Snapchat Lenses – Love Overdose Valentines Day Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Love Overdose Valentines Day Snapchat LensSnapchat is not only releasing filters to celebrate Valentines Day, but also lenses. Snapchat released a valentines day filter a earlier today called the be my galentine filter. Along with the new filter  the collection of lenses available to animate your selfies have also been updated. In this update, toward the end of the collection, you will find the Love Overdose lens. I have been talking to some other snapchat experts and they believe that this lens was specifically created for the Valentines Day weekend. The idea behind this lens is that snapchat users would be able to send their special someone a scan of their brain. This will be further explained in the lens overview below.

Love Overdose Valentines Day Snapchat Lens Overview

The love overdose valentines day snapchat lens was a great idea. This lens allows snapchat users to spend that special someone a virtual scan of their brain. The lens begins as just a transparent grid that covers the entire screen. Then, once the lens is activated (by opening your mouth), a blue scanner slides down across the grid and the grid turns to a kind of negative blue filter. The lens than targets your head with a cyborg style, digital, targeting system and an animated brain appears on your forehead. Inside the brain there is a heard that represents the “love overdose.” at the bottom of the filter there is a digital scanner style text box that reads “love overdose danger.” Below that digital text there is another little line of digital style text that reads “Venice Beach, CA 90291,” this is the address of the snapchat headquarters. In the same text box there is some smaller text that reads “secret lab brain scan.” All of this text adds to the theme of a secret brain scanning facility that is scanning love overdoses on Valentines Day weekend. Give this lens a try and see if you are experiencing a love overdose this Valentines Day.

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Snapchat Filters – Be My Galentine Valentines Day Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Be My Galentine Valentines Day Snapchat Filter The first of the Valentines Day snapchat filters has just been released. The filter is not sponsored by any brands and does not have the sponsored brand in the bottom right hand corner of the filter. This leads me to believe that the filter is solely for the purpose of entertaining snapchat users this Valentines Day weekend. If that is the case it will do just that. This Valentines day, snapchat filters will be sent to million and millions of snapchat users.  Some will likely send out personalized snapchat filters as apposed to physical Valentines Day cards this year. Below you will find an overview of the first Valentines Day snapchat filter of 2016.

Be My Galentine Valentines Day Snapchat Filter Overview

The be my galentine snapchat filter is the first Valentines Day snapchat filter to be released in 2016. This filter is similar to the New Years snapchat filter from January first. The differences in the filter are the fact that the contents are on the bottom of the filter as apposed to the top of the filter. The other difference is that it contains a lot more little pieces than the New Years snapchat filter. This filter consists of small pink and purple hearts, balloons, bows and flowers. All of these items are clustered together in the bottom of the filter around some text that reads “be my galentine.” The font of the text is hard to read because it is pink and white striped which is the same color as all the little balloons and such scattered around the text. The font sort of blends into the cluttered items. The text reads “be my galentine” because this filter is intended to be sent to a female valentine and the slang term “gal” is inserted into the word “Valentine” where the val is located. This filter will likely be sent to thousands of girls throughout the weekend and maybe even some guys as a joke. Go check this filter out by swiping to either the left or right after you take a selfie on snapchat.

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be my galentine snapchat filter

Snapchat Lenses – Skittles Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat


Snapchat has begun selling another form of marketing to business brands. This form of marketing involves the snapchat users even more by allowing them to create interactive selfies using snapchat geolenses. Businesses pay snapchat to create sponsored geolenses to promote business’ products. This geolens is sponsored by skittles. This lens brings back the theme of some of the previous television commercials that have aired over the passed few years. This geolens is interactive just as almost all of the snapchat lenses are. Below you will find a description of the lens visually and how to operate the lens.

Skittles Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat Overview

The skittles geolens is a reference to the skittles commercials that have aired on television in the past few years. The lens brings in the concept of the skittles slogan which is “taste the rainbow.” The slogan is incorporated by the rainbow of skittles that arches down from the upper left corner then back up to the upper right corner of the lens. The background of the lens is a faded sky scene with a blue sky showing through some white fluffy clouds. In the center of the background there is a round area that is completely transparent which is where your face shows through. In the bottom of left hand corner of the lens you will find the skittles logo. To activate the lens you simply open your mouth. Once activated skittles will rain from the top of the lens and cover your face to create a smiley face that winks. The skittles face is a reference to the skittles super bowl commercial featuring Steven Tyler.

How to Use The Skittles Geolens on Snapchat 

To use this lens you will first need to open the front facing camera on the snapchat app. Next you will hold your finger on your face on the screen. This will allow snapchat to scan your facial features so it knows where your face is and when you activate the lens. Next you will choose the skittles lens from the bottom list of lenses. It will be the second lens in the series. Once you select the lens all you have to do is open your mouth to activate the lens. To capture a picture just tap the circular icon in the bottom center of the screen. To record a video you simply hold the icon as apposed to tapping it. Once you create your selfie you will be able to send it to friends or add it to your story.

