Whitewater Rafting the Nantahala River in August


The Nantahala river is a scenic whitewater run that is full of great views and also offers some thrills. Nantahala is a Cherokee word which means land of the noon day sun. the river is called Nantahala because of the steep walls of the gorge. The walls are so steep that some parts of the river only get direct sunlight for the middle part of the day. The Nantahala river is a relatively short river that runs from Lake Nantahala to Lake Fontana. The section that is actually rafted is on the last eight miles of the run. The sections above the commercially rafted section are popular fly fishing spots. There are also scheduled releases for whitewater kayakers who want some class IV-V thrills. The section that is commercially rafted is only class II with one class III at the very end of the run. The water is below fifty degrees year round due to the fact that it is sucked from the bottom of the four hundred foot deep Lake Nantahala.

What to Expect in August 

In the month of August, whitewater rafting on the Nantahala river is fun and exciting. You will enjoy gentle class II rapids that wind through a scenic gorge. The water is crystal clear and you will be able to see trout swimming beneath your raft. The river is not nearly as busy as it is in July but there will still be people wanting to get their last few runs of the summer in. You may run into some crowds on the river during the weekend but if you make your run during the week your trip should be pretty quiet. Some differences you can find rafting in August as apposed to other summer months is that there are more rain showers this time of year. Also the prices that outfitters charge is a little bit lower due to the fact that the tourism starts to die down around this time of year and the demand to get on the river is much lower. The air temperatures this time of year are just as warm if not warmer than the months of June and July. 

Lodging Around Nantahala In August

When searching for lodging in the mountains of western North Carolina you have a few different options. If you want to stay in a rental cabin, there are hundreds of options within range of the Nantahala gorge. The area surrounding Nantahala is full of very beautiful cabins to suit any desire or price range. Another great option is camping there are plenty of campgrounds to choose from that are inside the gorge and just outside of it. Each campground offers a different camping experience. The weather in august is great for camping in the mountains of western North Carolina. 

Basics to Ranking in Google Search

If you want to rank well in Google search it is very important to make certain that your content is unique, fresh, and relevant. Your content needs to fill a niche that has not yet been filled. Find a search keyword or phrase that doesn’t have many results. To see how many results there are for a keyword or phrase you just put quotation marks around the keyword or phrase in the google search bar. So say you want to see the results for: Jacksonville boats. You would type in: “Jacksonville boats”. By doing this you are only seeing results that contain that specific keyword or phrase. In normal Google search there are results that are paying extra to rank higher as well as results with the words of the key phrase jumbled. When you put the quotation marks around the phrase, only search results that have the exact phrase will be displayed. If there are less than two pages of results that means that you can fill that niche with content. Jacksonville boats is pretty full, I’ll go ahead and tell you. When you are posting unique material that is filling a niche you are guaranteed to rank well for that content.
Another deciding factor in where you rank is the diversity of media and length of content within the resource being created. If you want to rank well in google search you need to provide a resource that is full of relevant information. If you can post content with at least seven hundred words you will rank well if you are filling a new niche. If you want to rank well for a keyword or phrase that already has a lot of content that matches it, you will need to increase the amount of content being posted. For the most popular keywords I would say around fifteen thousand would be a good benchmark. On top of having a solid amount of content, you will want to include different types of media that are unique to your website. Include videos, images, vines, and GIFs. Be sure that these media files are unique and have never been seen online before.
Another way to rank well on Google is to fill the niche as fast as possible. If an a new product hits the market, or something happens in the news, you can take advantage of the opportunity by being one of the first posts on google about whatever it is that is new. If you can be the first post about something and your content is lengthy, relevant, and contains diverse media, you are guaranteed to rank well for that keyword or phrase.

