Bicycle Repair Wake Forest North Carolina

Bicycle Repair Wake Forest North Carolina 

Image result for Broken bikeWhen you are riding your bicycle and suddenly something breaks or stops working, what do you do? Most people might try fixing it themselves become frustrated and quit. So then what? The most fool proof thing to do would be to find the local bike shop and talk to a bike mechanic about what is broken or what needs to be worked on. Depending on what has happened you may have to pay a bike mechanic to do the repair, or you might be able to fix it on your own once they have told you what needs to be fixed. If you have to take your bike to the mechanic you will have to decide which mechanic you are going to invest your hard earned money to, in order to repair your bike. Every bike shop in Wake Forest has a mechanic that can repair a bike in need of repair. The difference is the quality of the repair that is done and the prices.There are many different types of repairs that you can have done at a bike shop. Some minor, some major. This article will discuss different bicycle repairs, what they are, and typical costs to have them completed.


A tune up is an overall cleaning and adjustment of your bicycle. The process of a tune up is actually very simple. Most avid bikers can and will tune their own bike if they have the time and correct tools. A tune up usually includes cleaning some of the major components such as the drive chain. It also entails adjusting all the cables, including the brake cables and the shifter cables. Tune-ups in Wake Forest cost around $100

Flat/Bald Tire

A flat or bald tire can lead to loss of traction which can be very hazardous to riders. It is important that you replace bald tires. Flat tires can lead to a damaged wheel and also makes riding difficult. Changing a Tire or a Tube requires to the same process. This is because in order to take the tube out you have to take the tire off anyway. Changing tires requires the correct tools. If you do not use tools made specifically for the job you could damage your wheel. To remove the tire from the wheel you have to use tire levels to remove the lip of the tire from the wheel. Once it is off you can just replace whatever needs to be done. Tire or tube replacements in Wake Forest cost around $10

Wheel Truing 

Wobbly wheels are most commonly caused by a bent wheel. This can be fixed by truing the wheel. Truing a wheel should be done at the first sign of a wobbly wheel. The longer you wait to have the service done, the worse the wobble will get. Also It will shorten the life of your bicycle. Wheel truing in Wake Forest costs around $30. To read more about wheel truing click HERE

Hub Adjustment

axle set
If you feel extra friction on your wheels, or play in your wheels it might be time for a hub adjustment. This is where the mechanic will look into your hubs and make sure the cones are not too tight or too loose. If the wheels are experiencing too much friction the cones are probably too tight. If the wheels are sliding side to side the cones are more than likely too loose. Hub adjustments in Wake Forest cost around $15. More about hub adjustment here

Brake Bleeding

If your bicycle has hydraulic brakes you may eventually need to get your brakes bled. This is needed when you have a leak in your brake lines that allow air to enter the brake fluid. The fluid should be replaced every five thousand miles or so when you have a hydraulic brake system on your bike. Brake bleeding in Wake Forest costs around $40 per wheel. 

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