Can I Stream The Netflix Show ‘Dark’ in English?

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Netflix’s newest original series comes to the states from Germany. This brilliant show has subscribers in a frenzy as they binge the ten episode first season. Within this article we will discuss different ways to stream Dark and if it is possible to stream Dark in English. 

Can I Stream The Netflix Show 'Dark' in English?

Dark is a great new series that has subscribers with an affinity for science fiction and drama. As most of us wrap up Stranger Things 2, we now have Dark to hold us over for at least a little while longer. Dark is a German Netflix original series and is filmed and streamed in the German language. For English speaking subscribers who are not fluent in German, this makes the show a little difficult to watch. Many subscribers have begun asking the big question “how can I stream Dark on Netflix in English?”

How to Stream ‘Dark’ on Netflix in English

Dark is currently available to stream on Netflix in German. This has many english speaking Netflix subscribers asking the big question “can I stream Dark on Netflix in English?” Unfortunately the answer to this question is no. There is no translated version of the Netflix original series Dark in any language other than German. If you are not able to understand German you have the ability to read the subtitles. Reading subtitles for an entire series can take away from the experience but that is currently the only option in the case of the show Dark on Netflix. Although it can be frustrating to read subtitles as you watch this series, Dark is a must watch and should be given a chance even if reading the English subtitles is a bit of a burden at first.

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