Basics of Home Insurance

Basics of Home Insurance Basics of Home Insurance

When you purchase something as valuable as a home it is vital that you protect yourself from losing this asset. Your home is likely the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime and it could disappear in a matter of seconds. Tornadoes can reduce a home to a splintered pile of lumber in mere seconds. Luckily modern home insurance can protect you and your family from losing your home and the items that may be lost or damaged within it. In this article I will discuss everything you need to know before you purchase home insurance in the state of North Carolina.

Why do I Need Home Insurance?

Home insurance is extremely important whether you own or rent a home. Home insurance not only protects from damages to your home itself, it also protects you from lawsuits, as well as theft. If you do not have home insurance, and someone breaks into your home and steals your television while you are out of town, you are now without a television. If you had the correct insurance, you would be refunded for the price of the television so that you could just purchase a new one. Some lenders will require the borrower to purchase home insurance that covers at least the amount of the mortgage. This will protect the lender from losing the value of the asset.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?

The price of home insurance will vary depending on the level and type of coverage you wish to purchase from an agent. The cost is also dependent on the state in which you live as well as who you purchase the insurance from. Every insurance agency charges a different amount for different levels of coverage in different situations. So if you want an exact price estimate your best bet would be to request a quote from an agency in your area. Home insurance will typically cost around $70 a month or around $800 a year.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

In addition to protecting your home, your home insurance can protect homeowners from a number of unfortunate events. Depending on your policy, a certain percentage of the coverage of the actual structure’s coverage will also cover a number of other damages. Your home insurance may cover damage or loss of belongings within the home, damage to fences or garages, any liability in cases where you are being sued for damages or injury to another person. Even medical bills for injuries caused by your household pets can be covered by your home insurance policy. Some insurance policies will even cover damages to trees and shrubs on your property as well as debris removal after a storm. There may be a number of occurrences where your home insurance policy could save you money. So be sure to read your policy carefully and speak with your agent before paying for any damages to your property out of pocket.

Basic Levels of Home Insurance Coverage in North Carolina

There are a number of different home insurance policies one can purchase for their home and property. Coverage plans can range anywhere from basic coverage that only covers the structure of the home and the belongings within it, to policies that will even replace a bush that gets killed by a falling airplane. Below you will find a list of home insurance policies that can be purchased either for your home, a vacation home, or even a condo. Be sure to speak with an agent about the specifics of each policy before you make the purchase.

HO-1 Home Insurance Policy

The HO-1 home insurance policy is the most basic home insurance policy that can be purchased for your home. A typical HO-1 policy provides coverage for the structure of the dwelling as well as structures surrounding the property. HO-1 policies also typically cover loss of use of your home as well as liability for any injuries that occur on your property. The main limitation of an HO-1 policy is the limited number of perils that are covered. An HO-1 policy will only cover eleven basic perils whereas an HO-2 policy will cover a few more perils.

HO-2 Home Insurance Policy

The HO-2 insurance policy is one step up from the basic HO-1 insurance policy. An HO-2 policy will provide similar coverage to the HO-1 policy. HO-2 policies provide coverage for the structure of the home, surrounding structures such as sheds or fences, as well as loss of use and liabilities. What makes the HO-2 insurance policy a step up from an HO-1 insurance policy is the amount of perils covered by the policy. An HO-1 policy will only cover damages to your home that are caused by one of only eleven different perils. An HO-2 insurance policy will cover damages caused by seventeen different perils; six more than an HO-1 policy.

HO-3 Home Insurance Policy

HO-3 home insurance policies are the most popular policies on the market. Why is this? When you compare an HO-3 policy to an HO-1 or HO-2 policy, there is one detail that makes a huge difference. An HO-3 policy is what is called an open perils policy. This means that the policy names perils that are not covered by the policy. If the peril is not named by the policy it is covered. The broad span of perils covered by this policy is what makes it so popular with homeowners. HO-3 policies cover the structure of the home, liability, and loss of use.

What is the Difference Between Open and Named Perils?

HO-4 Renters Insurance Policy

HO-4 insurance is also known as renters insurance. HO-4 policies are for those who are renting a dwelling and will not be responsible for replacing the structure of the dwelling. An HO-4 policy, like an HO-1 or HO-2 policy, is a named perils policy which means that the policy names specific perils that are covered by the policy. HO-4 policies cover personal property that may be damaged or stolen from the owner’s apartment or condo. Items covered can include furniture, appliances, clothing, and even toys.

