Snapchat Filters – How to Get The Beatles Join The Club Filter

Snapchat Filters - How to Get The Beatles Join The Club Filter The Beatles Join The Club Filter was the third Beatles themed filter posted on December 26th 2015. The first filter posted had the same tagline, but it was a little different. The second filter looked similar to this one but had a  different tagline. All of these filters are in an attempt to promote the fact that the Beatles are now available on Spotify. This is obviously a big deal for Spotify as well as Beatles fans across the country. Fans were  tweeting about it on twitter all day.

Description of The Beatles Join The Club Filter 

The Beatles Join the Club filter was released in two versions. The first version was released earlier in the day. To view the first version CLICK HERE. The second filter is a different style but has the same tagline; “Join The Club”. This filter features all four members of the Beatles huddled sitting at the bottom of the filter. They are wearing colorful silky looking suits. Behind them there is red fading into transparency which is where the users photo will show through the filter. The group is just slightly right of being centered on the bottom of the filter. To the left of the group in white font is the Beatles logo. Above the logo and the group is yellow bold text that reads: “Join The Club.”. All of this only takes up about a third of the screen. In the very top left corner the transparent background fades back into red. On top of this little patch of red is a white Spotify logo.

How to Get The Beatles Join the Club Filter

The Beatles Join The Club filter was only available for a short time. When it was available the filter could be applied to any picture taken with the Snapchat Camera. The user would first take a picture then swipe left until they found the filter. This filter looked great when combined with the burnt orange tinted filter.

Celebrate the Holidays With Instagram – Is Instagram Trying to Copy Snapchat Stories?

Celebrate the Holidays With Instagram – Is Instagram Trying to Copy Snapchat? 

For Christmas 2015 Instagram created a collection of some of the best holiday videos and combined them to create a “Holiday Celebration video montage. The video was composed of video snip its from different Instagram users. Instagram users may have noticed this At the top of their feed during the Christmas holiday season:celebrate the holidays with instagram video

This was how they promoted this video montage. By putting it right at the front of every Instagram users feed. Of course this could be bypassed by exiting out in the upper right hand corner but it is still a little ridiculous. Some people believe this was Instagram’s attempt to imitate the Snapchat live story.

By tapping “watch” Instagram users were taken to another page where a collection of holiday themed videos were strung together to create a long montage of videos. The videos were some of the most popular videos created by Instagram users during the days leading up to the holiday season. Extremely similar to Snapchat stories.

Why Would Instagram Want To Copy Snapchat Stories?

The answer to the question of why Instagram would want to copy Snapchat live stories is simple; Money. Snapchat live stories allow Snapchat to sell advertising to companies. They simply insert an ad in the form of a video or an image right into the story. There is a huge potential to make big money doing this. Instagram would love to get a hand into this simple industry.

Could this holiday collection be a precursor to additional collections in the future? Only time can answer question but I believe that this holiday collection was definitely a trial to gain data. This data will be used to determine if it is worth it to set up a feature on Instagram that is similar to the Popular Snapchat Story. If they do decide to add this feature, another question rises; where will the collections be located? Will they be in the same location the holiday collection was put or will they add it to the explore and search page? What do you think? Comment below what you believe will happen.

Snapchat Filters – How to Get The Beatles All You Need is Love Filter on Snapchat

Snapchat Filters - How to Get The Beatles All You Need is Love Filter on Snapchat Snapchat Filters – Beatles All You Need Is Love Filter 

Later on December 26th another Beatles themed promotional filter was released. This filter included some of the lyrics from the Beatles hit song “All You Need Is Love” This filter is another promotional Snapchat filter that goes along with the same event as the Join the Club filter. Spotify is really trying to advertise the fact that the Beatles are now avialable on their music streaming service.

Description of the Beatles All You Need Is Love Filter

This filter features a cartoon version of the band members all huddled together behind a submarine. This little cartoon is kind of seventies style with dark bold colors. Below the submarine you will find the Beatles logo. There are blue splotches that fade into transparency where the photo taken with the Snapchat app will be seen. At the top of this transparent section you will see the text “All you need is love….” in two rows of bold yellow text. Above the text the transparency fades into blue splotches again. At the top of the yellow bold text you will also find the Spotify Logo.

How to Get The Beatles All You Need Is Love Filter

You can get the Beatles All you need is love filter by taking a picture of whatever you want using the Snapchat camera. Then by swiping to the left once you have taken a picture on the Snapchat app, you will eventually get to the All you need is love filter. This filter will not be available long.