Pinterest Buyable Pins Allow Merchants to Sell on Pinterest

Image result for shopify pinterest

Pinterest now allows merchant’s products to be displayed on pinterest as pins. Pinterest users can now buy merchant’s items directly from the merchant from their pin. Pinterest users can upload their debit or credit card information to their account as well as their shipping address. This allows users to purchase items displayed as a pin extremely quickly. The addition of buyable pins will be a great marketing tool for companies. This addition will be especially effective for companies who sell products that are attractive to females ages fourteen to twenty nine, because this is the largest demographic that uses pinterest. Their products will be one click away from being purchased by millions of users of pinterest. The buyable pins will be able to be treated just like any other pin on pinterest. Users can pin items to boards and share them with friends. This ability will allow users to create boards called “birthday wishlist” and pin items that they really want. Then their friends can look at the board and see what they could get them for their birthday. I know from speaking with some users that they can be frustrated because they see something on pinterest that they are extremely interested in but can not find the item anywhere. This will make it easier for users to find select items that they see on pinterest, because the item will have the option to be purchased on pinterest. Right now there are not many merchants that are set up with buyable pins on pinterest, but in the near future there will be plenty of merchants that begin to add their items to the pinterest shop. There will be larger brands such as Target or Michael’s that will get their foot in the door for this great marketing tool. For companies to be able to create buyable pins to put on pinterest they must first be own a shopify.com store. Basically all the buyable pin is, is a shortcut to purchasing an item from a company with a shopify online store. So it is just a shortcut to purchase the items you find on pinterest.

Zello Instant Talking App For iPhone

Image result for zelloThe Zello mobile app is a communication tool that is extremely similar to the old Nextel cell phones. It is an instant talking service that allows you to use your phone in the same way that you would use a walkie-talkie. First of all downloading this app has been more difficult than it should for some people. Some people misspell the name of the app and spell it “zellow”. When you search “zellow” on the app store, the only result you will get is zillow. Zillow is an app that allows you to search for property and homes. So make sure that when you type it into the app store you spell it correctly. Zello offers a simple and effective way to use your iPhone as a walkie-talkie. 

When you first open the app you will have to create your account with zello. They will ask for your desired username and password as well as your email. Once you have completed these you will be prompted with a screen where you will add more information to your account. You can add a profile picture and any other information you want related to your profile.
Once you have filled out your profile you will be sent to a screen where you will test your microphone. You will call a contact called “Echo”. It is called echo because when you talk to it, it just plays whatever you say back to you. So basically you are the sender and the recipient. To talk you hold down the large circular button in the center of the screen until you hear it beep. When you hear the beep you can begin speaking. Once you have said everything you need to say, just release the button and wait for it to be played back. If the quality of the audio sounds good you know that your microphone is working. If not, get a new phone.
Once you have verified that your microphone is worked, and messed around talking to echo, you can add contacts to begin talking to whomever. To add contacts, tap the arrow in the top left corner of the screen. Then tap the same area with the three horizontal lines. This will bring you to your dashboard. Then tap on contacts, then tap “add a contact” at the bottom of the screen. There are three ways you can add people to talk to on zello. The first way is to search their username. This it the most common way. The other two ways to add new contacts are through your phones contacts and by scanning the users QR code.
Once you have added contacts you can talk to them; instantly. To talk to your contacts, just go to your contact list and select which contact you’d like to talk to. Then, just like talking to echo, just tap and hold until you hear the beep then speak. When your contact responds you will hear a beep then whatever they said will be played. Their message will be played even if your phone is asleep.
If you do not want to receive messages for whatever reason you can disable the notifications by going to your  dashboard and tapping on your status. You have the option of changing your status on zello to : Available, Solo, Busy, or Offline. Available allows anyone to send you messages and you can hear the messages when your phone is asleep. Solo means you can receive live messages from selected contacts only the rest are saved for later. Busy means that you will receive visual notifications and you will be able to listen to them later. Offline means that you will receive notifications on your lock screen and you can play them back later.
This app is pretty neat and is a must try for anyone who likes a quick way to talk with friends. This app is also similar to walkie-talkies which can be fun to mess around with. Go try it out and find out for yourself.

Some Things to Consider Before Applying for a Home Loan

A home loan, for most, is the largest financial investment in their lives. People spend a large part of their life paying off their home. It is important to understand the process of applying for a home loan and have the proper financial housekeeping taken care of before you begin the process. This article will discuss the items that the lender will be interested in before approving your home loan application.

