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The Dark Side Of Social Media

I have found social media as a tool to promote my content, myself, and my interests. Some people have found other ways to use it. There are the people that sell fake followers. I don’t understand why people would even want to buy followers in the first place when they can just get their own. There are also the people that just don’t know how to use social media. If you go to a community for a certain duck related television show, you will see what I mean. These people post things that People just don’t care about. Here is an example: “I missed it :(” Are you kidding me. How does that help me or entertain me. If they are going to do that go back to facebook. But I guess I could just not go to the community but their are some interesting articles about the show in the community. Another type of Google plus user that annoys me is the people that use Emoji’s. Why do you want to let people know that you are feeling excited. If you are, great, keep it to your self. Unless you are going to share why you are feeling excited, don’t. Do these people bother anybody else.

Where Do You Use Social Media?

Social media started out being websites that people visited to meet people and talk to friends. But now that phones give you the capability to use social media you don’t have to go to the computer anymore you just turn on your phone and it gives you all of your notifications. There is really no reason to use a computer, other than to have a keyboard and a bigger screen, that’s all the computer has to add to the experience. Before I got my cromebook I did all my social media on my phone. It started with instagram and has expanded to include Twitter and Google plus. Now I use Google plus more than any other. The reason I got started with instagram is because it was fast and easy. I think that is the main perk of using social media on a mobile platform. Facebook reported that seventy present of its users use it on mobile. This is just because people don’t have the time to just sit on a computer and dedicate time specifically to social media. They would rather check their feed while walking to their favorite food stand. Its all about speed and saving time now. What do you prefer Mobile or Computer?

Why Are Hashtags Important?

All social media connects you with people of a similar interest. How do they do it? Most social media services use hashtags (#) to connect you with people of similar interests. To do this you just have to search a hashtag and see who is posting to it. Twitter started the hashtag era when they started using hashtags to connect people. Ever since then all social media provides hashtags and hashtag search. Accept for Facebook. But today that changed. Today Facebook started using hashtags. will this help Facebook recover? I don’t think so. I have had good experiences using hashtags. On instagram I have met over thirty people that I now talk to very often. So in my opinion hashtags are a good change for facebook but it won’t help them out of the hole they are in.

Hashtags also help you find information on any social media service. If you could not tag a subject into your content there is no way for other people to find it. If people cannot find your content they cannot read it, if they cannot read it your information is just sitting, accomplishing nothing. As soon as you add a hashtag it will be much easier for millions of people to find your work. And use the information you provide to improve their knowledge on the subject that you wrote about.

Lots of companies now use hashtags so that people can share images of their product in photo contests. So basically what is happening is that they are creating a gallery of pictures, most of them being of their product. So if someone sees that hashtag on one of their friends’s pictures they will click the link and find all of that company’s products. So that company just got free advertising by creating a hashtag and hosting a contest on social media this is how social media can be beneficial to any company, big or small, looking to sell more product or service.

Which Operating System Is The Most Social?

iOS 7Operating systems have not been social in past years but recently Windows, Apple, and Android have been making their operating systems more social. How did they do this? Well Apple did it by adding the ability to post to facebook from the notification area. Android had the release of the Facebook phone which was a flop, Windows connects you to xbox live and any social media service you want all in one screen. But most recently Apple has released ios 7 which has the new air drop feature. This is the most social thing that I have seen in an operating system. It is basically Snapchat but better and it takes it a step further. It allows you to save pictures shared with you and you can share with as many people as you like. I think this feature makes ios 7 the most social os.

Are Ads On Social Media Good?

Ads on social media may seem bad at first but when you think about it, you start to realize how fortunate we are to have ads in our social media. What do I mean by this? I am saying that if we had no ads in social media they would be somewhere else. Somewhere much more annoying.  If ads were not in your social media they would be in your emails as spam or they would be constantly calling or texting you. Would you rather have a box in the corner of something you are reading or an inbox full of spam. Now I will admit that sometimes there is an ad that pops up in front of the article you are reading but that is not very common. And the fact is, people barley notice ads when they are reading. There is a statistic that says you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click an ad. That is bad news for the people paying for ads. But it is good that the ads are not noticed.

