Snapchat Filters – Wendy’s Yum Four For Four New Years Filter

Snapchat Filters - Wendy's Yum Four For Four New Years FilterSnapchat Filters – Wendy’s Yum Four For Four New Years Filter

Another Snapchat filter was released late on December 29th. This filter is yet another sponsored filter that earned Snapchat some money as we head into the new year. I doubt this will be the last Sponsored filter of 2015 but it is going to be one of the last for sure. This sponsored filter is a promotion for the fast food chain Wendy’s. Just thinking about this filter is making my stomach rumble so lets go ahead and get into the overview of the filter.

Wendy’s Yum Four For Four New Years Filter Overview

The Wendy’s yum four for four new years filter is kind of a mouth full, no pun intended. This filter has multiple different parts that promote both the Wendy’s chain and the coming of a new year. First of all lets discuss the parts of the filter. This filter is different than most other Snapchat filters. This filter covers the entire left side of the frame. Starting with the background of the filter you will find a number of red and blue circles as well as small white 4’s. In front of the background you will find the Wendy’s logo in the bottom left corner. Above the logo there is a drink with a smiling face on the side with a straw wearing a blue New Years hat. Above the drink there are some french fries with a face that are blowing a New Years horn. Above the fries there is a bacon cheeseburger, who is also smiling,  wearing a birthday cone hat. Last but not least, above the cheeseburger there is a four piece nugget wearing a bow tie. All of these characters are just having a great time celebrating the New Year.

What do the 4s Mean on the Wendy’s Snapchat FIlter?

All of the characters in the Wendy’s Snapchat filter represent an item that is included in Wendy’s four for four value menu. The combo includes a small drink, a bacon cheeseburger, a small fry, and a four piece nugget. It is actually a great deal. After writing this I may just go get one for myself. This is just another example of how powerful the sponsored Snapchat filters really are.

Happy Snapping!


New York City New Years Snapchat Geo Filter Prediction

New York City New Years Snapchat Geo Filter PredictionNew York City New Years Snapchat Geo Filter

New Years is coming up soon and this is going to be a big one for Snapchat users across the country. More people will be documenting the first seconds of 2016 on Snapchat than ever before. In every city around the world there will be special Snapchat filters to mark the occasion. There will also be live stories that show different peoples perspectives of scenes around the world. The most popular of the scenes will arguably be New York City. The celebration in New York City is nationally televised and will be watched by millions of viewers around the world. It will also be featured on a Snapchat live story that will also be viewed by millions.

The New York New Years Snapchat Geo Filter Prediction

The New York New Years Snapchat Geo filter will most likely be made available to Snapchat users in New York the morning of New Years Eve. This is when use of the filter will begin to become popular. The use of the filter will steadily increase right up until the moment when the clock strikes midnight and the ball reaches the base of the tower. The New York New Years filter will likely be a part of thousands of New Yorker’s first snaps in the new year.

I predict the filter will have the new year as the main part of the filter with bold text. It could also have text that reads “happy new year from New York” or something similar. The filter could also feature some landmarks of NYC such as the statue of liberty or the empire state building; maybe even both. There could be multiple different filters for Snapchat users in NYC to use on their snaps celebrating the birth of a new year.

It is going to be up in the air until the day of the filter release. It will be a great holiday for snappers who enjoy seeing all the unique filters that Snapchat offers its users.

Add me by scanning my Snapcode below for travel images. Send me snaps of some of your favorite Snapchat filters when they get released on New Years!

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New York City New Years Snapchat Geo Filter Prediction

DJ Khaled Tour Bus Talk on Snapchat – From Miami to Las Vegas

DJ Khaled Tour Bus Talk on Snapchat - From Miami to Las Vegas PredictionOverview of DJ Khaled Tour Bus Talk on Snapchat 

DJ Khaled will be going on tour December 29th. Khaled has been promoting his tour bus talks for quite a while now, using his “ride wit me filter”. He will be continuing his key to success series from his tour bus for two days starting December 29th and ending when he reaches his first tour stop in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been talking up his two day non stop tour bus ride to Las Vegas, describing his upcoming tour bus talks. He has had talks such as Hammock talk and Golf Cart talk in the past. According to Khaled, the tour bus talk is going to outdo them all.