We will start with credit related items that you will need and how to make them look good before you apply for the home loan. The first item you will want to get is your credit report. Be sure that you get a report from all three major credit bureaus. Check over the information and make sure that there are no errors in the report. If there are discrepancies in the report it could cause your rates to be much higher than they should. Forty percent of credit reports are faulty; so be sure that you check over them. Not checking over them can cause you to spend money that doesn’t need to be spent.

You will also want to check on your credit standing. Make sure that you have little or no credit card balance and be sure that you take care of any outstanding bills before you apply for the mortgage. If the lender sees that you have debt piling up they will be hesitant to loan you money. It would be like a friend that has borrowed money from people and failed to pay them back, asking you for money. Would you do give them the money? Probably not.

The number of credit accounts that a borrower has can also affect the loan that you get. Make sure that you do not open or close any accounts prior to applying for the loan. When you are constantly making changes to credit accounts it could look like you are trying to hide some bad financial decisions from the lender. These actions will look suspicious to the lender and could cause them to deny a loan application.

Now that all of the credit related items are accounted for you are going to want to look into the financial process that is part of the mortgage plan. These financial parts of the loan application process include income, interest, funds, and price ranges.

A steady source of income is also a must when applying for a home loan. Banks look for an income that can support the payments of the mortgage. If you are making $30,000 a year and are looking for a $900,000 loan, that is more than likely out of the ball park. A loan of $100,000 is a more realistic option. Lenders will be a lot more likely to give you a mortgage if you are clearly able to afford the payments.

You must also consider interest rates when applying for a home loan. A higher interest rate will mean you are being charged more per dollar borrowed per year than if the interest rate was lower. A lender’s interest rates could rise before the loan application is reviewed and approved. This means that you could apply while the interest rate is 4.297%, but by the time you are approved it could rise up to 4.341%. This change will lead to larger payments and an all around larger amount of money spent that could be saved.  It is really impossible to predict changes in the interest rate. If you find a favorable rate and wish to maintain that rate throughout the entire review process, you can pay a lock in fee which will save the favorable rate.

You must also prove to the lender that you have the money to cover closing costs and other costs that will come with the purchasing process. Be sure that you do not spend a large amount of money, that could deplete the amount of money you have on hand, prior to applying for the loan. You will want to have money set aside on top of the down payment that will cover these costs.

Make sure that the house that you have your eyes on is in your price range. You must check to make sure that you will be able to afford the payments on the mortgage. You will have to figure out your debt to income ratio (DTI) which is the percentage of your income that is put toward paying off debts. If the percentage put towards paying off debts is less than the payments of your mortgage your loan application will be denied.

Last, but not least, do some research on the lender to see how many applications they approve, and how many they deny. Find out the total percentage of applications that are approved by the lenders. If the total percentage of applications that are approved is less than fifty percent try to shop around and find a lender that has an approval rate higher than fifty percent.

Buzz Feed and IHeartRadio On Snapchat Discover

The Snapchat discover page is a place where Snapchat has gathered sponsored content and put it all in one place on the app. This sponsored content is the main way that Snapchat is making money. Companies pay to have their content sponsored in the Snapchat discovery page. In a recent update, Snapchat has moved the Sponsored content to the stories page on the app. This increases the money Snapchat can charge to promote the content. The content is from companies such as People Magazine, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, CNN, and Vice. In the most recent update however, there have been two new content providers added to the discover page of Snapchat. Buzz Feed and iHeart Radio are the newest members of the Snapchat discover page.

The Buzz Feed section of the discover page is filled with just random information and facts. It is full of fun graphics that are colorful and eye catching. It Is very similar to the Buzz Feed website, but in a magazine format. I have spoken with many younger users who are actually interested in using this feature on discover because of the addition of Buzz Feed. The other recent addition to the discover page is the iHeart Radio section. This section is full of everything having to do with the music world. With information regarding the upcoming iHeart Music Awards, as well as giving you the latest scoop on any events in the music world. I have found that with these recent additions, I have been finding myself spending more time in the discover section of Snapchat. The random facts and information provided in the new sections have added a lot of new information to the app. These new additions will fit in with Snapchat’s users, which are usually a younger demographic. Check out these new additions and see what is going on in the music world and what random information you can find out about on Buzz Feed.