HO-5 Home Insurance Policy

HO-5 insurance policies are often called premier insurance. This name comes from the fact that an HO-5 policy is an HO-3 policy with a few more bells and whistles HO-5 insurance policies offer coverage on an open perils basis just like HO-3 policies. What makes the HO-5 policy “premier” is the fact that it provides expanded coverage in addition to the coverage provided by an HO-3 policy. HO-5 policies cover jewelry and often include guaranteed replacement which will replace the entire cost of the home no matter what the price is.  

HO-6 Condominium Insurance Policy

HO-6 insurance policies are insurance policies designed for condominium owners. An HO-6 policy is similar to an HO-4 insurance policy in the way that it insures the contents of the condominium and does not provide coverage for the structure. The difference is that an HO-6 policy covers any upgrades that the owner purchases for the condo. Any cabinets, drywall, light fixtures, or wallpaper added to the condo by the owner will be covered by an HO-6 policy. HO-6 policies are named peril policies, they provide coverage for the same perils as an HO-2 policy.

HO-8 Older Home Insurance Policy

HO-8 home insurance policies are policies that provide coverage for older homes. These policies are for homes that are over forty years old and and homes that have an actual value that is much lower than the home’s replacement cost. Homes that may not qualify for an HO-3 policy for various can also be covered by HO-8 policies. An HO-8 policy is very similar to an HO-1 policy in the way that it only protects from eleven different perils. However, an HO-8 policy does not pay for replacement of the home. Instead an HO-8 insurance policy will pay the cash value of the home.

Flood Insurance

None of the above home insurance policies offer protection from flood or earthquake damage. If you live in an area that is at a high risk of flooding, it would be wise to speak with an insurance agent about the possibility of purchasing a flood insurance policy. If you live in an area that is not at risk of flood damage, it is not as big as a problem; however, flood insurance can still be purchased if you feel it is necessary.

Be sure that you find the home insurance policy that fits you and your needs. Shop around and ask agents about their specific policies. Just like every house is different, so is every home insurance policy. Buyers should be aware that every home insurance policy can have a different set of perils or coverage. Find the one that best fits you and your home, and make sure you find a good price for your budget.


How to Make Money With iFunny

How to Make Money With iFunnyMillions of people use the comedy app iFunny on a regular basis. This mobile app provides users with huge potential to make some extra money. There are a number of methods users can employ in order to generate revenue. Users have the opportunity to make over $100 a day just by interacting with users on iFunny. Who wouldn’t be interested in this?In this article I will discuss a variety of ways for anyone to make money using their iFunny account from home.

How to Make Money Using iFunny

To start things off lets discuss what needs to be done before you can start making money. Before you can make any money using an iFunny account, you need to post quality content on the profile. The content should be unique to your account. Re-posting other users content will not cut it if you want to make money using your account. iFunny offers a great platform for users to create quality memes from the app. Use this feature and post some fresh new content. With unique content, your account will gain followers. This is the goal; to gain as many followers as possible. Followers on the iFunny app are known as subscribers. The more subscribers your account gains the more valuable the account will be, and the more potential the account will have to make money.

How to Gain Subscribers on iFunny

Your goal should be to gain over 50,000 subscribers on iFunny. Once you have gained this following you can begin to capitalize off of the account. In order to gain this massive following you need to keep in mind that these subscribers need to be genuine. If you pay for subscribers from someone you will be wasting your time. You will find out later in the article why this is so important. The only real way to gain a massive following of genuine followers on iFunny is to post quality content. When you post quality content users will recognize that you have a quality account and follow it. Make sure all of the content you post is unique to your account and funny. Users come to iFunny to find humorous content.

Just posting a few quality jokes on iFunny isn’t going to cut it if you want to gain enough subscribers to make good money. You will need to continuously add more and more quality content. Your subscribers will quickly unsubscribe from your account if you fail to provide a continuous flow of quality, unique, content. If your subscribers are happy they are more likely to interact and be involved with your account, I will explain why this is valuable later in the article.

Continuously posting quality content will also have another side affect. If you post content that is funny enough, you increase your chances of being featured. Featured posts get updated around three times a day. Featured posts are typically the funniest posts on iFunny. When your iFunny post gets featured it will get viewed by over 10,000,000 users. When your content gets that kind of traffic your subscriptions will skyrocket.  The more often you get featured the more subscribers you will get and the more valuable your account will become.