 DJ Khaled’s Trip From Miami, FL to Las Vegas, NV

DJ Khaled will be starting his road trip from Miami, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada on December 29th. His road trip will last to days as he makes the 2,528 mile drive. The ride will take 37 hours of driving, probably even longer with all the traffic and the fact that he will be riding in a massive tour bus. He will not be driving the bus, however. There will be two drivers that will take turns driving. This will give DJ Khaled time to conduct his tour bus talks.

The tour bus talk is going to be more inspirational than any talk yet. Teaching us all how to live successful happy lives. He will tell his massive following steps they should take throughout the day to make it big. I actually find his talks extremely uplifting throughout the day. He will have over thirty seven hours to post snaps to his story helping us be successful. Tune in to DJ Khaled’s story tomorrow for the start tour bus talks on Snapchat. Follow DJ Khaled on Snapchat by adding his username: djkhaled305

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Snapchat Filters – How to Get The DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat Filters - How to Get The DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Filter on Snapchat The DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Through The Journey of More Success Filter 

Many followers of DJ Khaled’s keys to success saw him use a filter on December 28th. The filter was used on a number of the snaps he added to his story during elliptical talk that afternoon. The filter is a promotion of his tour bus ride which is going to have two drivers and be a two day non stop ride. He has been promoting his so called “tour bus talk” for the passed day or two so snappers will have that to look forward to as Khaled prepares for his tour.


DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Through The Journey of More Success Filter Description 

The filter kind of reminds me of the DJ Khaled  Christmas filter that was so popular during that holiday. The cartoon representation of DJ Khaled has the same face as the cartoon from the Christmas filter. This time, however, he is not wearing his festive Christmas outfit. Instead he is wearing a red jacket with a white undershirt. He is also wearing some gold chains. The character is standing on top of a cartoon representation of his tour bus which is positioned in the bottom right hand corner of the filter. The tour bus is black white and gray and has three pairs of headphones, a DJ Khaled silhouette and text on the back that says “We the Best”. Just to the left and above the bus there is some red text that reads: “Through the journey of more success”. This text is a continuation of the text at the top center of the filter that says “Ride wit me”. Together the red text says “Ride with me through the journey of more success”. This is one of the many phrases that Khaled uses regularly in his Snapchat series, as he preaches the keys to success.

How To Get The DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Through the Journey of More Success Filter on Snpachat

This filter was released on December 28th in the early afternoon. The filter can be seen on a number of DJ Khaled’s Snapchat story segments. However, nobody can quite find out how to get it on the app. So where did the DJ get it? I believe that Snapchat created a filter specifically for Khaled. So he could promote his tour bus talk even more. I don’t know exactly how they would do this or what they plan on getting out of it, but that is just my view. I may not be right but that is what makes the most sense right now.

If this filter goes public let me know by scanning my Snapcode below and sending me the filter. I really hope this filter goes public, I think it would be a lot of fun.

Happy Snapping!

Snapchat Filters - How to Get The DJ Khaled Ride Wit Me Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat Filters – New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter Prediction

Snapchat Filters - New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter PredictionSnapchat Filters – New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter Prediction

Filters are becoming increasingly popular in the Snapchat world. They are used for special occasions, holidays, and even for marketing. Plenty of businesses have been creating their own Geo filters to help promote brands. This is a genies move for businesses. They will let people do the marketing for them. When someone who is shopping at a store sends a snap to their friends with the Geo filter that promotes the store they are shopping at it is free advertising for that business. Well, it isn’t really free. Snapchat makes out pretty well with the deal as well. Snapchat charges businesses to create these promotional filters. The filters that are released this New Years Day will not be created to promote businesses. The New years Day filters will be just purely fun. Similar to the DJ Khaled filter released on Christmas.

