Ballz Tips and Strategies – Score 1,000 in Ballz

Mobile games continue to become more and more interesting, fun, and unfortunately addictive. Game producers have created a number of mobile games in 2017 that have captivated players young and old around the world. The. It’s popular game to be released in 2017 so far is the game Ballz.
Ballz Tips and Strategies - Score 1,000 in Ballz

How to Play Ballz

Ballz is an arcade style mobile game that is extremely addictive. To play you shoot balls at tiles to eliminate them. After every round the tiles will  move down. The object of the game is to prevent the colored tiles from reaching the bottom of the screen. You will start off with one ball that you can shoot at the tiles. If you shoot the white pulsing circles you will get more balls that you can use to eliminate tiles. Each tile has a number assigned to it. The number represents the number of times that tile must be hit before it is eliminated. There are a few tips that I can offer that will help you get a higher score in the game Ballz; below you will find these tips and strategies.

Ballz Tips and Strategies – How to Score Higher in Ballz

when it comes to strategies to score higher in Ballz you have a few different options. The first strategy that I have to share is to focus on the row of tiles closest to the bottom of the screen first. By this I mean make sure to hit and eliminate tiles that are closest to the bottom first. If you skip the row closest to the bottom and shoot at rows higher up, you will eventually get behind and loose because you won’t have enough balls to eliminate all of the tiles.

The second strategy I have to offer is to try to make every ball hit at least two tiles. If you make sure that every ball hits more than one tile, it will be easier for you to eliminate more tiles faster. In theory, if each ball hits at least two tiles, you will be able to eliminate tiles twice as fast as you could if each ball only hit one tile. When you use this strategy it is important to make sure that you still make sure to hit the tiles in the  row closest to the bottom of the screen first.

Ballz Tips and Strategies - Score 1,000 in Ballz
The third and final strategy I have to offer is to bank your shots off the walls. This will help you because if you bank the balls off the walls, they will spend more time moving around in the playing field. This will allow the balls to cover more surface area and in turn hit more tiles. Banking the balls off the walls will also give the balls a greater chance of becoming pinned between two tiles and bouncing back and forth between the two causing those tiles to be eliminated faster. Using these strategies it is possible to obtain higher scores int the mobile game Ballz. The question is “how high have people scored in Ballz?”

What is The Highest Score in Balls?

I have seen some fairly high scores in Ballz over the past few months. The most common scores are scores of around 100 to 150. However it is not uncommon to see someone score over 500 in Ballz. If you use the tips I have laid out for you here effectively you can expect to see scores of over 1000. The highest score recorded in Ballz is 1,203. If you have scored higher or know of someone who has scored higher comment below to share that score!

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