How to Make Money With iFunny

Now that you have an account with a large enough following to make money, you can start making money. There are a number of ways to do this. The first way is to sell advertising to up and coming brands. To do this, you will need to contact brands and promote the fact that you have a large active following and you are willing to share their products with your subscribers for a fee. This is why it is important that your followers are happy. If the subscribers are happy, they will be more interested in what you have to say. When you contact businesses it is important to be professional. Contact them through email. Depending on the size of your following, you can charge anywhere from $10 to $80 per promotion. When promoting businesses with your account, be sure that you post at least ten quality unique jokes or memes for every one promotion. Subscribers do not like being spammed with advertisements.

Another way to make money with iFunny is to sell account promotion. Also called a “shoutout”, account promotions can be very valuable. Users of any social media platform will pay to gain a larger following. Again the amount you can charge for promotion depends on the number of subscribers your account has. You could charge anywhere from $5 to $50 per promotion. Experiment with prices to see where you get the most business. Again, it is important to be professional when dealing with potential clients.


Home Insurance Policies in Brevard North Carolina

Home Insurance in Brevard North Carolina

Home Insurance Brevard, North Carolina

When you own a home, there are a number of things that could go wrong. Fires, storms, earthquakes, floods, all of these things can cause serious damage to your home. If you do not have the correct insurance to cover damages, you could find yourself with nowhere to go. Luckily, homeowners insurance is a realistic service offered by a number of reputable companies, both big and small. They offer multiple different levels of coverage  to cover your home. In this article we will discuss the different levels of coverage offered by home insurance in Brevard, North Carolina and how much they cover.

Types of Home Insurance Policies in Brevard, North Carolina

The levels of homeowners insurance range from basic coverage that only cover your home from ten different happenings, all the way up to full replacement coverage that covers your home and everything in and around it; including sheds and decks. Some home insurance policies also cover liabilities from injuries to persons within your home. Below you will find a list of the home insurance policies that can be purchased in Brevard, North Carolina.

HO-1 Insurance Policy

The most basic home insurance coverage is known as an HO-1 Policy. This policy covers you home from ten different perils that could cause damage to your home, as well as belongings inside of the home. This form of insurance is offered by a very limited number of insurance agencies in the state of North Carolina.

HO-2 Insurance Policy

One step up from an HO-1, the HO-2 policy covers structures surrounding your home such as sheds or decks in addition to the home itself. HO-2 policies also covers any personal property that may be damaged inside of the home. The HO-2 policy also protects the homeowner from liability caused by an accident. HO-2 policies cover damage from seventeen different perils.

HO-3 Insurance Policy

An HO-3 policy provides coverage for the home just like the HO-2 policy. It also covers structures related to the home such as sheds, decks, and garages. Personal property within the home is covered as well. The policy also covers liabilities that may occur on the property. The difference between an HO-3 policy and an HO-1 and HO-2, is that the policy covers everything unless it is specifically mentioned to “not” be covered by the policy. Whereas an HO-2 policy tells you specifically what “is” covered. This is the most popular type of home insurance.

HO-4 Insurance Policy

HO-4 insurance policies provide coverage for those who are renting a property. Rental properties can be apartments, condos, town homes, or stand alone homes. HO-4 policies provide coverage for the property within the structure. This policy also covers the renter for liabilities. So if the person living in the dwelling were to get hurt. The renter would be covered. This policy does not cover the actual structure itself.

HO-5 Insurance Policy

HO-5 insurance policies are very similar to the very popular HO-3 insurance policy. Both of these insurance policies cover damages to your home, damages to property within your home, and liability in case something were to happen to a guest while they are on your property. The HO-5 is an open perils policy. This means that the policy will cover damage from anything unless it is described by the policy. The main difference between an HO-5 policy and an HO-3 policy is that HO-5 policies provide more coverage for damages or loss. HO-5 policies are typically purchased for newer, more expensive homes that are very well maintained.

HO-6 Insurance Policy

An HO-6 insurance policy is just like home insurance but for a condo. The condo could be either your vacation retreat or your permanent residence. HO-6 insurance policies typically cover everything within the walls of the owner’s unit. Anything that the owner of the unit actually owns in the unit. Cabinets, mattresses, washers, dryers, anything that the owner actually owns that is damaged will be covered to a certain extent. HO-6 policies are required to cover at least 20% of the condominiums appraised value.