Combining Filters With The Beatles All You Need is Love Filter 

When combining this filter with others you can really get creative. There are no specific filters that look better than others when combined with the Beatles filter. To combine filters, just swipe to the Beatles filter. Next, hold one finger down above add story button while you swipe with another finger. Once you get to the second filter you want to add, you can release the finger you were not swiping with.

Snapchat Filters – What is The Beatles Join The Club Filter?

Snapchat Filter - What is the Beetles Join The Club Filter On the morning of December 26th 2015 snappers found a new sponsored filter featuring the Beatles. This is a sponsored filter promoting the beetles being on Spotify. This occurred last night and beetles fans couldn’t be happier. The Beetles were also recently added to listen to for free on Google Play Music. This filter was the first of a few different filters that were Beatles themed. Check them Out by clicking HERE

The Beatles Snapchat Filter Description

The Baetles filter on Snapchat is pretty cool in the way that it allows you to join the band on the filter. In the center of the filter there is a transparent white rectangle with text in the inside corners. The top right of the interior of the rectangle has the Spotify logo. The top right of the interior has the Beetles logo. Along the bottom interior there are three words: “Join the Club”. On the top and bottom of the transparent filter there are photographs of the band members. Of course in black and white. There are two band members on the top of the transparent rectangle as well as the bottom of the rectangle.

How to Get the Beetles Join The Club Filter

To get the Beatles filter, just take a photo with the Snapchat app, and swipe to the left until you see the filter. I have found that This filter looks great when you combine it with the black and white filter. This is because your face will be in black and white just like the images of the band members in the corners of the filter. That is the whole goal of the filter in the first place. To make you look like you are in the filter with the band.

How to Combine The Black and White Filter With the Beetles Filter 

The process of combining filters on Snapchat is just a little sneaky. To combine filters you will need to first swipe over to either the Beatles filter or the black and white filter. Next you will hold one finger on the bottom left hand side of the screen; this will lock whichever filter you have already applied while you swipe to another filter. Once you swipe to the second filter, either the black and white or the Beatles, you can release your finger and add the snap to your story.

How to Send Money With Snapchat Using Snapcash

How to Send Money With Snapchat Using SnapcashSnapchat has allowed its users to send images and videos to their friends ever since its creation in 2011. In 2014 however, the ability to send cash was added to the app. This feature is called Snapcash and it allows users to enter any dollar amount and send it to their friends through the Snapchat mobile app. In this article I will discuss how to send money using Snapchat and how it actually works.

How to Send Money With Snapchat Using Snapcash

Let’s say your friend is stuck waiting for a bus and he/she gets hungry. They desperately need a snack from a vending machine, but they are broke. So they send you a snap asking for some cash. You are ten min away laying on a couch watching Netflix. You can still help your friend out using Snapcash. In reality we all know, that friend waiting for the bus would be out of luck. Nobody is going to give up their money so their friend can get a snack, but the option is available. Snapchat allows users to easily and quickly send money through the Snapchat app, to another persons account. Here are the steps to send money through Snapchat.

  1. First of all you will need to set up your account with Snapcash. This is done by going to the message page of the person you’d like to send money too and typing in a dollar amount. When you type in a dollar amount the yellow indicator will turn green with a dollar sign and will look like this:
    .How to Send Money on Snapchat Using Snapcash You will tap this new green indicator and it will take you to a page where you will begin the process of setting up your account. Tap the green “I Agree” button at the bottom of the screen to get started.
  2. If your phone number is not associated with your Snapchat account you will be prompted to do so. This is because you will receive a verification code to continue with the process.
  3. Once you have verified your account, you will go through a process of adding your information. You will attach your debit card to the account. This is where the money you send will come from.
  4. Once your account is all set up, it is finally time to send out your hard earned money. To send the money just repeat the steps you used to get to the Snapcash set up page and the dollar amount you typed in will be sent to whoever you sent it to.

Both the sender and the receiver must have their Snapcash accounts set up in order to send and receive money. The money is transferred through the company Square to ensure a secure transaction. The money is deposited directly into the recipients bank account. If the recipient does not have their debit card information entered into the app they will be prompted to do so when they receive money. If they do not enter their card information within 24 hours the money will be placed back into the sender’s bank account. If there card is set up they will simply receive a notification saying that the dollar amount was received.

If you want to help you buddies out on Snapchat, by sending them money, You have the option to do so. I doubt it will happen often, but I could see this coming in handy if there is a small emergency that can be solved with a few dollars.


Snapchat Filters – What is The Joy Filter on Snapchat?