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Snapchat Lenses – Hollister California Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat

Snapchat Lenses - Hollister California Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat Sponsored Geolenses are the new big thing on the snapchat mobile app. These lenses are specifically created to promote a business or brand. In this filter’s case the brand being marketed is Hollister California. This brand is very popular with the younger demographic which is a big reason why they targeted snapchat users. Snapchat users tend to be a younger demographic which plays right into the marketing plan of Hollister California. Hollister had to pay snapchat to create this filter but it is a brilliant marketing technique. Other brands that are targeting a younger demographic may also begin development of their own snapchat geolens in order to increase interest in their product.


 Hollister California Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat Overview

The Hollister California sponsored geolens is pretty cool. When you use this lens it will start out as a gray tinted filter with palm leaves blowing in the wind at the top of the filter. In the bottom left hand corner of the geolens you will find a white Hollister California logo. In order to start the interactive animation of the filter just open your mouth and raise your eyebrows. This will “start the party.” The gray background will transform into a colorful scene and sunglasses will fall onto your face. In the reflection of the sunglasses lenses you will see a rough outline of a stage. In addition to the lively colors and sunglasses, you will see the bird from the Hollister logo flying back and forth across the top of the lens.

How to Apply The Geolens

To apply a geolens to your selfies you will follow these simple steps. First you will need to open the snapchat front facing camera. Next you will hold either your thumb or finger on your face on the screen. This will allow snapchat to scan your face and locate your facial features. Once the scan is done you will be able to choose from a number of lenses at the bottom of the screen. The Hollister filter is currently the first lens that you will see in the group of lenses. Try it out and have some fun.

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Snapchat Lenses – Business Minded Geolenses Make Their Debut on Snapchat

FullSizeRender (25)Snapchat Sponsored Geolenses

Snapchat lenses have undergone some changes recently. One of these changes involves the removal of lenses that users had to purchase. Some snapchat experts thought that this was the precursor to an up and coming major update. The experts’ suspicions were incorrect. It has been three weeks since the lenses were removed and we have yet to see a major update. The other change to the snapchat lenses was the addition of sponsored geolenses. These lenses are similar to the regular lenses in the light that they have the same basic functions; however, they are a promotional tool purchased by companies to get their brand under the spotlight of one of the most popular social media platforms currently available. So far companies such as Hollister and Skittles have created geolenses but I believe that other businesses that target the younger demographics will begin purchasing sponsored geolenses in the near future.

Geolenses are a much cooler version of geo filters. Geolenses allow snapchat users to make more faces and add cool animations to their selfies. The idea behind the use of geolenses is genius. Brands can pay snapchat to create a geolense that puts their brand under the eyes of millions of potential customers. Sponsored geolenses are only available for a limited time so it will be important for you to get your fix before the filters are removed.

How to Use a Snapchat Geolens on Snapchat 

To apply a sponsored geolense to your selfie you will have to open the snapchat app and open the front facing camera. Next, you will simply hold down your finger or thumb on your face on the screen. This will allow snapchat to know where your face is. Next you will see a geometric shape cover your face on the screen. A number of lens options will become available for you to choose along the bottom of the screen. The first few filters will be the sponsored geolenses. They will be followed by other lenses that will be added and removed as snapchat feels necessary. There are no lenses that are permanent. Eventually every lens will be removed and replaced by a new one. This is great news for those who get bored of the lenses very quickly. To select a lens just scroll to your desired lens then either tap the circle at the bottom to take a picture, or hold the circle button to take a video. You can interact with the filters by following the prompts that appear on the screen. Some react to movement of eyebrows while others react to an open mouth. Check out some Geolenses and let me know what you think of them.

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Snapchat Filters – Love Myself How To Be Single Snapchat Filter

On February 11th another sponsored filter was released in order to promote a movie. Many movies have been using snapchat too promote movie releases. This time the movie being promoted is How to be Single. This is the third movie this week to be promoted by a sponsored filter on snapchat. This movie is already playing so technically this isn’t a release promotion. But the filter is promoting a movie that was just recently released. This movie is about a group of women living single in the big apple. The movie portrays the life of single women in New York. Many have compared this movie to Sex in The City

How to be Single Snapchat Filter Overview 

This filter is very clean. It contains simple fonts as well as some faint aesthetic details. The filter consists of the How to be Single movie logo in the upper right corner. In the bottom center of the filter there are two words that describe “how to be single.” The words read “love myself” this is saying if you can’t love someone else, love yourself. The quote is meant to be sarcastic. In the upper left corner of the filter there is some blue spray paint in a circle. In the bottom right corner there is some blue spray paint that just adds a little accent to the filter.