HO-8 Insurance Policy

HO-8 insurance policies are created for homes that are getting up there in age. These policies are for older homes that have lost a good portion of their value due to their age. Homes that qualify for an HO-8 policy are typically valued much less than the cost to rebuild the home. HO-8 covers the same perils as an HO-2 policy, however it will only pay for the cost of repair due to the high cost of replacing the home.

None of these policies provide insurance coverage from flood damage or earthquake damage. If you live in a region that is at risk from flooding it may be wise to speak with your insurance provider about the purchase of flood insurance and maybe even earthquake insurance if you believe that is necessary.

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat FilterIf you happen to be one of DJ Khaled’s over two million followers on snapchat you may have seen Khaled use a new filter on his snapchat story. On January 13th Khaled visited the snapchat headquarters in Santa Monica, California. During his visit explained to the snapchat team how they helped him on his journey to more success. He gave the whole team a speech about his success and how he is grateful for snapchat. He also gave the team a shoutout using his new filter the snapchat team created for him. Later during his visit, Khaled rode in a yellow motorized shopping cart of sorts. He rode the cart around the snapchat headquarters and almost knocked down the person filming his story for him. I would imagine that this was an awesome day to be working in the snapchat headquarters.

The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter Overview

During his visit to the Snapchat headquarters, DJ Khaled began adding a new filter to his snap story. The filter is contiuation of the DJ Khaled filter series that snapchat began on christmas eve 2015. The DJ Khaled Fan Love Filter is a little different than the other filters. This filter is a direct reference to Khaled’s fan love posts. Every now and then DJ Khaled will post an address on his snapchat story and tell his fans to meet him there. Then, when Khaled arrives to the address, he is greeted by hundreds if not thousands of fans. This scene is what is being portrayed by the filter.

The DJ Khaled Fan Love Filter on snapchat features DJ Khaled standing above a crowd of people wearing all black sweats. He is also holding a microphone to his mouth and holding up his pointer finger. In the background of the filter there are a number of tiny white snapchat ghosts. below the ghosts, on either side of the cartoon representation of DJ Khaled, is bold yellow text. On the left of Khaled the yellow text reads “FAN”, and on the right side of Khaled the text says “LUV”. Below the text and Khaled there is a mob of fans with their hands in the air, similar to what it looks like when khaled posts one of his fan luv posts on his snapchat story.

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter

This is another one of those filters that was created for Khaled himself. This filter has not been released to the public as of now. It would be cool if, in the future, snapchat created a DJ Khaled fan luv filter that was available if you were within a certain distance of Khaled. Then everyone who was a part of one of his fan love posts could add their experience with the DJ to their stories and share it with their friends.

Happy Snapping!

How to Get The DJ Khaled Fan Love Snapchat Filter


Snapchat Filters – Shhhh Pretty Little Liars Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat Filters - Shhhh Pretty Little Liars Filter on Snapchat Shhhh Pretty Little Liars Filter on Snapchat

Users on snapchat found a new sponsored filter available for use on snaps on Tuesday January 12th. The occasion for this filter is the return of the television series “Pretty Little Liars”. This show is about a group of girls who are friends with a girl who goes missing. All of the girls move on with their lives but soon find that they are receiving messages from an unknown source. The messages threaten to disclose their secrets. On Tuesday, January 12th at eight o’clock pm eastern time, a new series of Pretty Little Liars will be airing. The show will be broadcast by Freeform which was previously known as ABC Family. The show will likely be viewed by thousands of fans who can’t wait for the show to make its return. Tweets about the event have been being posted all day in preparation for the event.

Shhhh Pretty Little Liars Filter Overview

The Pretty Little Liars filter on snapchat takes up a large potion of the screen. There is an oval shaped transparent region in the center of the filter where any image or video will show through the filter. The rest of the filter is covered with dark grey and blue cloud looking shapes. The transparency fades into the clouds. In the image above you can see the black area is the area that is transparent in the filter. At the top of the filter there is some white text that reads “Shhhh…”. This is relating to the show which is based off of lies and deception. In the bottom left hand side of the filter there is elegant, white, cursive font that reads “Pretty Little Liars”. This of course is the name of the show the filter is promoting. To the far right and a little above the elegant font there is some small bold white text that lets viewers know the time and location of the season premier of Pretty Little Liars. The premier is at eight o’clock eastern time on Freeform which was previously known as ABC Family.