Snapchat Filters- What is The Joy Filter on Snapchat Some of you may have noticed another filter available this Christmas. The filter is very simple just a few words and some snow falling in front of the image. Some may wonder what this filter is for; what is the occasion?  Below you will find information about the aesthetic features of the filter as well as some basic information about what the filter is promoting.

What is The Joy Filter on Snapchat?

The Joy filter on Snapchat is for promotional purposes. It is a promotion for a movie that was released Christmas day 2015. The filter consists of a snowy background with blue text that reads “JOY is…” at the top of the filter and blue and white text “JOY in theaters today” in the bottom left corner of the filter. Above the text in the bottom left hand corner of the filter there is a silhouette of a Christmas tree topped with a white star and covered in blue and white ornaments. It blends in pretty well with the snowy background and doesn’t pop very much.

How To Apply this Filter

The Joy Snapchat filter is applied fastest by swiping to the left once after you have taken a picture. When you are looking at the preview of the filter you will see the words sponsored temporarily located above the share button. This is just to show you that this filter is an advertisement for something and you will find that it disappears after a few seconds. The word “sponsored will not appear in your snap once it is posted or sent. I have found that combining this filter with the black and white filter is pretty appealing. The black and white goes well with the primarily white filter.

About The Movie Joy

Like Stated earlier this filter’s purpose was to promote the movie Joy. This movie features Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper. The basic plot of the movie is a family of four generations and the woman who rises to become the founder of a family business dynasty. The movie looks quite interesting. The genre is a biography drama. For more information about the movie CLICK HERE

Snapchat Filters – How to Get the DJ Khaled Another One Christmas 2015 Filter

Snapchat Filters - DJ Khaled Another One Christmas 2015 FilterThis past holiday season Snapchat released a new filter. This filter is a collection of some of the biggest pop culture events and people of 2015. The filter consists of reindeer posing as people and characters from different events. In the center of the filter there is a bold white “2015” that is surrounded by the reindeer. The background has sixties style snow falling from above the scene. There are also a few assorted presents of different sizes and colors. Below you will find a description of each of the different themed characters in the filter.

The Dress Reindeer Snapchat Filter

The Dress Snapchat FilterThe dress debacle caused a lot of controversy across the nation on social media. The dress, to some, looked blue and black but to others it looked white and gold. The controversy was created because of peoples perception of the colors. Some saw it simply as a black and blue dress. While others saw a shiny white dress reflecting a blue sky. The dress turned out to be blue and black but both sides had reasoning behind their opinion.

Shark Snapchat Filter

Katy Perry Shark Snapchat Filter

The Snapchat filter for Christmas 2015 also features some dancing sharks from last seasons super bowl. The sharks were part of Katy Perry’s halftime performance and sparked a short lived obsession in the United States. The Sharks were featured in television commercials and memes. There were even costumes that were designed to be the same as the sharks.

Kim Kardashian Reindeer Snapchat Filter

Kim Kardashian Snapchat Filter

Even Kim Kardashian makes an appearance in the Christmas Snapchat filter. She is represented by a reindeer wearing a pearl necklace who is holding a champagne bottle that is pouring over the reindeer’s body into a glass balanced on its rear end. This is supposed to represent the viral photo shoot done with Kim Kardashian earlier this year.

Hotline Bling Reindeer Snapchat Filter

Hotline Bling Snapchat FilterHotline bling took off recently on social media and makes it onto the Christmas Snapchat filter. This song is known for its music video with its creator, Drake, showing off some unique dance moves. These dance moves have been the subject of many memes. The song has also caught on and is has become fairly popular. Hotline Bling is represented by a reindeer showing off similar moves to Drake. The reindeer is wearing a red sweater and red santa pants. He also has a white beard similar to the style of Drake.

Dabbing Reindeer Snapchat Filter 

Dab Snapchat FilterThere have been a few popular dance moves that have gone viral this year. Including; the whip, the quan, and now the dab. This move has become extremely popular with college and professional football players. Players who have helped make the dab popular include Odell Beckham Jr. and Cam Newton. This popular trend is represented by two reindeer dabbing wearing a red ribbon with a bell around their neck, on either side of DJ Khaled.

DJ Kaled Snapchat Christmas Filter 

DJ Khaled Christmas 2015 Snapchat FilterThe center piece of the filter is the recently gone viral DJ Khaled. Made famous by his hit song “All I do is Win”, DJ Khaled has enjoyed plenty of success. He has recently been posting his “keys” to success by posting talks on his Snapchat story. He is represented by himself wearing a Santa hat and a red Santa Hoodie. He is wearing a few gold chains and he is holding up his pointer finger. Above him is some text that reads “Another One” which is what he says when he posts a new key to success.