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Snapchat Filter – What is A Trip to Unicorn Island Snapchat Filter

Snapchat has posted a filter every day for three days now. Today the filter is a sponsored filter. This means the filter was paid for in order to promote something. This time, that something is a trip to unicorn island. A trip to unicorn island is a YouTube series that is being released today, February tenth. This is the first series and movie to be released on YouTube. The show movie will be available to watch on YouTube red which is the paid subscription to YouTube. YouTube red also allows you to listen I videos while using other applications on a mobile device. YouTube red costs $10 a month.

A Trip to Unicorn Island Snapchat Filter Overview

The trip to unicorn island filter is on the basic side of the spectrum. The filter consists of a rainbow that starts in the bottom left corner, and bends off the screen then renters the screen in the top left corner. The rainbow continues across the top of the filter. Also on the top of the filter is some text in gold font that reads “a trip to unicorn island.” The “I” in unicorn is a unicorn horn. There is also a paper airplane flying around the letters of the word “island.” In the bottom of the filter in the center there is a white YouTube red logo. Be sure to check out the trailer for the movie on YouTube today February 10th.

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Snapchat Filters – National Pizza Day Snapchat Filter 

Today is February ninth to some. To others it is national pizza day. National pizza day is a celebration of one of Americas most popular finger foods. There are thousands of different topping combinations for people all over the world to choose from when they order a pizza. Toppings range from cheese to anchovies. There are even pizza buffets that all ow people to fill their stomachs with as much pizza as their heart desires. To honor this celebration of pizza, snapchat released a filter for all of the pizza lovers to use while they enjoy their pizzas.

National Pizza Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The national pizza day snapchat filter is one that may make your friends hungry when they see it. The filter only takes up the bottom third of the screen. The filter consists of a slice of pizza with a number of toppings in the bottom left corner. Surrounding the slice of pizza is some large text in a font that looks like pizza slices. The font reads “National Pizza Day.” This font makes me want a nice hot Clive of cheese pizza. This filter will be used by snapchat users who are celebrating the event. Don’t be surprised if you receive a few snaps of your friends or family enjoying some pizza on national pizza day.

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Snapchat Filters – Safe Internet Day Snapchat Filter 

 Today is safe Internet day. This day is dedicated to promoting safe use of the Internet. Saftey on the Internet has proved to be a problem for younger kids. Parents can protect their kids by monitoring their Internet usage to make sure they aren’t doing anything dangerous. Social media also poses a threat. Cyber bullying is a serious problem in today’s society. It is important to be safe when posting on any social media. It is also important to avoid posting sensitive information online such as credit cards or social security numbers.

Safe Internet Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The safe Internet day filter on snapchat is very cluttered. There are a number of random items in the bottom of the filter. There are a number of snapchat ghosts all doing different activities related to the Internet. One ghost is using a computer mouse, one ghost is using a selfie stick, another has a wifi symbol above his head. Two ghosts are using snapchat on their phone. One of the ghosts using snapcjat is thinking about a lock which represents safety online. In addition to the ghosts there are some balloons, some rainbows, and some rainbow cats. There is also some text that is connected by white lines which reads “Internet safety day.” The white lines represent the connections that are made when using the Internet. Below that text there is some more text in a different font. This text is a URL that will take you to an informational page about using snapchat safely.

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Snapchat Filters – Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter Today, February eighth, is an important day in Chinese culture. Today marks the end of one lunar year and the start of another. The event is known as the Lunar New Year; AKA the Chinese New Year. The lunisolar calendar is the traditional calendar of Chinese culture. Each year is represented by one of twelve zodiac animals. This year is the year of the monkey. If your zodiac symbol is a monkey your character is described as ambitious, adventurous but irritable. To mark the occasion of the new year snapchat created its own filter so that people all over the world can celebrate the fun event. There are likely to be parties all over the world to celebrate the event and this filter will be used to share the memories.

Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter Overview 

The Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter is very well put together. The filter consists of some red and gold, Asian style designs in the top right and bottom left corners. In the top left corner of the filter there is a monkey hanging from a wooden bar by his tail holding a gold hat. The monkey is red and gold with a white face. To the right of the monkey is some elegant gold font that reads “Happy Lunar New Year.” The monkey is a part of the filter because today marks the beginning of the year of the monkey in Chinese tradition. Along with the Chinese New Year Snapchat Filter, there is a live story that documents the celebration all over the world. The cover of the live story contains the same monkey from the filter but he is in a different position. When you watch the live story you will notice the Chinese New Year Filter used by some of the snaps that are featured in the story. Use this filter for yourself and your celebration snap may be used in the live story. To apply the filter just take a picture or video then swipe to the left or right until you get to the Lunar New Year snapchat filter.

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Snapchat Filters - Happy Lunar New Year Snapchat Filter