This filter will be used by fans of the television show who want to share the occasion with friends and family all around the world. Check out this filter and catch the season premier of Pretty Little Liars on January 12th at 8 pm.

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Happy Snapping!

Snapchat Filters - Shhhh Pretty Little Liars Filter on Snapchat


Small Business SEO – What is Organic SEO?

Small Business SEO - What is Organic SEO?Small Business SEO

When it comes to marketing your small business you have numerous options. You could use social media, billboards, even flyers. By far, the most profitable form of marketing for your small business is web marketing; specifically Organic SEO. When a small business invests into organic SEO, they are investing into a service that will help gain hundreds of customers. What exactly is organic SEO?

Small Business SEO – What is Organic SEO 

Organic SEO, for small businesses, is a collection of services that will help acquire a higher ranking in search naturally. Natural search rankings are the best way to rank in Google search for two reasons. One, they will last longer and two, they will rank higher than rankings that used unnatural processes.

Organic SEO will help rank your small business front page for a number of keywords. For example, if a local bike shop is currently ranking on the second page of Google search for the keyword “bicycle repair in Columbia”, your business is not receiving much traffic. After the application of organic search engine optimization to the business’ website, not only will the site be ranked front page for “bicycle repair in Columbia” it will also rank for many other related keywords. This is because our process is similar to fishing. Our strategy is to post a number of quality blog posts relating to different keywords related to your industry, then having a direct line from the post to the business’ website. The entire process is done without the use of artificial links that could cause the website to be demoted to page five or below. Our links occur naturally and will create an organic ranking that will not be penalized by Google’s algorithms.

If you are interested in improving your small business’ ranking in Google search, feel free to email us at . Feel free to ask any questions you have about our processes. To read more about organic small business SEO, CLICK HERE 

College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat

College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat

The college football playoff national championship will be kicking off on January 11th at 8:30 PM. The college football playoff started with four teams: Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State, and Oklahoma. Clemson played Oklahoma in the orange bowl earlier in December. The Tigers fell behind early but fought back to beat the Sooners. Later that night Alabama dominated Michigan State; who couldn’t muster a single point against the Crimson Tide. On January 11th, Clemson will face off against the Crimson Tide in what should be a good game. Clemson being number one in the polls is still listed as the underdog for tonight’s game. Tonight’s game will be the feature of one of Snapchat’s live stories. The story will be a collection of snaps directly from fans that are in attendance at the game.

What to Expect From the live College Football National Championship Story on Snapchat 

The snapchat story for the college football national championship will contain a collection of snaps from the game. When the story is first released there will be a short bit of text that describes the event that is about to take place, which is the national championship for fbs college football. It will be followed by numerous snaps that will show key moments in the game. It will start off with a few videos or pictures of fans cheering for their team and a video of kickoff. Throughout the game there will be updates of the story that include new shots of the game. Look for new updates whenever a team scores. It will be interesting to see the game from the perspective of a fan that is actually in the stadium. Alabama and Clemson have two of the most loyal fans in college football and they will be fired up to watch this game.

If you are watching the game on a television it is still a cool little thing to check out the live story during commercials just to see what the atmosphere at the game actually looks like. I usually check the live story for every game I watch on television. It is an interesting supplement to watching the game.

If you are actually at the game look out for Geo filters that may be available for the national championship game tonight. If you find any be sure to send them out to your friends who aren’t at the game and rub it in their faces. Arizona is the place to be for college football fans.

When you watch the story look for the word “explore” at the bottom of each snap. When you see the word “explore” you can swipe up on the snap and you will be presented with more snaps of the same moment just from different perspectives. It is pretty cool to be able to see the same moment from different fan base’s perspectives.

The national championship can be viewed by tuning in to ESPN. They will be broadcasting a pre-game show before kickoff if you are interested in viewing that. Snapchat will also be giving instant replays from the fans point of view for big moments throughout the game. So be sure to check the live story for the national championship college football game between the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Happy Snapping!

