Can You See if You Are Tagged in an Instagram Story?

Instagram has grown into a social media giant. In its early days, Instagram was a simple app that allowed its users to post images and apply filters to the image to create something artsy. Ever since Facebook purchased Instagram, it has been expanding at an exhilarating rate. Some people say that the new features that Instagram offers are an exact copy of the features that the social app Snapchat has been rolling out. Although this may be true. There are no rules against offering similar features to users of a mobile app. In recent months Instagram has released Instagram stories, and Instagram stickers which are very similar, no, identical to the same features on Snapchat. Instagram and snapchat have both yet to add some features however, that their users would really enjoy.

Can You See if You Are Tagged in an Instagram Story?
Within an Instagram story there are two subcategories, there are regular Instagram stories and there are live Instagram stories. Live Instagram stories are a live feed from your phone that allow people to see what you are doing at that very second. Regular Instagram Stories are stories that are a compilation of clips and images from throughout your day. The more clips you add, the longer your story is. Each clip or image will disappear twenty four hours after it is added to the story. When you post a story you are able to see the number of people who have viewed that story as well as the names of people who have seen each part of your story. In a Live Instagram Story, it is a little more difficult to see exactly who is viewing your Instagram Live Story. Another question a lot of Instagram users have about Instagram stories, is “How to Tag Someone In An Instagram Story?”

How To Tag Someone on An Instagram Story

Instagram stories have now added the ability to tag individuals in a story. To tag someone in an Instagram story you simply type the @ symbol onto your Instagram story post. Next you will begin to type out the person’s Instagram username. As you do this a number of different names will begin to appear until you narrow down the results by spelling out the username. Once you see the person you would like to tag, you simply tap the person’s name and they will be tagged. You can check to see if tagging the person was successful by looking for a line underneath the username. The question this new feature raises is “Can I see if I am tagged in an Instagram Story?”

Can You See if You Are Tagged in an Instagram Story?
Can You See If You Are Tagged In An Instagram Story? 

Instagram stories have evolved from a simple story. From basically a copy of Snapchat to offering almost unlimited options for customizing your selfies and photos. Now that you can tag people in an Instagram Story, the question is raised “Can you see if you have been tagged in an Instagram Story?” To answer this question our team at OTLSM did some experiments and here is what we found. When someone tags you in an Instagram Story, you will receive a notification in your Instagram messages that reads: ” username  mentioned you in a story.” The message will also include a thumbnail of the story that you were tagged in. This means that there is no way for someone to be tagged in an Instagram Story post without them knowing. They will receive a notification through their messages as soon as the story is posted. This is a good feature that will prevent people from unknowingly being made fun of or bullied on Instagram. Comment below what you think about the Instagram Story feature and what you think they should add or take away!

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