Catch Up Tips and Strategies – What is The Highest Score on Catch Up

Mobile games continue to fascinate and occupy mobile device users around the world. In recent months, mobile games have benefited from a slight increase in usage. This is partly due to the fact that school is back in session and users are bored. Some of the most popular mobile game producers today include Ketchapp, Voodoo and Cheetah Mobile. The games that these game producers create are very simple to play yet extremely addictive. One of the newest and most popular games currently on the app store is the game Catch Up.

Catch Up Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on Catch Up

Catch Up Game Description

One of Ketchapp’s newest releases is the game Catch Up. This game combines quick reactions with simple game play and controls to create an awesome game experience that will get your adrenaline pumping. Although this game starts off fairly slow and simple, by the end of each round you will be dodging obstacles faster than you thought possible. Catch Up is full of great speed and actually runs very smooth if you have an up to date device and operating system. On the iPhone 7 I have not experienced any lagging or other problems related to the game itself or the manner in which the device handles the game. Catch Up is very easy to play but difficult to master. Below you will find instructions on how to play Catch Up the correct way.

How to Play Catch Up Game on iPhone

Catch Up is an extremely simple game to play. The style of this game is an endless arcade game. The object of the game is to make it as far as possible without your ball hitting any obstacles. When you initially open the app you will be presented with this screen:

Catch Up Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on Catch Up
To start your first game you will want to hold you finger down on the screen. Once your finger is on the screen, the game will start. You should not ever remove your finger from the screen while you are playing. You will control the position of the ball by sliding your finger to the left and right on the screen. At first the ball will roll very slowly but as you progress further into the game, the speed will pick up and become increasingly chaotic. As you move forward you will see circular red targets on the ground. These red targets will make your ball hop up in the air and over obstacles. As you continue forward you will begin catching up to another ball, hence the name of the game “Catch Up”.

Catch Up Tips and Strategies - What is The Highest Score on Catch Up

Catch Up Tips and Strategies How To Score Higher

There are a number of different strategies that you can employ in your playing of the game Catch Up that will help you dramatically increase your score. The first strategy has to do with the path that you choose while playing Catch Up. As you move forward, especially once the speed picks up, you are going to have to choose a path that grants you the easiest path through the obstacles. One tip that will help you find this path is to always take the route with the red circles. In some cases you will have the option to choose an alternate route than the red circle. Sometimes these alternate routes can lead to a trap that will result in your ball hitting an obstacle. Always hit the red circles! Another tip that I have to share is to always have the ball right below your finger. If the ball is not right below your finger, you will not have as good of a feel for where the ball actually is on the screen and you will end up hitting an obstacle. If you focus on these tips you will improve your score and may even get the high score on Catch Up.

What Is The Highest Score in Catch Up?

In order to get a high score in Catch Up you must have quick a reaction time and good instincts. There are a number of great scores out there but there can only be one highest score in the game Catch Up. To earn this score the player put in a great deal of time and may have had a little luck. The highest score ever achieved in Catch Up is 563. This score was earned on August 8th, 2017. Comment below if you have seen or earned a score higher than the one recorded above in Catch Up and we will update the high score!

How to Make Your Ball Jump in Catch Up Game For iPhone

Many players have been asking the question “how do I make my ball jump in the game Catch Up?” Unfortunately there is no way to make your ball jump on command. The only way to jump over obstacles is to drive your ball into the red circles on the floor. These will boost your ball up into the air, similar to a jump, and over obstacles. Other than this, there is no way to make your ball jump in the game Catch Up. Comment below if you think you should be able to make your ball jump!



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