College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

How to Delete a Snapchat StorySnapchat stories are a way for snapchat users to post something that lasts a lot longer than a traditional snap. The only way to post to a snapchat story is to take a picture or video using the snapchat camera. There is no way to add images from any other source. Snapchat wants to keep stories as a way to show what you are doing right now, not what you were doing last year. There is a way to download your own snapchat story. There is also a way to delete your snapchat story. The process is set up in a way so that you can select specifically which snaps you would like to delete from the story. Below you will find the process required to delete snaps from your snapchat story.

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

In order to delete a snap chat story you will first need to have a story posted that you would like to delete. Once there is a story you need to delete, you have the option to delete the specific snap that you no longer want. You will only be able to delete your story one segment at a time. So if you have a 20 segment long story, you will have to repeat the process 20 times.

How to Delete a Snapchat Story – Method 1

The first way to delete a snapchat story is to delete them while you watch your story. This is done by swiping to the story page of the snapchat app, then watching your story by tapping on it. Your story will be at the very top of the page above the discovery slider. Once you tap on your snapchat story it will begin to play automatically. To delete a snap from the story you will need to swipe up when you get to the snap you would like to delete. When you do this you will be presented with a stats page of sorts for that particular snap. From here you will be able to see how many views the snap has, how many screenshots the snap has, and who has viewed your story. There are also two other buttons; “Download Snap” and “Delete Snap”. The buttons will look like this:

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

As you can see, there is a views icon as well as a screenshot icon on the left hand side, both with a numerical value below them. This is where you will see how many views and screenshots the particular snap received. On the right hand side there is a trashcan icon and a download icon. To delete the snap press the trashcan shaped icon. When this is done you will receive a prompt that serves to verify that you would like to delete the snap. The prompt looks like this:

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

Once the purple delete button in the prompt is pressed, the snap will be deleted from your snapchat story. In order to delete the entire story, you will need to repeat this process for each snap in your story.

If you press the download button, the snap will be saved to the gallery on your mobile device. The snap will keep any additions you made to it on the snapchat app. For example, if you added a filter the filter will still be applied to the snap once it is saved. When you download a snap from your snapchat story, it will not be removed from the story. A copy of the snap will be saved to your gallery.

How to Delete a Snapchat Story – Method 2

The second method is probably the more efficient method if you want do delete a large number of snaps from your snapchat story, or delete the entire thing quickly. The second method requires you to navigate to the story page of the snapchat app and tap the three light grey dots directly to the right of your story. By tapping the three dots your story will expand to show all of the individual snaps within your story. The expanded snapchat story will have the number of views for each individual snap to the right of each snap. It will look like this:

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

By tapping on one of the individual expanded snaps, you will be presented with the snap but it will remain up until you exit out of it by swiping down. If it is a video it will play on loop until you swipe down to exit out. at the bottom of the snap there will be a bar with the number of views, number of screenshots, trashcan icon, and download icon. It will look like this:

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

To delete the snap you will just simply tap the trashcan icon to the left of the download snap icon. You will be prompted with a question that reads “Delete Snap?”. Below the question there are two options. One option is to delete, the other is to cancel. If you want to delete the snap press delete. If you do not want to delete because you just pressed the button on accident just press cancel. The prompt looks like this:

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

Once you press the delete icon the snap will be removed from your snapchat story. Just like the first method, you will have to repeat the process for every snap you want to delete from your snapchat story. This method is faster than the first method discussed because once you verify that you would like to delete the snap, you will return to the story page with all of the other segments still expanded. This way you do not have to do any swiping. you just tap three times to delete each snap. You will just be able to tap your way down the rows to delete as many snaps as you need to.

For more information about snapchat, visit our snapchat resource by CLICKING HERE

Happy Snapping!

How to Delete a Snapchat Story

Snapchat Filters – If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat Filters - If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat Filter Background 

In recent weeks the powerball lottery has grown and grown. The current value of the powerball is pushing nine hundred million dollars. Ticket sales have been increasing as people rush to increased their odds of becoming a multi millionaire. The odds to win the lottery are currently 1 in 292 million. If you were to become the lucky winner of this prize you would have to pay a tremendous amount of taxes on the payout. If you were to take the lump sum of the money  you would only receive around $300 million. Although this is only one third of the advertised prize ammount, it is still plenty of money. If you were to invest the money properly, you could turn that $300 million into well over $900 million.