New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter Prediction

  The filter that is released New Years Day 2016 on Snapchat will most likely be released on the morning of New Year”s Eve and if not then, soon before midnight. This will probably happen because if it is posted after midnight it won’t be very effective. People will wan to use the filter on snaps they send right at midnight. This filter will be very popular on the thousands of videos around the world of the clock striking midnight. For many snapchat users the New Years Day Snapchat filter will be the first filter they use and receive. There will likely be New Years Day filters from every major cities. I imagine there will be a variety of new years day live stories from the biggest cities in the world. The live stories will be a succession of the clock striking midnight around the world before the new year finally reaches the east coast of the united states; where the biggest new years party will be going on in New York. I imagine there will be a Snapchat live story from New York City. There just has to be, it is the biggest New Years celebration in the country. There will probably also be a Geo Filter for New Years in New York.

This New Years filter will most likely have the year 2016 in bold text. It will have either confetti, party novelties, or maybe some animals celebrating. It is really up in the air. What this filter will look like. I know there will be filters for all of the major cities around the world but what they look like will remain a question up until they are released. They could look like the DJ Khaled filter from Christmas. Serving as a recap of all the pop culture icons from 2015. We will see.

New Year’s Day Filter

Check out the New Year’s Day 2016 filter available to snaochat users! 

Snapchat Year in Review Time Capsule Idea

  Snappers this year have come up with a great idea you might want to try in 2016. It would be cool if Snapchat had a year in review option. A way to see snaps from throughout the past year. This is possible if you want to take the time to set it up. Here is how to do it. First you will set up a new Snapchat account other than your own. Then you will log into your primary account and add the account you made. Name it something like “your name year in review” Then throughout the year, send snaps to that account. By the end of the year you will be able to log into that account and see all of the snaps you sent yourself throughout the year. The first snaps you send should be of new years night as the year 2015 takes its last few breaths and 2016 is born. Use the New Years Day Snapchat filter to mark the occasion. Personally I will be trying this. It seems like a fun little idea.Happy Snapping!

Snapchat Filters – New Year’s Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction

Snapchat Filters - New Year's Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction Snapchat Filters – New Year’s Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction

We have seen some interesting filters from Snapchat this past year. Everything from fourth of July filters all the way up to the recent DJ Khaled Christmas 2015 filter. Filters have become increasingly popular on Snapchat, and for good reason. Snapchat users love filters because they allow them to spice up their everyday average snap. Corporations love Snapchat filters because it allows them to advertise to millions of people in a creative way. Snapchat loves filters because they charge these companies for the advertising. Filters will be used more and more often as time goes by. More companies will opt to use filters as advertising as apposed to more physical forms of advertising. This new years eve however, the motive of the most popular filters will not have the goal of profits. It will be for fun.

As the year of 2015 comes to a close millions of Snapchat users across the country will begin preparing for the celebration of the new year. They will be going to parties, ball drops, and all the while they will be documenting their night on Snapchat. Sending snaps to all their friends, and adding snaps to their stories. There will also be a filter available for these Snapchat users to add to their snaps as the clock strikes midnight. What will this filter look like? Will there be more than one? These questions can all be asked but we will not know the answer for sure until December 31st.

New Year’s Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction

I believe the Snapchat new year’s eve 2015 filter will be released by the morning of December 31st. Snappers all over the world will begin sending snaps using the filter as soon as it is released. It will continue to be used throughout the day right up until the year takes its final breath and we move into 2016. The new year’s eve filter will likely be a part of the first snaps people receive in 2016. I predict that there will be a filter that is also available that says something along the lines of “happy new years” that is released not long before midnight on December 31st so that when users upload snaps to their story they will have filters available to match the occasion.

The filter will likely feature either the year 2016 in bold text with confetti and some other typical new years items. Maybe hats or blow horns could also be a part of the new years eve filter. There is really no telling. There is always the question of will there be a filter similar to the DJ Khaled filter that was so popular around Christmas time? A filter that is kind of a remembrance of everything that has happened in the past year? The answer to this question is…maybe. It is possible that there could be another unique filter to remember everything that happened in 2015. All we can do is wait it out to know for sure what the new years eve Snapchat filter will bring to the table.