North Carolina Vs. South Carolina College Football 2015

If you are a Carolina football fan, north or south, you will want to be in Bank of America Stadium on September 3rd, 2015. The University of South Carolina and the University of North Carolina (UNC) will face off on a neutral playing field this fall to kick of the 2015-2016 NCAA college football season. It is going to be an interesting match up this year. UNC quarterback Marquise Williams will be entering his senior season with 4983 career passing yards. He will be looking to lead the Tar Heels to an ACC Championship Game this year. South Carolina, however, will be starting quarterback Connor Mitch who has not started a game yet. It will be interesting to see how he preforms on the big stage. This game will feature two different playing styles. UNC runs one of the fastest offenses in college football. UNC averages 72.3 plays per game. South Carolina is a more traditional power running football team. South Carolina running back Mike Davis will have a big game against the Tar Heels. His power will be difficult for the weak UNC defense to stop. UNC does have a new defensive coordinator with a history of success at Auburn, Gene Chizik will be attempting to revamp the UNC defense this season. It will be interesting to see which style comes out on top in this match up, Speed or Power. In the last match up power triumphed and I believe that it will likely repeat. The final score of the last match up was a South Carolina victory 27-10. The South Carolina team this year is not the same team that was on the field two years ago. But the traditional power style of play is still preached by coach Spurrior at South Carolina. This will be a must watch for any college football fans.
As a fan of the Tar Heels I believe this game should be a regularly scheduled rivalry game. I have spoken with fans of South Carolina and they agree; that a annual rivalry game between the two Carolinas would be a great rivalry. A home and home between UNC and South Carolina would generate tons of revenue for the universities and more than likely turn into a rivalry as great as South Carolina Vs. Clemson, or North Carolina Vs. either Duke or North Carolina State.
The game between UNC and South Carolina will take place at six pm on Thursday, Sept. 3rd 2015. It will be one of the first division one match ups of the season. Tickets to this game are going to be expensive. Fans of both programs are going to be clawing at the gates to get into this game. Tickets to this game will cost at least one hundred dollars. So if you want to see it live be ready to pay a little more than usual. The game will be broadcasted on ESPN so if you cannot find your way into Bank of America stadium on Sept. 3rd, it will not be difficult to watch the game at a sports bar, restaurant, or at home.  

How to Create Content That Ranks Front Page Organically on Google

What does it mean to rank organically in Google Search? Ranking organically is ranking without the use of paid ads or other catalysts that take the hard work out of ranking in an Google search. Ranking organically is the best way to rank your content. If you use other methods of improving your rank in search there is a chance that Google will not approve of the methods used and they will punish your site by taking it off of the front page and ranking it somewhere pretty much worthless. To avoid this fate it will be to your advantage to put in the work required to get to the front page and avoid using alternative methods.

Ranking organically takes hard work that may or may not pay off with a ranking on the front page. The best way to do it is to create a resource that is unique and fills a niche that is not yet filled. This means that you need to create unique content that the search engine has never seen before. Google’s algorithm is constantly crawling the web in search of new content to expand and improve their search results. New content can include images that have not been posted before, anywhere on the internet, content that is new to the internet, and new videos that have just been posted. Combining all of these elements will make your content rank much higher. To create a resource that contains all of these elements will require a little extra work. You need to create images and videos that are unique to your resource. Also, you need to create unique content. This means that you have to write the content on your own. Copy and paste will not suffice. You will also need a lot of words in your content to get the best ranking on Google possible. I have found that a minimum of seven hundred words is necessary to achieve a higher ranking.

To rank in Google search, you have to have a search keyword that you would like to appear for. To rank for a specific keyword, or key phrase, you have to mention the word or phrase as many times as possible in your resource. You should also have they word or phrase mentioned in the title of your content. When you mention keywords in your content it shows Google that the content is about whatever your keyword is. Combine that with a unique lengthy post and you are sure to improve your rank in Google search.

