Blurry Recording Snapchat Filter

There are a wide variety of different Snapchat filters available today. One of the most unique filters is the blurry or fuzzy recording Snapchat filter.

This filter adds a grainy texture to your camera which creates the effect of a blurry recording. The lens also adds a watermark at the bottom of the screen with the time day and Date of the recording. In the bottom right hand corner you will also find the word “play”

This lens creates sort of a paranormal activity type vibe. Give this lens a try and get creative.

How to Get The Blurry Camera Recording Snapchat Filter

To get the blurry camera recording Snapchat filter you must first open up your Snapchat app. Next you must tap and hold on the screen, this will activate the filters. In the list of filters that appear, select the icon that is displayed in the image below. There you go, you now have the blurry camera Snapchat filter.

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