. If your account is private the other users will be much more unlikely to follow you because they will not know what you are posting.

Method #2 – Using Hashtags To Gain Instagram Followers 

The second method you can use to get more followers on Instagram is to use hashtags when you create your posts. When you use a hashtag you will be able to target people with a specific interest. When you apply a hashtag to a post it will be added to a collection of pictures that also have the same hashtag. When people explore the hashtag they will see your post and may become interested in your profile and be inclined to follow your account. Before you apply a hashtag to your post, try to explore hashtags to find some that have less than 100,000 posts on them. If there are too many posts on a hashtag your post will not get noticed. Also, try to find hashtags that are related to a majority of your content. If you use random hashtags on your posts your content will not be viewed by the correct users and you will not receive any followers as a result. Avoid overusing hashtags. Try to use a maximum of five hashtags per post. If you load all of your posts with hashtags you may drive away followers because your posts become look like spam.

Method #3 – Follow/ Unfollow Tactic

The final method I will discuss in order to gain followers on Instagram for free is the follow/ unfollow tactic. This method involves following other users then unfollowing them after a certain period of time. This is kind of a dark method to use but it will be effective. When you employ this method, some of the followers you gain will unfollow you as soon as you unfollow them. However, some of them will continue to follow you and this is what you want. This method is extremely effective if you can find an account with a large number of followers that were gained using this method. That way you already know they will follow back and not mind if you unfollow them. Make sure that the users you target have an interest in the content you are posting so that you are more likely to retain more of the followers.

Give these methods a try and start to build your following on Instagram for free. Thank you for reading.

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Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016

Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016Now that the divisional champions have been decided the super bowl looms on the horizon for both the Broncos and the Panthers. The panthers have enjoyed a 15-1 regular season record entering the playoff and swept the competition to reach the super bowl. The Broncos faced much more adversity, including the benching of their star quarterback Peyton Manning. However, the Broncos have made it to the biggest football game of the year; Superbowl 50. Superbowl 50 will be held in Santa Monica, CA in Levi’s Stadium. This is one of the most technologically advanced and greenest stadiums in the world. If you can’t make it to Santa Monica for the big game, you have a number of options to follow the action. The obvious answer is to watch the game on television. You can watch the game by tuning in to CBS. Watching the game on television also includes the perk of the hilarious and creative commercials. Another option you have is social media. You will be able to follow the action from the point of view of a fan or player inside the stadium by watching the Superbowl 50 live snapchat story.

Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016

When you follow the Superbowl from the snapchat mobile app you will enjoy a number of angles of the action that won’t be available on the television broadcast. The story will be updated during big plays and scoring plays. When there is a touchdown posted you will see the word “Explore” at the bottom of the snap. When you see this you will be able to swipe up and see similar snaps of the same moment from other people’s perspectives. There will even be sneak peeks into the players pregame rituals. Snapchat is a great supplement to a television broadcast. I never watch major sporting events without having snapchat pulled up on my mobile device to get even more angles of the action. It is like being at the game in multiple different seats around the stadium.

Superbowl Live Snapchat Story Prediction

The Superbowl 50 snapchat live story will start off with a snap of either players or fans entering the stadium. There will be a story filter that shares a fact about the event as well as some fancy font for the header of the story. After this initial snap, there will be a number of snaps of fans as well as players preparing for the big game. In past football live stories there have been looks into the locker rooms of the teams. I’m not sure if that will be the case for this game due to the fact that it is the Superbowl. The story will be updated every time a team scores. Each snap of a scoring play will be accompanied by a few snaps of fans cheering. This will go on until the end of the game.

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Watch Superbowl 50 NFL Football Live Story on Snapchat 2016

DJ Khaled Snapchat Shirt – T-shirt With DJ Khaled Snapcode

DJ Khaled Snapchat Shirt - T-shirt With DJ Khaled Snapcode DJ Khaled Snapchat Shirt – T-shirt With DJ Khaled Snapcode

If you follow DJ Khaled on Instagram you may have noticed the t-shirt that is now available at We The Best Store. This shirt was created as a tribute to one of the most popular, if not the most popular, snapchat accounts of all time. DJ Khaled announced the release of a shirt that features his snapcode blown up to cover the entire front face of the shirt. The ghost in the center of the snapcode is holding a key which symbolizes the keys to success that DJ Khaled has been preaching for the past few months.

This t-shirt is a good idea for Khaled as it would allow for people who see the t-shirt on other people to add DJ Khaled by his snapcode. However, in reality, the snapcode may not actually scan. I have tried to scan the snapcode from pictures on Khaled’s Instagram as well as pictures from the online store, but I had no luck. The snapcode would not scan. Some reasons it may not scan include the fact that there is a key in the hand of the ghost which may interfere with the scanning in some way. Another possible cause is the fact that the code is not a real snapcode. Give it a try for yourself and let me know how it goes.