Are Google+ Users More Creative Than Other Social Media Users?

Google+ has gained a lot of new users over the passed couple of months. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing about this is Google+ will gain mor and more popularity. The bad thing is there will be more and more people that post pictures of their food and just simply post “breakfast”. These are what I like to call uncreative users. Google+ may get over run with these uncreative users. But the good news is that unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to exclude yourself from the uncreative users. This is the feature that will put Google+ on top. The original Google+ users are much more creative than Facebook or Instagram users that may switch over to Google+ in the near future. It is sad that people are so reliant on technology they cannot create information or find information themselves. I also believe that it takes more creativity just to create a google plus post than on other social media. Some of my friends try Google plus and quit. Why do they do this? Because they say it is too hard to post things and learn the interface. Learning the interface was the most fun part of getting into google plus for me. But I guess that people have adapted to these simple social media apps that only have two actions to post something and require no text. Then when they get to Google+ they have to create something for a post and they are overwhelmed. 

Do Kids Spend Too Much Time On Social Media?

This question is important. Kids today have access to so many recouses and tools that every one of them has the capability to do something great. But there is one thing containing them, Social Media. I see kids in middle school begging their parents for Facebook accounts so that they can be with their friends when they are not. They spend hours scrolling through a feed full of useless information. While they are doing this some other kids are reading. The kids that are reading will be a lot better off in the long run. It all comes down to creativity. When kids read about what their friend ate for breakfast that information is useless, the kid that is reading articles about current events will be improving his knowledge of vocabulary and useful information. I have seen kids that want access to Social Media that they accept the permission from their parents to do so as a birthday present. Kids always want to know what their friends are doing instead of doing what they could be doing. This generation will more than likely be one of the dumbest generations the United States has ever seen. 

Why Did Google Buy Waze?

Today Google bought Waze, a navigation program, for $1.3 billion. The question is why did they do it? Well I have two reasons why they would pay so much for a foreign company.
1.  To keep Facebook from getting their hands on it.
2.  To incorporate the real time traffic technology that It uses.
I feel that the main reason was reason number one. I feel this way because if google could get their mapping and navigation systems to be the best in the world, thats just another area they will dominate. But I can also see reason number two having to do with the decision to. Google might just be trying to keep Facebook from getting something that Google doesn’t have. But it happened and now google plans to keep Waze in Isreal for the next three years. After that they will more than likely get rid of the company and use the technology in google maps to give better traffic updates.

Speed is Key

This day in age everybody is looking to get information as fast as they can. If you can’t offer fast easy access to communicate you will not be successful. Evidence to support this is the fact that social apps like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat are very popular. They all offer a way to share information visually which is the fastest way to intemperate something. Vine takes it a step forward and adds sound to the visual. Facebook, on the other hand, has a mobile set up that is very complected. On top of that they change the interface all the time like it is no big deal. While Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat offer a fast and easy way to share visuals. But what is sad is that Instagram has had updates that have started to add complexities that do not make the app any better. An example of this is a random shape that appears on the screen when you have notifications. Because of this I feel that Instagram will have the same fate as Facebook and Myspace. At the same time Vine will have countless opportunities for businesses to benefit from the service. So in the next year Instagram will be in Facebook’s position and Facebook will be in Myspace’s position.

Vine more popular than instagram?

Vine surpassed Instagram in shares on twitter yesterday. What could this mean? Is Vine bigger than Instagram? I believe that Vine will pass Instagram but not now. In the near future Instagram will be another Facebook/Myspace story being used in small towns that have fallen behind. The idea of watching a short video is much better than just a picture that’s what Google+ has accomplished with Auto Awesome. Short clips can explain what is going on by themselves plus the voices and sounds you can hear from a vine video can get more information to you than just visuals. Overall Vine is just easier than Instagram. If you wanted to get a picture of a conversation or a cat doing something funny its harder to get a picture than it is to just film a short clip and share it. One thing Vine needs to improve is the interface. It can sometimes get annoying. Plus if you have an android you cannot use the front facing camera yet. So at this moment vine is just a seedling but eventually it is going to drown out Instagram and be the dominate mobile social network.