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When To Post For Maximum Ad Clicks

Some people write blogs to express themselves and let other people see what they are thinking or doing, they don’t really think of blogging as a big deal. Then there are the business sites that are devoted to driving customers to their business. Then there are those who blog for monetary gain. This is achieved by Placing ads on the blog or website. You can do this by making connecting an Adsense to the blog.
Putting ads on the blog is not going to instantly make you money. they have to be clicked before you generate any revenue. To do this you need traffic. To generate maximum traffic you must post at the right time of day. Not too early, not too late. Depending on where you are the times will be a little different.
The trick during the week is to post during east coast work hours. Lets face it, we all get bored at work and start surfing the internet. Plus bored people at work are more likely to click ads. So the exact times that are optimum for maximum traffic are: on weekdays from 9a.m. to 3p.m. eastern time. It is important to remember that this is eastern time because most of the country’s population is located here.
When posting on the weekend follow the same rule.
Also be sure to share your posts to a community or group on social media to pick up more viewers. Every extra visitor is another potential click, and clicks equal cash.

Why Having Ads Is So Important To Social Media

Everyone hates when an ad is displayed before a video on YouTube. But the reality is without those ads before the video YouTube would not be able to exist. Well YouTube could exist without ads, as they are owned by Google, but that would not be a smart move for Google. Ads make it possible for social media sites to exist. They generate revenue which is why the sites exist. Let’s face it, social media sites are not created to help people get together and communicate. Social media sites are created to expand the creators wealth. 

Companies pay to have advertisements placed on social media sites. The companies pay an advertising placement service, such as Google Adsense, to place their ads on web pages relevant to what the company sells or provides. The owners of the web pages must create an account with the advertising placement service before they will have the option to have ads displayed on their site. When the ads are placed on the site the owner will be payed a certain amount by the advertisement service when the ads on their site are clicked. This is how the sites gain revenue.
This revenue is what the social media sites are after. The sites are created to bring in large quantities of people. These users believe they are here to socialize and communicate with other users; but the reality is, the users are being brought together to click some ads. They are being brought together to generate capital for the creators of the webpage.
So next time an ad comes up before a video, or clutter the margins of the screen, just try to put up with them. because without them Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites would not be a free service.

Are Ads On Social Media Good?

Ads on social media may seem bad at first but when you think about it, you start to realize how fortunate we are to have ads in our social media. What do I mean by this? I am saying that if we had no ads in social media they would be somewhere else. Somewhere much more annoying.  If ads were not in your social media they would be in your emails as spam or they would be constantly calling or texting you. Would you rather have a box in the corner of something you are reading or an inbox full of spam. Now I will admit that sometimes there is an ad that pops up in front of the article you are reading but that is not very common. And the fact is, people barley notice ads when they are reading. There is a statistic that says you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click an ad. That is bad news for the people paying for ads. But it is good that the ads are not noticed.