The shirt design is on his website We The Best Store. The design is called @DJKhaled305 which is Khaled’s snapchat username. The cost of the shirt is around $25 and the shirt is available in any size Small – 4XL. If you want to wear a piece of snapchat and pop culture history, I would recommend this shirt.

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DJ Khaled Snapchat Shirt - T-shirt With DJ Khaled Snapcode


Snapchat And The Movies – Snapchat Being Used to Promote Movies

Snapchat And The Movies - Snapchat Being Used to Promote MoviesSnapchat has become an extremely popular social network as it continues to gain more and more popularity. It started out as just an app that let users send pictures to friends that could only be viewed for between one and ten seconds. Since then, snapchat has added videos, stories, filters, lenses, and even trophies for users to earn. Snapchat has also turned out to be a great marketing tool for businesses to promote products. Recently, snapchat has become a popular promotion tool for movie productions. Movies have promoted on snapchat before with filters that promote the release date of the movie, but movies are now creating their own snapchat accounts and giving fans the ability to get a behind the scenes look at the movie.

Snapchat And The Movies – Snapchat Being Used to Promote Movies 

If you have been to a movie theater recently, you know that there are a number of great movies being released in the next couple of months. These movie’s trailers are played before the feature presentation at movie theaters. At the end of some of these filters you will notice that you can follow the official snapchat account for the movie. This is a brilliant marketing technique for the production companies to employ.  A large number of customers at movie theaters have a snapchat account and actively use the app on their mobile devices. If a production company creates a snapchat account to promote the release of a movie, they are likely to get a good following on their snapchat account. Then, once the following is created, the production company can post updates on their snapchat story that will be viewed by tens of thousands of potential viewers of the movie. The interest in the movie that is created by continuously exposing potential viewers to short snippets of the movie will lead to increased ticket sales once the movie is released.

Another way that movies benefit from snapchat is filters. On the night of a movie release, movie production companies can pay for a sponsored filter that promotes the movie. These filters are valuable because when people go to see the movie, they will likely use the filter on snaps they send to their friends and family. When the friends and family see the filter that promotes the movie release it will make them think: “I kind of want to go see that”, and this will lead to an increased number of ticket sales. It is all about subliminal messaging. The more people are exposed to the idea of a movie the more likely they are to go see the movie for themselves.

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Snapchat And The Movies - Snapchat Being Used to Promote Movies


How to View a Private Instagram Account Without Following – See Private Instagram Profiles

How to See A Private Instagram Without Following

Instagram is a mobile social media platform that allows users to share both pictures and videos with their followers and friends. The platform is very popular with businesses such as car companies and insurance agencies. Even television networks use Instagram to entertain their following. Instagram is a great social media platform for use by your average Joe. Instagram has gained over 400 million users since its creation in 2010. These users have the option to make their accounts either public or private. When a user makes their account public, anyone can view their posts just by tapping on their username. When users make their profile private, you will only be able to see their profile picture and the number of followers they have and the number of users they follow. When a user is private you will not be able to view any of their posts, or see any of their follower usernames. You also will not be able to view posts that the private user is tagged in.

How to View a Private Instagram Account Without Following 

There are ways to view a private users profile. One of the solutions is obvious. Just follow the private user. When you follow a private user, the user will receive a request. When the request is received, the private user has the option to either deny, approve or ignore the follow request. If they deny the follow request you will not be able to follow the user unless you request again and the user approves. If they approve your request you will follow the user and you will be able to view everything on their profile.

Third Party Websites That Allow You to See a Private Instagram Account

There are also some websites and applications that allow you to view private Instagram profiles. These websites allow you to view both photo and video posts that are found on private Instagram profiles. This website will allow you to see posts in a private Instagram accountThis website makes it extremely simple for you to view posts on any private Instagram profile. 

Finsta (Fake Instagram) Account Method

Another  option you have to view a private Instagram account is a good option for when you want to see the posts on the private Instagram profile, but either don’t want them to know you want to follow them, or you do not want to follow them on your main account for some other reason. You can make a secondary account of a person who seems to be interesting in something that the owner of the private account would be interesting. Yes, this method is a little sketchy, but if you can create a convincing profile that the owner of the private account may be interested in, they will likely accept your follow request from the fake account and give you the ability to see posts on the private account. Instagram also offers a feature that allows you to easily switch between your primary account and your fake account if you were to use this method to see a private Instagram account.

How to See A Private Instagram Account

Another option to view a private Instagram account does not require you to follow the user. This is the method that few people have actually figured out. If you want to view a private users Instagram account without following the user, you will need to go to the “Activity” tab on the bottom of the screen. This is the button that looks like a speech bubble with a heart in it.