The 2015 New Years Eve Snapchat Filter is Here

Check out the New Year’s Eve filter on Snapchat.


Happy New Year and Happy Snapping!

How to Use Pictures From Your Gallery On Snapchat Story

How to Use Pictures From Your Gallery on Snapchat StorySnapchat has allowed its users to take and send pictures to your friends ever since its release in 2011. However, users have not been able to use pictures that were not taken using the Snapchat camera. This has been taken care of. Users have the ability to use any picture, taken with any camera, even if it is not on your phone. You can even edit pictures on any photo editor then use them. As long as the photo is saved in your phones image gallery you can access it from the Snapchat app and send it to your friends. It is extremely easy to do too. The video below will demonstrate how to use pictures from your gallery on Snapchat.

Steps to Send Pictures From Your Gallery On Snapchat

Here are the steps you should follow when you are trying to use pictures from your gallery on your Snapchat. If you need a visual tutorial watch the video above.

  1. The first step is to make sure that you have granted the Snapchat app access to your photo gallery. You can do this in your settings or you can just tap allow when the prompt appears. The prompt will appear when you reach the step where you choose the image you’d like to add to your Snapchat story.
  2. Okay now for the real first step. You will want to start off by opening the Snapchat app. When you do this you will be sent to the camera page where you can take pictures or videos from the app, but that is not what we are here to do today.
  3. From the camera page swipe to the left. This will take you to your inbox/feed. This is where you get notifications from the snaps you get are received.
  4. Next you will choose who you’d like to send the picture too. This is done by placing your finger on the user you’d like to send to and swiping left across their name.
  5. Now you will be in the messaging between you and this person. To choose a picture to send you will tap the yellow indicator at the end of the text box. This action will open up a different camera from the normal Snapchat camera.
  6. From this separate camera, you will tap the button at the bottom right of the screen. It will look like a little square with rounded corners and will have a thumbnail of your most recent picture in your gallery. Tapping on this will take you to your gallery.
  7. When you get to your gallery you will simply choose the image you’d like to send to the person. When you choose an image you will come to the image preview screen.
  8. From the Image Preview Screen you can edit the picture. You can choose from three different filters, add text, draw on the image, and add emojis. You can also add more people to send the picture to. This is done by tapping the original username at the bottom of the page then checking off the users you’d like to send the picture to.

The picture will go to the recipients’ message inbox as a message. They will be able to view it for as long as they want just like it is a message. They can tap it to save it to the conversation. If they screenshot the image you will receive a notification.

How to Use a Picture From Your Gallery on Snapchat Story 

Unfortunately there is not a way for Snapchat users to use a picture from their gallery to their Snapchat story using the stock Snapchat app, and there is a reason for this. Snapchat stories are supposed to be a window into each persons life. It is supposed to be composed of real time videos and images as apposed to videos and images from somewhere else at another time. If any image or video could be uploaded to a Snapchat Story, people would be posting images and videos from somewhere else. It would not be an accurate representation of their life at any given time. Another reason this is prohibited is because the images posted to your story are deleted after 24 hours. The time is determined by a time stamp which is recorded when the image is taken with the app. If an image is posted that has a time stamp from the past it would completely throw off the Snapchat algorithm and cause a ton of errors.

There is hope if you are desperate to post pictures from your gallery to your story. There are ways to cheat the system and post pictures from your gallery to your Snapchat story. These processes involve downloading a knockoff of the Snapchat app that allows you to save snaps without the sender getting a notification. Some of these apps allow you to post photos saved in your gallery to your Snapchat story. If you choose to go this route make sure you read the comments on the app in the app store to be sure that the app actually work.

I do not recommend trying to cheat the system. Some of the apps will cause an error to be recorded in the Snapchat server. If too many of these errors are found your Snapchat account could be terminated. This wouldn’t be a big deal because you could just sign up for a new account, but it would be kind of a headache  setting up a whole new account and adding all of your friends back.

