All of The DJ Khaled Snapchat Filters

All the dj khaled filters DJ Khaled has become one of the most popular snapchat users in history. Using his account and his creativity Khaled has amassed a huge following of over two million followers. These followers are not ghost followers either. These two million followers are extremely active. Khaled receives over two million views on ever segment of every story he posts. His active followers are a result of his amazing ability to entertain. DJ Khaled is extremely good at holding an audiences attention with his motivational talks. He calls his motivational talks the “keys to success”. Over the months he has continued to come up with these motivational sayings. Some people have actually put some of his wisdom into practice and benefited off of it. He preaches hard work and appreciation for everything.

Khaled has also benefited from his pep talks on snapchat. He has been charging businesses for promotional mentions in his snapchat stories. Whenever he mentions any of the brands he promotes he receives around $60,000. That is somewhere around two cents a view if you do the math. Khaled has created a huge marketing platform that he will continue to benefit from as long as he can maintain an active audience. Snapchat has also seen the power of Khaled and they have created filters with him as the centerpiece. Below you will find a collection of all the filters that contain a reference to Khaled or promote Khaled and his promotional talks.

All the DJ Khaled Snapchat Filters

Here is a complete collection of all of the snapchat filters that DJ Khaled has been a part of in the past couple of months. Ranging from public filters available to everyone, to filters that are only available to the DJ himself.

DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Snapchat Filter

How to get the dj Khaled ride wit me filterThe DJ Khaled ride wit me filter is the most common filter you will see DJ Khaled use in his snapchat story as he tours the country. This is one of the filters that has not been made available for the public to use for themselves. The filter was made as a promotion for his road trip. He has been referring to his tour as the journey to more success; and he could not be more correct about that. His tour is going to make him a lot of money both with his performances as well as his tour bus talks, where he will be promoting products and businesses along the way. The filter features DJ Khaled standing on a cartoon representation of his tour bus in the bottom right hand corner of the filter. Above the bus as well as across the top of the filter there is red bold text that reads: “Ride wit me through the journey of more success”

How to Get The DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Filter on Snapchat 

This filter is not available to the public. It was created by snapchat for use by DJ Khaled only. It is a promotion for his tour bus ride around the country and the snapchat pep talks that Khaled posts daily for his two million plus followers to view.

DJ Khaled Bless Up New Years Las Vegas Filter on Snapchat

DJ Khaled Bless Up New Years FIlter on Snapchat The DJ Khaled bless up new years filter was a filter that received limited use due to its specific time and location. The filter was a promotion fo DJ Khald’s arrival to Las Vegas, which was the first stop on DJ Khaled’s tour. He arrived in Las Vegas after a 37 hour bus ride from Miami, Florida. The Filter was only used a few times which leads me to believe that the filter was removed from DJ Khaled’s options after new years eve. The DJ Khaled bless up filter is very elaborate. It features DJ Khaled’s lion statue as well as some landmarks of the town of Las Vegas in the bottom of the filter. Brightly colored just like sin city itself. DJ Khaled’s cartoon representation is standing on top of a hill in the background holding a key and pointing toward you. At the top of the filter there is bold yellow text that reads “Bless up” with headphones winding through the letters. Below the bold yellow text there is some small pink text that says: “Happy New Year”. There is also a small key that represents DJ Khaled’s keys to success between the words bless and up.

How to Get The DJ Khaled Bless Up New Years Filter On Snapchat  

The DJ Khaled bless up new years snapchat filter was never made public. The filter was one of those that was only made available to Khaled. It was a promotion of his arrival to Las Vegas and the arrival of the new year 2016.  It is no longer available to DJ Khaled either due to the time sensitive content of the filter.

DJ Khaled Another One Christmas Filter

Snapchat Filters - DJ Khaled Another One Christmas 2015 FilterThe DJ Khaled another one Christmas filter was one of the most popular filters in 2015. The filter contained many pop culture icons from 2015. The filter was available at random times throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The DJ Khaled Christmas filter features DJ Khaled wearing a santa hat while holding up one finger which represents his famous saying; “Another One” To see what all of the reindeer in the filter represent CLICK 

More Filters That Feature DJ Khaled 

I am sure that more and more filters will feature DJ Khaled. Snapchat will continue to promote DJ Khaled as long as he can maintain his massive following on snapchat and keep them from getting board. He is making a killing from promoting brands that pay. Check back here for information about all the snapchat filters and general snapchat everything. Add me on snapchat by scanning my snapcode at the top of the post for news about snapchat updates and tips.

Happy Snapping!