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How To Use Communities To Gain Followers

When using communities you might not think about getting more followers. Your caught up in sharing something with other people that have the same interests. But communities are one of the best ways to meet new people. Meeting new people is what gets you the followers. The reason communities are so good for meeting people, is that you can find a community about something that you are interested in and everybody in that community will had the same interest. So when you share to the community you will only be sharing it with people that appreciate it. So these people might just follow you. Its that simple, just share to communities, and communicate with others in the community.

You can also use communities to share your blog and website posts. Again you just find a community that relates to your post, then share it. Even when you do this people will check out your profile and they might add you. Just remember when people follow you, you should follow them back. It will cause a domino effect where you will show up in their followers suggested when they are looking for people to add.

How To Get Followers On Social Media

Google Plus:
If you have been having trouble gaining a following on social media. You came to the right place. Gaining a following does not require fame, fortune, or smarts. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you will see an increase in the number of people adding you to their circles.

The first thing you need to do is click on people on the left hand tab. Then go into added you. Add anybody that you might want to be friends with. If They added you Why not return the favor and give them an extra follower. Now click on suggestions and do the same thing. Add anybody that you might want to be friends with. There that was step one.

Step two is even easier, make your account public. If people are looking for people to follow a public account is going to be a lot easier to add than a private one. Another reason why this will help you gain followers is because if people can see what you are interested in they might think it is interesting and add you.

Now that you have the basic ways to gain followers out of the way its time to get into the juicy stuff. Your going to want to do some digging to find something that is very interesting to you. Once you have found it share it. Other people will see these interesting things you are posting and add you. Why would they do this? Because you are a source of information to them, and they want more of the interesting content or pictures that you can provide them.

The reason that you have to find something that is interesting to you in the previous step is because some of these people are going to want to talk to you about the subject. This is step four, Communicating. It can be hard to face for some people but if you are actually social on social media you will get more followers and actually make friends. These friends will cause people that have added them to have you in their suggestions when they are looking for people to follow. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and comment on peoples posts, and respond when people comment on yours.

And of course there is the laziest and most expensive way to gain followers and that is to buy them. This is the worst thing you can do. All you are doing is paying so that other people think that you have followers. The followers you gain are just fake accounts that, once paid, the owner will one by one log in to each account and follow you. I believe that it is a complete waist of money but if you are desperate, go ahead.

By: Jacob Kehler

Does Adding An Image To Your Post Attract More Attention?

When posting on social media, everybody’s goal is to get peoples
 attention. One of the best ways to do this is to add an image to the post. When you are scrolling through your feed a picture catches your attention way more than just a bunch of words. Pictures will also add information to your post. You can post info graphics to share an idea. Adding a photo can also show off how clever you can be. Sometimes sharing photos will be the topic of the entire post. When you share photography you are doing just that. What helps on Google + is sharing a full sized image. Sharing a full sized image will attract the most attention from your followers. So if you are posting something, do yourself a favor and post a picture. Spending just a few more seconds on your post could have a big impact.

Adding an image also gives your posts personality. Not literal feelings, it just establishes a tone. If you are writing about your topic in a negative way you would add a picture with a cool, dark color scheme. By doing this when your audience sees the picture they will instantly know that you are not happy about what you are writing about. If you are excited or happy about what you are writing about then you would do the opposite. Instead of using cool, dark colors you would use bright, warm colors. This shows you have a positive outlook on your topic.

Why Should You Share Other Peoples Content?

There are a lot of people using social media that never share other peoples content. This is not a good position to be in. If you don’t share other peoples content you won’t be seen as a reliable source of information. Credibility is important in getting a good following. If you only post about yourself people will get bored of your content and won’t look forward to what you are posting. If you don’t post content other than your own you need to get to it and get your reliability levels up. A good place to learn about finding good content is  This website contains a few tips to get you sharing quality information with your followers. If you don’t share others content you are not using social media correctly. Social media is made to spread ideas and information. And if information gets to you and stops you are defeating the purpose of social media.

What Is Your Social Media Strategy?

It is typical for people to have a strategy to their social media posts. Some people use automators like Buffer to set specific times for their posts. While others philosophy is to just post whenever they make them. It is all personal preference. Another good strategy is interaction. By interacting with other users you can find people with similar interests and ultimately get a bigger following. With a big following a problem you may face is responding to all of the interaction your followers have with you. Don’t let it suck up your time, your time is more valuable than responding to every comment. Another key to getting a good strategy set up is to keep it simple. If you don’t have to think about it, it will be easier to produce quality material. Sometimes you will have a strategy and it will be so simple you don’t even know you follow it. If this is the case you have a good strategy and you should keep it that way. If you struggle to follow your strategy you should simplify it.