How to Get This Filter

To use the Christmas filter you just swipe left once. You can only add this filter to photos that you take on the snapchat app itself.

Check out The Christmas Dog Snapchat Filter for 2016! This dog snapchat filter is one of the best filters of 2016.

How to Make Money on Snapchat

How to Make Money on SnapchatHow can I make easy money? This is the question that millions of people ask themselves every day. There are many different answers to this question but this article will be discussing how to make money on Snapchat by simply posting to your story. It will take a good amount of time to set everything up but once it is ready you will be able to rake in cash hand over fist. This strategy will require you to have a Snapchat account, a movile device, internet, and a creative mind. Below you will find the steps you should take in order to start earning another income just by using Snapchat.

How to Make Money on Snapchat – Process

To start off, create a Snapchat account that you will not mind being blown up with notifications. You can turn the notifications off if needed. Once the account is created you will need to think of a niche that could be filled. Whether the niche be comedy, sports, or news, it should be something unique that there is little or no competition. Once you have found a niche that has yet to be filled, you will need to find the one that will interest a high income demographic. So, for example, if you were deciding to choose between water polo and american football, you would choose american football because you would be able to achieve more followers who will have money to spend. This is the goal of the entire Snapchat account. To gain followers who will have money burning a hole in their pocket.

It is important to choose a niche that has a wealthy demographic that is interested in the topic. There will be a greater pay off if you have a following of two thousand people who have an income of over $100,000 as apposed to having a following of one million middle school students. This is because the reason you are gaining the followers is to advertise to them. When advertising, companies will be more willing to pay more to have their product or service viewed by people who have money to spend as apposed to kids who have no money available for spending. Snapchat Update - Super Fast Forward

Once you have chosen the niche that will attract a wealthy demographic, it is time to start posting content and marketing your account. When posting content you should be sure that it is of high quality. Do not post content that is poor quality. Make sure that the content captures the attention of your followers and make them want to watch it. This is where the creativity of the owner will come into play. The owner must find ways to keep followers interested in the account over a long period of time. If you can do this you will be able to sell advertising to companies. A great way to market your account is to get mentions from others who have a large following of the same or similar demographic. You can do this either by paying, or simply by emailing the owner and asking. Sometimes an account will mention your account if you mention theirs. You can also share your snapcode on social media so that people can follow your account. The more fool proof way to gain a large following is to post high quality content to your story that people will want to see. Word will spread and you will gain followers.

Now the hardest part has past and you can begin making money. You will want to contact companies that your following would be interested and let them know that you have a large following of potential customers and you would be willing to advertise for them. Some will decline, but others will pay a pretty penny to have their products promoted on your account. Sometimes they may even send you a free product or service so that you can show the following. This is why having a wealthy following is more valuable than a less wealthy following. Companies will be willing to pay more to be promoted to people who have money to spend on products.

Add me by my snap code at the top of the page to see examples on how to create posts and market your account. If you have any questions, let me know and I will be happy to help you out.


Online Marketing For Small Businesses – The Basics

Online Marketing for Small Businesses - The Basics If you own a small business you know how nerve racking it can be to grow your business and take it too the next level. This day in age having an online presence is extremely important to gaining new customers. This means having a website, marketing on social media, and some SEO optimization. When people look for a specific business in their area they will search for it online first. When people look for an online store, they are more likely to choose an online store that is ranked front page. This is why having a quality website is so beneficial for any small business that wants more customers and more profits.

Everyone knows that mobile phone use has been blowing up over the past few years. More and more people around the world use their mobile device to find local business’ as well as find online business’. This article will discuss the basic process to create a quality online presence for your small business.

Small Business Online Marketing 

A small business is a local shop, restaurant, or online business that typically caters to a specific population. They have either a physical storefront where they either sell goods or services to people or an online store that customers find through a search engine or social media. As the population of towns continue to grow, competition for local services will continue to grow as well. To stay ahead of the curve business’ will need to build an online presence by creating a quality website, with quality content, and quality marketing.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses – Website

The website for a small business should be easy to navigate and up to date. When I look online I see businesses that look like they have had the same website since 2001. This is not good for business. When customers come to a business’ website they should find a smooth, clean, organized, resource, that answers any questions they may have about the business. The website should also have a fast page speed (amount of time it takes a page to load) that doesn’t leave customers waiting for pages to load. When a customer is on a business’ website, they want the information they came for and they want it fast. If a business’ website can get them what they came for fast, the customer will be more likely to end up doing business with that business. Mobile readiness has also become big in the world of small business marketing. It is important that a business’ website is mobile friendly so that it functions effectively on a mobile platform. When a business’ webpage is optimized for a mobile platform it will be easily navigated from a mobile device which is very valuable considering the ever growing use of mobile devices.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses – Content

Building quality content is another great strategy to creating a quality web presence. When a business’ website can answer potential questions it will make the customer trust that business more than another and the customer will be more likely to do business with the business with the more informative resource. People want to spend their money where it will do the most for them. If a business has a resource with poor grammar and worthless content, customers will see that as a lack of professionalism. Quality content will also help a business rank in Google search. Google ranks business’ based on relevance to a keyword. So if a business’ resource answers a question being asked on Google, it will rank front page and earn the business more profits. If you have any trouble creating quality content email me at and I will be able to help.