How to View a Private Instagram Account Without Following

When you tap this button on the bottom of the screen you will be presented with the activity on your posts. This is not where you want to be. At the top of the screen you will see the words “You” and “Following”. You will want to tap “following”.

How to View a Private Instagram Account Without Following - See Private Instagram Profiles

When you tap “following” you will be presented with the activity of the people you are following. You will see posts they like, posts they comment on and so on. This is where you will be able to view private users accounts. If you tap a users picture that one of your friends liked, you will then be able to get to their full profile; even if it is private. You will be able to see their posts, their followers, who they follow, and any pictures the user is tagged in. All of this will be visible without following the user. You will only be able to do this if one of the users that you already follow likes one of the private users pictures. This is currently the only way to view a private profile without following the user.

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How to Get More Filters on Snapchat

How to Get More Filters on SnapchatThe snapchat mobile app allows its users to take pictures and send them to their friends and family. When the snaps are sent the sender has the option to determine how long the snap will be able to be viewed. If the snap is a video, it will only be able to be viewed for however long it lasts. The app also allows users to edit their pictures by using a variety of features. Users can add text, emojis, and even draw on their snaps and videos. They also have the option to add filters to their snaps. Users can choose from filters that affect the way the snaps appear, or they can choose filters that alter the playback speed of a video. There are even snapchat filters for cities, holidays, and even celebrities. Some filters are also promotional filters for events such as movie releases or the release of new vehicles. To see the snapchat filters click here.

How to Get More Filters on Snapchat

Some snapchat users may overuse the available filters that snapchat offers. Sometimes snapchat even removes some of the filters that users loved. Sometimes snapchat users just want more filters to add to their snaps. The solution to this requires some traveling. If you want more snapchat filters than you currently have, the only solution is to travel to places that have different Geo filters. Geo filters on snapchat are location sensitive so make sure that your location services are turned on for your mobile device. Geo filters are only available if you are within the range that was set by the creator of the Geo filter. If you want to use more Geo filters you will have to be within range of where they are. A good way to get a lot of filters fast is to go to a big city. A city that has tons of businesses and shops and potential for snapchat filters. Sometimes, large events will have filters for its guests to use. If you want to get more snapchat filters from home, I am sorry but there is no current way for snapchat users to gain more filters without either updating the snapchat app, or moving their location. Hope this answered any questions.

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How to Get More Filters on Snapchat

How to Use Snapchat at School

How to Use Snapchat at SchoolA very large portion of snapchat users are still in school, whether it be in middle school, high school, or college. For some students snapchat has become a distraction for students in the classroom. Instead of focusing on work, students will spend their educational time sending snaps to friends either at their school or at other schools. Sometimes the app is used by bullies who try to make fun of other students behind their backs. This is never a good thing to see from students. Some schools have terrible mobile data service which forces students to use the school system wifi. Most schools have blocked social media outlets such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in an attempt to limit distractions at school. However, there is a way to use snapchat on school wifi, even if it is blocked.

How to Use Snapchat at School

If you would like to use snapchat at school you will first need to either have service or connect to school wifi. In order to connect to a school wifi network you may need to find out the password. Passwords can usually be found on an online forum. Once you have connected to some form of data service, you can now take the next step. If snapchat is not blocked you can go ahead and start snapping. If it is blocked you will be required to download something called a VPN. VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. There are a number of VPN apps available for download on both android and iOS. My current go to app is called “betternet”. This app is available on both android and iOS and is very simple to use. After you download the VPN, all you need to do is connect and you will be able to access anything that would normally be blocked by school wifi. In addition to allowing you to use blocked sites and apps, VPN will save your data usage because you will be using data from the wifi instead of your data plan. This will save you money if you do not have unlimited data.

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How to Use Snapchat at School

Potential Features of The Next Snapchat Update

Potential Features of The Next Snapchat UpdatePotential Features of The Next Snapchat Update

Snapchat typically updates their mobile app every three months or so. The last major update occurred a while ago and many users are asking “What is next?”. Specifically snapchat users are wondering what new features will snapchat add to the app next. Since the release of snapchat, a number of updates have taken snapchat from a simple photo sharing app, to an all out social media platform. Features such as messaging, live video sharing, filters, snapcash, and even lenses. Some features of the app have been added then later removed. The feature that allowed users to see other users “best friends”, or people they snapped the most, likely caused drama within the snapchat community, leading to the removal of that feature. What will be the next feature that snapchat’s employees can come up with?

See How Many Views Someone Else’s Story Gets on Snapchat

Snapchat allows its users to post stories that can be viewed for 24 hours. The stories can consist of as many snaps and videos the user wants to post to it. After a post has been up for 24 hours, the snap is removed from the story. Snapchat offers the ability to Download or Delete a snap story before the 24 hours is up. The ability for viewers to see how many times a story has been viewed has yet to be provided. Only the person who posted the story is able to see how many times a story has been viewed. Future updates could add a small indicator in the bottom corner of the story that shares with the viewers how many times the snap has been viewed.

