Buzz Feed and IHeartRadio On Snapchat Discover

The Snapchat discover page is a place where Snapchat has gathered sponsored content and put it all in one place on the app. This sponsored content is the main way that Snapchat is making money. Companies pay to have their content sponsored in the Snapchat discovery page. In a recent update, Snapchat has moved the Sponsored content to the stories page on the app. This increases the money Snapchat can charge to promote the content. The content is from companies such as People Magazine, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, CNN, and Vice. In the most recent update however, there have been two new content providers added to the discover page of Snapchat. Buzz Feed and iHeart Radio are the newest members of the Snapchat discover page.

The Buzz Feed section of the discover page is filled with just random information and facts. It is full of fun graphics that are colorful and eye catching. It Is very similar to the Buzz Feed website, but in a magazine format. I have spoken with many younger users who are actually interested in using this feature on discover because of the addition of Buzz Feed. The other recent addition to the discover page is the iHeart Radio section. This section is full of everything having to do with the music world. With information regarding the upcoming iHeart Music Awards, as well as giving you the latest scoop on any events in the music world. I have found that with these recent additions, I have been finding myself spending more time in the discover section of Snapchat. The random facts and information provided in the new sections have added a lot of new information to the app. These new additions will fit in with Snapchat’s users, which are usually a younger demographic. Check out these new additions and see what is going on in the music world and what random information you can find out about on Buzz Feed.

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