Basketball Stars – How To Customize Your Character in Basketball Stars Game

The game basketball stars allows people to face off one on one in a game of basketball. There are two game modes to choose from; Shooting Race and Attacker vs. Defender. Both game modes are extremely fun and the game is very competitive.

How to Customize your character in basketball stars game for iPhone

When you start a game in basketball stars you have the option to practice, play Shooting Race, or play Attacker vs. Defender. Each of these different game modes offers a different style of game. Shooting race gives you a set amount of time to score as many points as you can. Whoever has the most points at the end wins the game and the prize money. In Attacker vs. Defender you play one on one with a defender. First person to ten wins. In practice mode, there is nobody playing against you. You can just shoot all you want with no cash required. The other two game modes require different amounts of cash to play, depending on the amount of prize money the winner receives.

How to Get Gear Bags in Basketball Stars 

Another use for cash, other than playing games, is purchasing clothing and basketballs to customize your character in basketball stars. There are two main ways that basketball stars players can customize their character. The first way is to win a bag by leveling up. When you earn enough xp points by playing and winning games, you will level up and earn a gear bag. You can also purchase a gear bag by clicking on the customize character button then clicking the get more bags button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The gear bags in the basketball stars game cost different amounts depending on what they contain. The basic gear bag costs 9000 cash, the premium gear bag costs six gold, and the VIP gear bag costs eighteen gold. When you purchase or earn a gear bag you will recieve more accessories such as shorts, shirts, basketballs, and socks, to customize your basketball stars character.

How to Customize Your Character in Basketball Stars Game 

To customize your character in basketball stars you will first need to either purchase, or earn a gear bag. Once you get a gear bag you will need to open it to get items. Once you have earned enough items you can begin to customize your character in basketball stars. To start customizing you need to go to the customize character screen by pressing the customize character button. This button is orange and is located at the bottom of the home page. To customize your character you simply choose from the accessories in the different tabs along the right of the screen. You can change skin tone, hair style, facial hair, hair color, shirts, shorts, jewelry, shoes, socks, and even tattoos. Unfortunately there is no way to change your character to a girl in basketball stars. So if you want your character in basketball stars to be a girl you are out of luck.

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