Stride Gum Tongue Face Snapchat Lens 

Stride gum created its own snapchat lens to promote their chewy treat. The lens adds a mouth to the screen and your face becomes the tongue. Below you will find a description and an image of the stride tongue face snapchat lens.

Creepy Stride Tongue Face Snapchat Lens 

The stride tongue face snapchat lens turns your face into the tongue in a purple mouth. This lens is funny looking especially when You make funny faces. The lens adds a huge animated mouth that follows the motion of your head.

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Hippie With Flower Bandana and Flower Tattoo Snapchat Lens 

Snapchat lenses can do anything from make someone look like they have a hat, to completely changing their physical appearance. 

The most recent snapchat lens turns people into a hippie wearing octagonal sunglasses, a floral bandana headband, and a floral 70s style tattoo. Below you will find a description of the hippie with floral bandana headband and floral tattoo snapchat lens along with an image of the lens.

Hippie With Flower Bandana and Flower Tattoo Snapchat Lens 

The hippie with flower headband and sunglasses snapchat lens allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a hippie from the 70s. The lens starts by adding a floral bandana tied around your head like a headband. The lens also adds a pair of octagonal reflective sunglasses. Last but not least the lens adds a 70s floral themed tattoo on your cheek.   

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Funny Squirrel With Nuts Snapchat Lens 

Over the last few months there have been a number of Snapchat lenses that make you look like almost anything. 

Snapchat lenses can make you look like a dog, a cat, a hippo, now you can even look like a squirrel on the Snapchat app. Below fyou will ind a description of the funny Squirrel With Nuts Snapchat lens along with an image if the lens being used. 

Funny Squirrel With Nuts Snapchat Lens

The most recent snapchat lens to be released turns any Snapchat user into a squirrel gathering up nuts. The lens first applies a mask that makes you look like a squirrel. You can activate the Squirrel With peanuts Snapchat lens by raising your eyebrows and opening your mouth. Once activated peanuts and other nuts will rain down and pile up at the bottom of the screen. Then a pair of squirrel hands will pull the nuts toward you like a you are a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.

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What is The Heart Eyes Snapchat Lens on Snapchat?

Snapchat lenses are created to market a number of different products. The most recent snapchat lens turns your eyes into hearts and when activated it adds headphones and bottles to the bottom of the screen. What is this snapchat lens promoting?

What is the headphones heart eyes snapchat lens?

The most recent snapchat lens is promoting something in a bottle. Te shape of the bottle leads me to believe that the lens was created by Pepsi. The lens adds music and a pair of blue headphones and red sunglasses as well. If you know what the song on the Soda snapchat lens is comment below. 

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Snapchat Memories – How To See Other People’s Snapchat Memories

Snapchat recently created a new feature that allows snapchat users to post to a section of the app called snapchat memories. These memories can be viewed forever and imported from your camera roll. This feature is a big step for snapchat because the posts do not dissapear from the memories. The snaps and pictures will stay on the snapchat memory until they are deleted. A popular question that is asked about snapchat memories is “can I see other people’s snapchat memories?”, if so “how do I see other people’s snapchat memories?” 

In this article I will discuss the topic of viewing other snapchat users memories. And how to do it if possible. Comment below what you think about snapchat memories. 

Can I See Other People’s Sbapchat Memories?

As soon as snapchat memories came out I started asking the question “can I see other people’s Sbapchat memories” it has taken me a few days of tinkering around with snapchat memories to discover that you cannot see someone else’s snapchat memories unless they show them to you. This is a very big let down to a lot of people but it makes sense. Snapchat is not trying to copy Instagram with this feature, it is only trying to make it easier for its users to share moments in their snapchat story. 

At first I thought others could see my snapchat memories because there is an option to add pictures to my eyes only. By this feature is just to protect some sensitive images from being seen by others while you show them your snapchat memories. 

How to See Someone Else’s Snapchat Memories

In order to see other snapchat users Sbapchat memories you must either have them show you the memories, or somehow log onto their account to see them. Snapchat memories are only visible from the snapchat users account. Comment below what you think about snapchat memories!

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Star Trek Beyond Snapchat Lens 

Snapchat lenses and movies get along like penut butter and jelly. Almost every major movie uses Snapchat in one form it another to help make the movie a hit. The most recent movie Snapchat Lens is Star Trek Beyond. Below you will find a description of the lens. 

Star Trek Beyond Snapchat Lens 

The Star Trek beyond snapchat lens turns users into a character from the movie. The lens adds a space scene around your face and a mask that makes you look like an alien. If you k ow the name of the alien comment below. In the bottom left hand corner of the lens is the movie logo. 

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Pokémon GO Tips – Where to Play Pokémon GO in Columbia, SC

Pokemon GO has stolen the hearts of mobile gamers across the country. Players are searching for Pokemon in every state and every city in the country. The hunt is especially thrilling in Columbia South Carolina. In this article we will discuss where to play Pokemon go to get more Pokemon and find pokestops in Columbia South Carolina. 

Pokemon go is a game created by niantic that uses Google maps to find your location so you can play. You must physically move to find Pokemon and pokestops in columbia. The game also utilizes your phone’s camera and adds animated Pokemon for you to capture. There are some good spots in columbia south Carolina to find Popokestops and Pokemon.

Where to Play Pokemon Go in Culumbia, SC 

When playing Pokemon go you must look for Pokemon and pokestops at points of interest. Pokemon go is based off of the game ingress which placed “portals” near historic por important places. It is rumored that there are tons of Pokemon scattered around the university of south Carolina campus in columbia columbia. Be sure to play Pokemon go at the university of south Carolina (USC) campus. When looking for a pokestop in columbia south Carolina, be sure to look near points of interest asuch s historic or important buildings and sites. There are plenty of places to find Pokemon in columbia south Carolina and at the university of south Carolina. Go catch them all!

Pokemon Go Where to Play in Raleigh, NC

Pokemon GO has swept the country and only continues to grow. Pokemon Go is a game in which players must walk around and capture Pokemon. The game is playe using the gps in your phone and you physically have to move to find Pokemon. This game can be played anywhere in the United States but it is particularly interesting in Raleigh, NC. 

Allegiant I am Brave  Snapchat Lens 

Many movies have used snapchat to market their release. The most recent movie to do so is the movie allegiant. This isn’t just any allegiant. It is part two of the movie. Below you will find a description of the allegiant part 2 I am brace snapchat lens. 

Allegiant Snapchat Lens 

The allegiant I am bra be snapchat lens offers users some cool features. The lens can be switched to represent one of the five factions. When you raise you’re eyebrows the theme will change depending on the faction being represented. The first faction represented is dauntless. This lens gives you dark eye liner and lipstick. Give this lens a try and tell me what you think. 

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What Breed of Dog is Duke In The Secret Life Of Pets?

In the recent movie “the secret life of pets” we humans get a look into the secret lives of our pets. It turns out they get into a lot of trouble while we are away. 

In the movie there are a number of different breeds of dogs; some of them may not be well known. There are a number of characters who’s breed can be questioned. 

What Type of Dog is Duke and Gidget in the Movie The Secret Life Of Pets?

In the movie the secret life of pets, there are a few characters who’s breed is obvious while others are questionable. Max is probably a Jack Russell terrier. The breed of Duke and Gidget can be questioned. Based on some research I have narrowed the breed of Gidget down to being a Pomeranian. I believe that the breed of Duke from the secret life of pets is most questioned. I cannot say for certain what type of dog Duke is. However I have narrowed it down to a Briard. This breed looks just like Duke. If you have any questions or corrections please comment below!