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Instagram and Snap My Ad


Most people know that Instagram can sell its users photos to generate their own revenue. But wait have you ever read the new terms and conditions. Instagram cannot sell your pictures to earn money but now you have your chance to get rewarded for your photos. Snap my ad is the new app that allows you to sign into your instagram account and choose what photos you want to share. The next step is to search brands to interact with and get rewarded for your photos. The prizes include gift cards and magazine subscriptions. The brands get rewarded with the right to use your photos in ads. If you want to give this app a shot you better own an IOS device because the app is only available on the app store. The app is not available on the google play store, yet. So I have no way to try it out. But if you try it let me know how your experience with the app goes. Here is the link to download

Google Contract Over Bing Is In

Google’s contract with Apple has run out so it looks like Siri will be learning a new way to find what you are looking for. Now that the contract is up Apple has to, A: renew the contract with Google, or B: find a new browser. So instead of keeping the Google as the default browser for IOS 7 Bing will step up to the plate. But i’m sure that 99% of iphone users will change it right to google when they find out that bing can’t touch the bat to the ball. But its ok because Google could care less what apple does.

The whole IOS 7 is basically Android so why have two great things together it was either keep google and keep IOS or remake Android and scrap Google. But the decision is done and Bing will be the default browser when all of those iphones update and get packed into boxes headed for a tech store near you. I’m not saying that Bing is terrible, it is just that bing is not google, nothing will ever compete with google. Google is slowly taking everything over. It started out as a browser and has turned into a part of everyday life and has done it successfully. No other browser will be as successful as Google, and it certainly won’t be Bing on the iphone.

Which Operating System Is The Most Social?

iOS 7Operating systems have not been social in past years but recently Windows, Apple, and Android have been making their operating systems more social. How did they do this? Well Apple did it by adding the ability to post to facebook from the notification area. Android had the release of the Facebook phone which was a flop, Windows connects you to xbox live and any social media service you want all in one screen. But most recently Apple has released ios 7 which has the new air drop feature. This is the most social thing that I have seen in an operating system. It is basically Snapchat but better and it takes it a step further. It allows you to save pictures shared with you and you can share with as many people as you like. I think this feature makes ios 7 the most social os.

Is ios7 A Copy Of Android 4.2?

Apple announced ios7 today.  The software is similar to android. Apples new ios 7 software is similar to androids jellybean 4.2 software. Apple claims that with this is a new perspective of a mobile operating system. When in reality Android 4.2 has had all of the features this has for months now. Even the new font on the homescreen is similar to android. It has the ability to have multiple applications open at the same time. This is also from android. The more I read through the new features the more I laugh. Filters you can apply to pictures, can people not already do that using social media apps? Safari is also starting to look like crome. Read through the features for yourself and tell me that they do not match android. What I am looking forward to is the actual release of the iphone six to see what the final version looks like. This proves that android is far beyond ios.

How Big Will Vine Get?

     Vine has so much more potential to expand now that it is on Android. Now there will be much more creative people using the service. It also has the capability to attract businesses to advertise on it. Think about how cool it would be just to see a new product in a short six second video instead of watching a thirty second commercial before a Youtube video. There are so many options to expand using Vine. Would you rather spend ten minutes watching a hole in golf or six seconds watching each stroke? Speed is the key now and that is why sports like golf and tennis are not popular to watch on tv. Most people are too impatient to watch the two minutes between the action. There are countless ideas you can use a six second video to make information faster to get. There are a few problems with vine though.

1.  No front facing camera for Android.
2.  No way to search hashtags or keywords. 
3.  Does not rank in search.
The front facing camera issue is not as important as the no search and the fact that if you post a vine video it wont be shown in search results on Google. This will limit the business uses for the app because now you can’t use it to get people on the internet to see what you want them to see. wether it be a product or service. But because Vine is related to Twitter these major flaws will be fixed and vine will be one of the top if not the top social media app

Google’s Answer to Vine?

When vine came out on android it was a huge hit. The idea of sharing a short video instead of a picture appealed to a lot of people. Google took made its own version, but instead of a video it is an animation. Many of you may know about Auto Awesome and how cool some of them are but in reality, vine is just easier and faster. With Auto Awesome you just take a series of pictures with small changes in them and it stitches them into a short, or long, animation. Auto Awesome also can create panoramic pictures. This is similar to vine but defiantly not an imitation. Vine is more of a video sharing service than a clever photography trick. But now that it is on android. I can see many, much more clever, users starting to use it in better ways. My uncle and I believe that vine has much more potential and will grow to be much bigger than it is now. So Google did make a short animation feature but I don’t believe it was an attempt to beat out vine. They are just doing what Google does, which is make cool, fun things to help people out.