American Horror Story Season 7 Premier Date – AHS Season 7 Theme on FX

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When it comes to television shows that make you think and also give you a little thrill, there are none better than American Horror Story. American Horror Story is a show that releases a new season every year. Each new season has a different theme. Past themes include Freak Show, Haunted House, Hotel, Coven, Asylum, and My Roanoke Nightmare. These each season has its own story and conflicts and fans simply cannot get enough.

Fans of American Horror Story (AHS) have enjoyed six seasons over the past five years. Each season has gotten more interesting. The most recent season of AHS is My Roanoke nightmare. In this season a family moves to the east cost and finds a beautiful abandoned house that is for sale. After purchasing the house, many strange things begin to happen in the house and on the surrounding property. This was season six, now fans are looking forward to season seven of AHS. Season seven has already been confirmed. This means that fans are guaranteed to get a seventh season of AHS. This is big news for fans but brings up two big questions. Question one is “What will be the theme of AHS season 7?” This question has always been very prominent with the releases of new seasons of American Horror Story. The second question is “What is the premier date of American Horror Story Season 7?”In this article I will Discuss possible themes for AHS season 7 along with an approximate premier date for season seven.

What is The Theme of American Horror Story Season 7?

Themes for different seasons of american horror story have ranged from Hotel, to Freak Show. When season six of AHS was released the trailer mislead fans into thinking that the theme was a number of different things. When the theme of season six was released, you could see that some of the trailers were not even related. In order to determine the Theme of AHS season seven, we have to look for the release of the official trailer. Possible themes for season seven could be almost anything. If you have any ideas for themes for season seven of american horror story, please comment them below.

What is The AHS Season 7 Premier Date

American Horror story aires on FX on Wednesday nights.  It has been officially stated by the producers of American Horror Story, that season seven will premier in 2017. Based on previous premier dates of AHS, it is looking like season seven will premier in September of 2017. Hopefully season six of AHS will be released on Netflix before season seven premiers on FX. This would allow for fans to catch up on some episodes from season six before they start season seven of AHS. Comment below if you are ready for AHS season seven.