Altitude Snapchat Filter – How To Change From Feet To Meters

Snapchat filters continue to increase the amount of information contained in a snap. Snapchat users have the option to add their location, the time, speed, and even temperature. Now there is a snapchat filter that shows the altitude the snap was taken at.

Altitude Snapchat Filter

The altitude snapchat filter is a cool new addition to the snapchat filter family. The lens allows the snapper to apply their altitude to their snap. The filter can be altered to feet, meters, and even an analog display. To see these three different displays scroll to the bottom of this post. Below you will find out how to get the altitude snapchat filter along with instructions on how to change the display and units from feet to meters.

How To Get The Altitide Snapchat Filter

If you are trying to get the altitude snapchat filter for your snapchat story or post there are two things you need to check. First make sure that your data is turned on. Second make sure that you have the most up to date version of snapchat. If your phone does not support the most up to date version of snapchat you may not be able to use the altitude snapchat filter. 

How to Change From Feet To Meters on The Altitide Snapchat Filter

When applying the altitude snapchat filter to your posts you have a few different displays to choose from. Some displays offer your altitude in feet and some show you how high you are in meters. When you initially apply the altitude filter it will look like this: 

To change the altitude filter from feet to meters you tap the center of the screen and it would look like this. 

With each tap you will get a different display. Below you will find another display from the altitude snapchat filter.

Happy Snapping!

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