If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter Overview

The powerball filter on snapchat is inspired by the enormous amount of prize money currently being offered to the next lottery winner. The advertised prize is over $900 million. The filter is composed of a number of items that all represent something related to wealth and success. The bottom of the filter takes up about one fourth of the screen. It is composed of green and white stars, dollar signs, credit cards, gold keys, a unicorn, and a hover board. The dollar signs and the money are obviously signs of wealth; as are the credit/ debit cards. I am not entirely sure what the gold keys represent. The keys could be a representation of DJ Khaleds Keys to success. The hover board is there because snapchat is pretty sure that the majority of their users would be interested in purchasing a hover board if they were to win the $900 million. The unicorn is there because if you could win $900 million instantly, why not have a unicorn too? The top of the filter consists of  more dollar signs and stars as well as two champagne gushing across either side of the filter. Between the two champagne bottles there is some white text that reads, “If I win $900 million…”. The filter is intended for users to take a picture or video of what they would do if they were filthy rich, then apply this filter. It is a neat filter give it a try while it is still available.

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Snapchat Filters - If I Win $900 Million Powerball Filter on Snapchat


How To Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

How To Download a Snapchat Story Without ScreenshotSnapchat Story Ovrview

The goal of snapchat is to give users a peek at what their friends and family are doing at any given moment. The idea is to allow users to send and receive snaps, which are short videos or images that can be edited and sent. The short videos can only be viewed once and the images can only be viewed from anywhere from one to ten seconds. There is also the option to replay a snap. Since these basic functions of snapchat were released, the ability to post a story was added to the snapchat mobile app. Stories are snaps that can be viewed for twenty four hours after they are posted. A snapchat story can be viewed as many times as your followers want for twenty four hours after it is posted, unless the poster deletes the story. The story can be a string of snaps and videos that can only be taken real time. This is because the snapchat story is supposed to be a story of the users life. The only way to add to a snapchat story is to take a picture real time using the snapchat camera.

How To Save a Snapchat Story

If you are viewing a snapchat story and you see something that you would like to save or download to your gallery, you have two options. You can either screenshot the snapchat story, or download a third party app that allows you to access your snapchat account from a different app. Some of these apps allow you to download both snaps from your friends as well as their stories and save them to view as long as you want. However, there are problems with both of these methods. When you screenshot someones snapchat story, the person who posted it will get a notification telling them that you saved one of their snaps. When you download a third party app you will be able to save peoples snaps without them receiving a notification. The problem with this method is that when you log into your snapchat account from a third party app, errors occur. These errors can be recorded by snapchat. If too many of these errors are recorded your snapchat account could be terminated. If this happens you will have to set up a whole new account and re-add all of your friends. You will also loose any trophies you earned and your snapchat score.

How to Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

There is currently no way for snapchat users to download another users snapchat story without using screenshot or a third party app. This is because snapchat wants these stories to be a representation of the persons life at any given point. It is the same reason why snapchat users cannot post to their story from their phone’s gallery.  It is because the goal of the snapchat story is to show you what you are doing now. Not what you were doing last week. That is also why the snapchat stories are automatically deleted by the snapchat app after the twenty four hours are up.

When you are viewing your own snapchat story however, there is a way to download the images or videos. To do this you will simply need to watch your story. Then when you get to the snap or video you would like to download to your gallery just swipe up and you will be presented with a screen that shows you how many views and screenshots your snap has recieved. You are also shown who has viewed that particular snap in your story. To the right of the number of views and screenshots there are two other buttons you can press: “Delete Snap” and “Download Snap”. The buttons will look like this:

How To Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

The button on the far right is the button you will use to download the snap from your snapchat story. If there are any captions or drawings on the snap, they will be saved along with the image in your gallery. When you press the trashcan shaped button you will receive this promt:

How To Download a Snapchat Story Without Screenshot

By pressing the delete, the specific snap that you were looking at the stats for will be deleted from your story immediately. This could come in handy if someone steals your phone and posts to your story while you are napping.

In conclusion there is no way for snapchat users to download someone’s snapchat story without using either screenshot, which doesn’t work well with videos, or a third party app, which could cause your snapchat account to be terminated. I will continue to research new methods of downloading snapchat stories and post new content regarding ways to do so. Add me on snapchat by scanning my snapcode below for new article updates regarding snapchat and other social media news.

Happy Snapping!


How to Download a Snapchat Story WIthout Screenshot