Another helpful tip I have to share is intended for those who have just started their resource and are looking to rank front page in Google search for keywords as fast as possible. My tip to you is that you should focus on very specific key phrases that contain keywords that you are interested in ranking front page for in the future. So say you want to rank front page for “Pet shop Chicago” The first thing you are going to want to do is create content titled “Pet Shop Chicago – What to Feed my Dog in the Winter”. It is important to make the title very specific. This will show google that you are posting content that is unique and it will be more likely to rank front page on Google. If you keep posting specific titles with the keyword “Pet Shop Chicago” you will eventually gain Google’s trust and rank front page for that keyword.

How to Facetime on Snapchat – Helpful Tips


Image result for snapchat logoIn an update a little over a year ago, in one of the biggest Snapchat updates. The ability to facetime was added to the Snapchat app. This feature allows users to facetime with other snappers that are also using the app. When the update was first made public, many snappers had trouble figuring out how to facetime on Snapchat. It seems a little complicated when you first try it but it once you’ve done it a few times it is extremely simple. To facetime on Snapchat, both participants must be on each others messaging page. You can tell they are on the messaging page as you when the bottom right gallery button turns from yellow to blue.

This button usually allows you to send pictures from your gallery in the Snapchat messenger. When this gallery button turns blue that means that you and the person you are messaging are both on the same screen. When this happens you can hold down the blue button which will start the facetime feature. When you press and hold the button you it will first display a circle containing the view of your front facing camera. As soon as you hold down the blue button the view from your camera will replace the messages on the other users screen. There will be no audio until the other member presses and holds the blue button. Once the other user presses and holds the blue button on their screen. The messages on your screen will be replaced by the view from their front facing camera. The facetime will end when either one of the participants leaves the message page, or both participants remove their finger.
Congratulations, you are now Snapchat facetiming. There are a few little tricks you can do once you have initiated the facetime with your friend. The first one I am going to mention is flipping the camera. To switch between your front facing camera and your regular camera, you have just have to slide your finger to the top half of the screen this will flip the camera from front facing, to normal. To switch it back, you just slide your finger back to the bottom half of the screen. It can be kind of tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be intuitive. The second little tip I’m going to give you is how to lock the facetime so that you do not have to hold your finger down the whole time you are facetiming. To lock the facetime just slide your finger to either the very top of your screen, or the very bottom of your screen, your circle with the view of your camera will follow your finger to either the top or the bottom. Then just hold your finger, with the circle following it, at the top or bottom of the screen. When you do this a transparent lock symbol will appear. When it does slide your circle to the symbol; this will lock it in place so that you don’t have to hold it there the whole time. This helps greatly if you are sharing live video for an extended period of time.


How to Add a Selfie to Customize Your Snap Code

Image result for snapchatThe July 2015 update for Snapchat had plenty of new additions to the app including: one tap story viewing, and a new snap code option. The new snap code option allows snappers to add a series of selfies that form a GIF. This GIF is then played in the center of your snap code. It is also what is seen by other snappers when you add them. It is pretty much just a profile picture for your Snapchat account. If you do not customize your snap code a random image of the Snapchat ghost with a random facial expression will display instead of your selfie GIF. Customizing your snap code is extremely easy and fun. So don’t be boring, follow the steps below to customize your snap code. It doesn’t take any time at all. 

The process of customizing your snap code by adding selfies is actually incredibly simple. First you are going to want to open the Snapchat app. Next you will be sent to the camera page of the app by default. There will be a ghost symbol at the top of the page in the center.

Tap the ghost at the top center of the screen, Or just swipe from top to bottom across the screen. You will be presented with this screen:
Your snap code is the yellow box above your username. Your snap code can be snapped by other snappers and it automatically adds you to their friends.  To customize your snap code with a selfie, simply tap on your snap code. When you tap on your snap code it will blow up and the white ghost will turn into your viewfinder for capturing your selfies.

To capture the selfies you just tap the circle underneath your code. The selfies will be captured in a burst of four pictures with a few seconds in between so that you can make another funny face or just adjust. Before the pictures are taken it will say, Ready, Set, Go. After the pictures are taken, they are turned into a GIF and will play in the silhouette  of the ghost. When you request to add people they will be able to see your selfie GIF. If you want to erase your customized snap code and return it to the default white ghost, just tap on your code again and tap the top left button that looks like a ghost with an arrow rotating counter clockwise around it.