Basics to Ranking in Google Search

If you want to rank well in Google search it is very important to make certain that your content is unique, fresh, and relevant. Your content needs to fill a niche that has not yet been filled. Find a search keyword or phrase that doesn’t have many results. To see how many results there are for a keyword or phrase you just put quotation marks around the keyword or phrase in the google search bar. So say you want to see the results for: Jacksonville boats. You would type in: “Jacksonville boats”. By doing this you are only seeing results that contain that specific keyword or phrase. In normal Google search there are results that are paying extra to rank higher as well as results with the words of the key phrase jumbled. When you put the quotation marks around the phrase, only search results that have the exact phrase will be displayed. If there are less than two pages of results that means that you can fill that niche with content. Jacksonville boats is pretty full, I’ll go ahead and tell you. When you are posting unique material that is filling a niche you are guaranteed to rank well for that content.
Another deciding factor in where you rank is the diversity of media and length of content within the resource being created. If you want to rank well in google search you need to provide a resource that is full of relevant information. If you can post content with at least seven hundred words you will rank well if you are filling a new niche. If you want to rank well for a keyword or phrase that already has a lot of content that matches it, you will need to increase the amount of content being posted. For the most popular keywords I would say around fifteen thousand would be a good benchmark. On top of having a solid amount of content, you will want to include different types of media that are unique to your website. Include videos, images, vines, and GIFs. Be sure that these media files are unique and have never been seen online before.
Another way to rank well on Google is to fill the niche as fast as possible. If an a new product hits the market, or something happens in the news, you can take advantage of the opportunity by being one of the first posts on google about whatever it is that is new. If you can be the first post about something and your content is lengthy, relevant, and contains diverse media, you are guaranteed to rank well for that keyword or phrase.