Happy Snapping!


Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story – Where Are They Skating?

Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story - Where Are They Skating?Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story – Where Are They Skating?

On December 27th 2015 a live Snapchat story was streaming on the Snapchat story page. The story is full of people ice skating in different locations around the world. The first segment of the story features a figure skater twirling with the white text in the forground that reads: “Lace up your skates to feel the thrills – and maybe take a few spills – on ice rinks around the world.” The rest of the story is people doing just that. There is a little bit of everything in this story. Some people spinning, falling, proposing, singing; all of it going down on the ice. There are filters on all of the snaps that feature cute little animals and plants skating around. There are also some fun facts that give the history of the zamboni and how to preform a basic stop on ice skates. Below you will find a little description on where people are skating on the Snapchat ice skating live story.

Snapchat Ice Skating Dubai, UAE 

The first location that people are skating at is in Dubai. Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world and offers plenty of ice skating rinks for skaters to choose from. Dubai also has the only indoor skiing slopes in the world. In the story there is an overhead view of a massive indoor rink in one segment, and another segment of a pref romance on ice featuring a man spinning a cube that is lit up. These skaters were skating at the Dubai Skating rink which is an Olympic sized rink inside of the Dubai mall.

Snapchat Ice Skating Paris, France 

I was most impressed by the skating in Paris, France. Skaters in France had the opportunity to skate beneath one of the worlds most iconic structures; the Eiffel Tower. In the story skaters are circling a small replica of the Eiffel Tower. The rink is lit in different shades of pink, purple and blue. The rink also provides chairs for kids to be pushed around on the ice. This rink is part of the Eiffel tower and is 57 meters above the city. This would be an amazing skating atmosphere.

Snapchat Ice Skating Budapest, Hungary 

The skating being done in Hungary is not the most professional. In the story you will find a skater who almost has a nasty fall onto the ice. In the segment he used some bold white text that says “I got this”. He is obviously being sarcastic however because he uses the worried face emoji. The other skaters from Hungary are much more in control and wave hello to the camera. The skating in Hungary was being done on one of the many outdoor skating rinks in the country.

Snapchat Ice Skating New York City, USA

In New York City there are two major options if you want to skate outdoors. The Rockefeller Center, which houses one of the largest real Christmas trees you will ever see, is the more popular of the two. The other is located in central park. In the story you will see plenty of people skating. Whether they be on the ice or not. One segment is filmed by soon to be skaters pretending to skate on the concrete while they wait in line. There is also some footage of a zamboni resurfacing the ice at one of the rinks. Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story - Where Are They Skating?

Snapchat Ice Skating Chicago, USA
The last stop for this story was Millennium Park in Chicago Illinois. Here skaters get to skate next to a architectural masterpiece outdoors.  The skaters in this location range anywhere from a group of people in their thirties that are comfortable spinning to film a 360 degree video of the rink, to a woman just learning to do a T-stop. The filter also includes a description of the T-stop and how it is supposed to be preformed. Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story - Where Are They Skating?


Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover Page

Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover PageSnapchat Introduces Hip-Hop Spotlight to The Discover Page

Snapchat has had the discover page set up for quite a while now. It started off as a few big brands and websites that would promote articles or just post fun little videos. Over night on 12/26/15 however, Snapchat added a discover feed that was not created by a specific brand. It is called the “Hip-Hop Spotlight”. The difference between this feed and other discover feeds is that there is no brand associated with the content. It is just a simple hip hop logo. In this article we will discuss the different features of the first edition of this feed as well as discuss future applications of this feed.

What is Hip Hop Spotlight on Snapchat? 

Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover PageThe hip hop spotlight on Snapchat is a collection of media from different hip hop artists. The media ranges from cartoons, articles, song snippets, behind the scenes looks, videos. This resource will become extremely popular with the younger demographic. This is great for Snapchat because that is exactly who uses Snapchat most. I am sure that Snapchat strategically chose the genre of hip hop.