Online Marketing for Small Businesses – Social Media 

Social Media is another tool businesses can use to gain more customers. Any small business should have a social media account with a few different social media platforms; Google Plus, Facebook, and Instagram are the three basic accounts any small business should have. Google Plus is valuable to a small business because it has a direct link to the search engine giant Google. Posts on Google Plus can also rank in search which is always good. Facebook is valuable to a small business due to the sheer amount of  people that use it. Instagram is valuable to share images of a product or services that customers may be interested in.

With any of these social media accounts, the goal is to gain more customers as well as keep them up to date on the products or services that your business offers. Gaining followers is a great way to help market a business. The great thing about having a following on social  media is that the following is known to have an interest in a business, because they followed the business.  So when a business shares a post to the following. It is going to be under the eyes of a group that is known to have an interest in the product, or an application of the product. If your business needs some help with a social media profile, email me at and I can help set up a professional social media account.


Real Estate SEO – Benefits of Hiring a Professional Content Writer

Real Estate SEO - Benefits of Hiring a Professional Content Writer If you want a reliable front page ranking in google search it is incredibly important that your website contains a resource page. This page should contain as much content as possible, and never stop growing if you want to rank first page on google. There are two routes you can take when creating this collection of content. One route is to write all of the content on your own. This is obviously the cheaper route. Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to content creation. Most real estate agencies that attempt to create their own resource fail to make it front page for two reasons. One, they lack the time to create a great resource that is updated every day. Or two, they simply do not know the formatting techniques required to rank for competitive keywords. The other more expensive route is to hire a content writer. Below you will find a list of pros and cons of hiring a professional content writer for your real estate website.

Real Estate SEO – Drawback of Hiring a Professional Content Writer

There is only really one real drawback to hiring a professional content creator to create a resource for your real estate website. The one disadvantage is the cost. On average it costs around $1,000 a month to hire a writer to write for your website. Sometimes it can be cheaper, sometimes it can be more expensive. It all depends on the keyword competition and the amount of writing it is going to take to get your website ranking first page in Google search. In order to rank for competitive keywords such as “Charlotte Real Estate” the resource is going to have to be much heftier than a resource that ranks for “Hickory, NC Real Estate”. For more information about pricing for our real estate SEO content writer, email us at

Along with this drawback there is another drawback that seems like it could have an effect on your business. Some businesses believe that if they hire a content writer, the writer won’t be able to write content with the same level of knowledge as someone in the profession being written about. In reality though, professional writers do extensive research on topics before they are trusted to write for clients. They also specialize on specific professions. Our writers here at OTLSM specialize in content creation for the real estate business. Other firms may specialize in law or dentistry. Our content writers can produce quality content that is as if the realtor is writing it themselves. If they are lacking for information they may ask their clients a few questions about their specific business before getting to work.

Real Estate SEO – Benefits of Hiring a Professional Content Writer

There are numerous benefits to real estate businesses that hire a content writer to create a quality resource for their website. The benefits include, a higher ranking in Google search that will not be demoted, more web traffic, and more revenue. All of these stem from the knowledge and skill of a professional content writer that will handle the entire process of creating the resource.

A higher ranking in Google search is achieved by having high quality content continuously being published on your business’ website. When Google crawls your website and finds that your resource is being updated with more quality content every day, your website will gain authority with Google.  Another source of authority for your website will be the links from other websites who find your resource to be beneficial for their clients/ visitors. More authority means higher rankings.

Ranking on page one of google for a competitive keyword will bring large numbers of potential clients to your website. Being ranked on page two in Google search is practically worthless when it comes to getting business. The only option for your website to be profitable is to rank on page one. Whether you achieve this by creating your own resource or by hiring a professional content writer, it is vital to increasing revenue for your business.

If you need any assistance with creating a resource, or would like one of our professional real estate SEO writers to create one for you, email us at for more information. Don’t hesitate to ask any general questions about organic SEO. We will be happy to assist you.