Can I Add Other People’s Instagram Story to My Archive?

Can I Add Other People's Instagram Story to My Archive?

Instagram recently released an update allowing its users to archive their Instagram story so that they will always be able to watch it and share it with friends whenever they want. Yes this feature is a copy of the same feature on Snapchat but it does add more functionality to the Instagram story that will be beneficial to Instagram users. If you are looking for instructions on how to use the Instagram story archive check out this helpful article. As this feature rolls out many questions have been asked about the feature’s limitations and abilities. The first question we are going to attempt to answer for you is “can I add other people’s Instagram stories to my archive?

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Can I Add My Friend’s Instagram Stories to My Archive?

The new Instagram archive feature allows you to save your Instagram story in a private place where you can either review the story by yourself or share it with friends in the future. This feature will allow you to share your best memories and be able to relive those hilarious or crazy moments. The question that has been raised by many Instagram users is “is it possible to add my friend’s Instagram story to my archive?” The unfortunate answer to this question, at the moment, is no. There is currently no way to add your friend’s Instagram story to your own story archive. Although this news may be a little disappointing lets be honest with ourselves. Would we want our stories to be archived in our friends accounts? Just something to think about.

Although there is no way to archive a friend’s Instagram story, there is still a way that you can save the story on your phone.

How to Save a Friend’s Instagram Story

Although it is impossible to add a friend’s Instagram story to your archive, there is a way that you can save their story. The only problem with this is that it is honestly sketchy and a bit creepy if you do not know this friend well. To save a friend’s Instagram story you can take a screenshot of the person’s story. Currently when you screenshot someone’s story on Instagram they will not receive any sort of notification that you have done so. I’m aware that this solution does not solve the problem of saving someone’s video story, but it is all we have at this time.

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