Group Chat on Snapchat

Snapchat added the ability for its users to instant message one another about two years ago. Snapchat messaging allows users to send messages to their friends. Once the messages are viewed, the message is removed from the conversation. This can cause a little bit of drama, but snapchat also added a way for users to save messages if they desire. At first all you had to do was tap a message to save it. Now you are required to tap and hold the message if you want to save it. Future updates could include a way for users to set up group chats with their friends. Similar to iMessage on iOS devices, this would allow someone to share a snap or message to a chat that includes all the friends he/she wants. Snapchat does allow you to send the same snap to more than one person, however, it is not truly a group chat.

Group Stories on Snapchat 

Similar to the idea of group chats on snapchat, group stories would allow a group of friends to share a single story that they could all contribute to. The story would appear on everyone’s story page and would function the same way that individual stories do now. There could also be an option to let other users add the group story as a friend, then other users could view the collective story. This feature could be turned off by having an option in the settings.

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Potential Features of The Next Snapchat Update


What is The Difference Between Open Peril Insurance Policies and Named Peril Insurance Policies?

What is The Difference Between Open Peril Insurance Policies and Named Peril Insurance Policies? When you are shopping for home insurance there are a number of different policies you can choose from. There are basic policies that only cover your home from a few different perils and there are advanced policies that will completely replace a home no matter what the disaster. It is all dependent on the policy and agency you choose to purchase the home insurance from. When you choose your insurance policy it is important that you find one that fits your needs and your budget. There is no use in purchasing flood insurance if you live somewhere where flooding will never affect your home.

When looking for a policy there are two broad types. Open peril insurance policies and named peril insurance policies. Both types of policy will cover your home for damages, theft, and even liability. The difference between the two is the number of perils that the insurance policy covers. One of the policies covers your home and property for much more than the other.

Named Peril Home Insurance Policy

Named peril home insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers specific perils. These perils are typically the most common cause of damage to homes. Fire, tornadoes, wind storms, and theft are usually the main perils covered by named peril insurance policies. HO-1, HO-2, HO-4, HO-6 and HO-8 policies are all named peril home insurance policies. Any perils that are not specifically mentioned in a named peril policy will not be covered by the policy.

Open Peril Home Insurance Policy

Open peril home insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers all perils. The policy will name the specific perils that are not covered by the policy and if the peril is not mentioned in the policy, it is covered. These are the most popular type of home insurance policy due to the fact that they offer the broadest spectrum of coverage for buyers. The only two home insurance policies that are open peril policies are the HO-3 and HO-5 policies. These two policies are very similar. The only difference between these two policies is that the HO-5 policy typically replaces the full value of damaged/stolen property.

Which is Better Open Peril or Named Peril Policies?

When it comes down to it, open peril policies provide more coverage for your property. An open peril policy will provide more protection and give you a bit more piece of mind than a named peril insurance policy. However, open peril insurance policies are usually more expensive than a named peril policy. Whether or not an insurance policy is better also boils down to whether or not it fits into buyers budgets. So before you make your decision about which type of insurance policy you will purchase, talk to an agent and see which one would best suit you and your needs.

The Importance of Links to Your Website

The Importance of Links to Your Website The Importance of Links to Your Website

Links are extremely important to the success of your content and your website as a whole. Without links you will have a very hard time gaining authority with the search engine giant, Google. If you can’t gain authority, you can’t rank in search, and if you can’t rank in search you will be missing out on a huge pool of potential traffic for your content. In this brief article I will discuss a few points that will stress the importance of gaining links from other websites to your website.

Links and SEO

Links are vastly powerful when it comes to search engine optimization. Links are the most fool proof way to show Google that your content is worthy of a quality ranking in search. Why is this? When your content is linked to by other websites, it shows Google that other people find your information of high enough quality to share with their visitors. The more links your content receives, the more authority your content and website earn. The more authority your website earns, the easier it will be for your website to rank higher for your desired keywords.

Links and Traffic

When your content is linked to it is much more likely to rank in search. A side affect of ranking in search is going to be large amounts of traffic. If you rank front page in Google search you will immediately begin to gain large amounts of traffic. Not only will you gain traffic from the rank you earn by attaining links, but you will also gain traffic from the links themselves. The links will bring in traffic from the website the link is from. Depending on the website, this could potentially bring in thousands of viewers a day. Links are beneficial to any website whether it be a business website or just for personal use. Links will lead to more traffic to your website, which could potentially lead to more links, which will bring in even more traffic. It is a cycle that will bring in more traffic to your website.

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