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How to Use Social Media to Get Customers for Your Business

Using social media is a great way to get customers interested in your product or service. The real trick is figuring out what you are going to do with social media to get customers. I will show you some easy steps that will get you pointed in the right direction.

Which Social Media Platform Should I Use?
Marketing your business is not rocket science and does not require a specific social media platform to work. What is most important is how you use it.

What Should I Include in my Posts?
When posting about your business it is important to keep your audience engaged while still letting them know about your business. Some good ways to do this include: adding fun pictures, telling stories, sharing deals, and of course sharing your product or service. It is important to always keep your goal in mind; if the message of your post is supposed to be to visit the store for the sale tomorrow, make sure you get that point across. The worst thing you can do is post pointless junk that is unrelated to your business. Everything you post needs to be related in some form or fashion to your business. When posting be sure to avoid posting too much at all costs. Overloading your followers feeds will cause them to feel bombarded with information about your business, and more than likely they will start to ignore your posts.

How Can I Get Readers To Visit My Business?
Getting customers to actually come to your business, weather online or in a store, is the whole point in posting on social media. That is why businesses do it. Some of the best ways to get customers from the social media platform to the business is to make them feel like if they do not do it soon they will miss out. Phrases like. “sale this weekend only!” or “get it while it lasts!” will create a sense of urgency in your following and they will be more likely to visit your business.

Social media is a goldmine for businesses looking for business. Don’t get left out.

Why Businesses Should be Involved With Social Media

There are millions and millions of people that log into a social media service every day. Twice as many eyes scan through pictures their friends post and countless amounts of worthless information, searching for something interesting. If businesses were to share an eye catching picture of their product or service it would catch their attention instantly, maybe even draw them in to see what is going on. Social media is basically free    advertising for their company. Why not take the time and get people interested in their product. 80% of fortune 500 companies CEOs don’t participate in social media. Do you see something wrong with this picture? Why wouldn’t they just do it. Its not rocket science!

How Big Will Vine Get?

     Vine has so much more potential to expand now that it is on Android. Now there will be much more creative people using the service. It also has the capability to attract businesses to advertise on it. Think about how cool it would be just to see a new product in a short six second video instead of watching a thirty second commercial before a Youtube video. There are so many options to expand using Vine. Would you rather spend ten minutes watching a hole in golf or six seconds watching each stroke? Speed is the key now and that is why sports like golf and tennis are not popular to watch on tv. Most people are too impatient to watch the two minutes between the action. There are countless ideas you can use a six second video to make information faster to get. There are a few problems with vine though.

1.  No front facing camera for Android.
2.  No way to search hashtags or keywords. 
3.  Does not rank in search.
The front facing camera issue is not as important as the no search and the fact that if you post a vine video it wont be shown in search results on Google. This will limit the business uses for the app because now you can’t use it to get people on the internet to see what you want them to see. wether it be a product or service. But because Vine is related to Twitter these major flaws will be fixed and vine will be one of the top if not the top social media app