The first edition of hip hop spotlight started off with a neat little intro featuring Fetty Wap. The next portion was a cartoon version of Drake turning things into gold. The next slide was an article discussing Drake’s rise from the target of memes across the internet to the superstar he is today. The third slide was titled “Top Tracks You May Have Missed”. This was the first of two slides featured in this edition of hip hop spotlight and featured Mac Miller discussing his song “Weekend”. This edition also featured holiday greetings from Two Chains, Rae Sremmurd and G Easy. Fetty Wap was the topic of two consecutive slides. One being a behind the scenes look at his performance, the other being some stats about the star. These were just some of the features of the first edition. We will see where this feed goes and how long it lasts.

Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover PageWhat Are Some Applications of The Hip Hop Spotlight?

The Hip Hop Spotlight was a genius move by Snapchat. They targeted their young demographic and will have the ability to sell advertising as well as charge artists to promote songs. I believe that this feed will become one of the most, if not the most, popular feed on the discover page. The younger demographic is just so transfixed with hip hop, I don’t see how this feed could fail.

If you are a fan of hip-hop check out the hip hop spotlight for yourself and let me know what you think of it. I am interested to know what the rest of the Snapchat community thinks of this addition.

Happy Snapping!


How To Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat

How to Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat When you use Snapchat there are multiple ways to enhance pictures you take with the app. You can draw on the pictures, apply a Snapchat lens, and you can add filters. Filters on Snapchat can be stock, geo, or sponsored . Stock filters are: normal, black and white, amber, polarized, and even a full battery filter. Geo filters are the filters that you can only apply in specific areas. Geo filters are usually for larger cities, or colleges. Geo filters can also be sponsored. Sponsored filters are filters payed for by businesses and corporations to promote something or just to cater to their customers. For example, McDonald’s had a filter at some of its locations across the country. Some sponsored filters are nationwide. Such as filters for a movie release.

How to Add Two Filters to a Snapchat Photo or Video ?

It is common for users of the Snapchat app to use more than one filter on a snap. The process to do this is not very well known but it is very simple. Snapchat has not made it well known how to do this but it has been figured out. Below you will find the steps to add multiple filters to a snap Photo.

Steps To Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat

  1. First of all you will want to take a picture of something, whether it be your dog or a tree, just take a picture of something.
  2. Now you will add your first filter to the photo. To add a filter just swipe either left or right depending on what you add. Geo filters are found fastest by swiping left. Basic filters are found fastest by swiping to the right.
  3. Once you have Selected your first filter you can add another one by holding one finger down on the bottom left hand corner of the screen just above the post to story button. How to Add More Than One Filter on Snapchat
  4. While holding down on this portion of the screen, swipe with your other hand to choose a second filter. Once you have swiped to the second filter you can release the finger that was being held in the bottom corner.
  5. To add a third Filter you can repeat the process by holding down in the bottom left hand corner and swiping to a third filter.

How Many Filters Can Be Added to a Picture on Snapchat? 

On a picture you do not have as many options for filters as you would on a video. This is because videos have the option of having two rewind, fast forward, and super fast forward as well as visual filters. On a Snapchat photo you can add up to three filters. Three is the number because you can add one Geo filter, one tint filter, and one time/temp filter. I rarely send three filters at once. It gets super cluttered, but it is possible. I usually stick with two for the most part. Usually a Geo filter that adds a little around the edges and a tint filter.

How Many Filters Can Be Added to a Video on Snapchat?

Videos offer a few more option for filters than pictures. When you add filters to videos on Snapchat you have the option to add tint filters, Geo filters, promotional filters, and even filters that adjust the speed and direction the video is played. The speed and direction filters are specific to videos. This allows more options for you when adding filters to the video. You can add a Geo, a tint, a time, a speed, and a direction. This totals up to five filters that can be added to one video. This can get kind of ridiculous.

Add me on Snapchat by scanning my Snapcode at the top of the page and send me some of your most ridiculous videos with filters. Try new combinations and enjoy.

Happy Snapping!