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How To Post Quality Material That Ranks Well

Ranking high in a web search is not magic. There isn’t a button you press that automatically puts you at the top. It takes hard work and consistent writing. Here are some of the best ways I have found to increase the ranking of blogs.

First of all you want to own the domain. Buying the domain will show search engines that you are doing it for something other than fun, and that you are trustworthy. Search engines only promote sites that they believe are trustworthy sources of information. When you do not own your domain you could just be anyone, search engines don’t know if you are worth promoting. So if you want to rank well, do yourself a favor and purchase a domain.
Second, post original content. Don’t copy content off of other blogs or sites. Posting original content allows your blog to be seen as trustworthy. If you post original trustworthy content that solves problems that people are searching for, you are more likely to rank well. Also adding original media such as videos, podcasts, images, etc. will also make your blog more prone to higher rankings on search engines.
The last tip I will mention is back-links to your blog. Having links from other websites related on the topic back to you are very beneficial for high rankings. Going back to being trustworthy, if other sites trust you that shows search engines that you are in fact trustworthy. Also, never buy back links. The source makes a big difference. One back link from a high ranking site is more valuable than one hundred back links from insignificant blog. Don’t forget to back link to your own blog. Keep the readers on the blog as long as you can.
I hope this helps with any basic questions you have about ranking well in search.

When To Post For Maximum Ad Clicks

Some people write blogs to express themselves and let other people see what they are thinking or doing, they don’t really think of blogging as a big deal. Then there are the business sites that are devoted to driving customers to their business. Then there are those who blog for monetary gain. This is achieved by Placing ads on the blog or website. You can do this by making connecting an Adsense to the blog.
Putting ads on the blog is not going to instantly make you money. they have to be clicked before you generate any revenue. To do this you need traffic. To generate maximum traffic you must post at the right time of day. Not too early, not too late. Depending on where you are the times will be a little different.
The trick during the week is to post during east coast work hours. Lets face it, we all get bored at work and start surfing the internet. Plus bored people at work are more likely to click ads. So the exact times that are optimum for maximum traffic are: on weekdays from 9a.m. to 3p.m. eastern time. It is important to remember that this is eastern time because most of the country’s population is located here.
When posting on the weekend follow the same rule.
Also be sure to share your posts to a community or group on social media to pick up more viewers. Every extra visitor is another potential click, and clicks equal cash.

Google Hangouts vs. Face Time

Most apple users are familiar with the application Face Time. Which allows you to speak to friends and family face to face. Google also gives you the ability to do this through  an application called Google Hangouts. The two applications accomplish the same goal. They both allow you to see the face of the person you are speaking with. But there are some differences that you can find.

To start off FaceTime is produced by Apple and can only be used on Apple devices. To acces FaceTime both the caller and the called upon must have an apple device. To start a FaceTime you either begin with a normal call then transfer to a FaceTime, or go to the contact you would like to speak with, then click the FaceTime icon instead of the phone icon.
Once a FaceTime  has begun it is pretty strait forward, just talk, nothing fancy. Where as on hangouts you have plentiful options to choose from. With Google hangouts you have the ability to talk to more than one person at a time. Which is an advantage over FaceTime. You can also add effects, like different backgrounds, or masks to go over your face. There are also sound effects you can mess around with. These tools are just for when you want to mess around and have a good laugh. Google Hangouts also gives you option to make your chat live on YouTube. This is handy for interviews, or just sharing a conversation live to anyone who wants to watch. You can also take screenshots of yourself or the people you are chatting with.
Hangouts and FaceTime both get the job done. The job being speaking with friends and family face to face. Although they have different options and abilities. FaceTime is more suited for families and is very simple and straight forward. Hangouts can be more complicated, but also adds some new twists to the chat.
Try the two and see which is best suited for you and your needs. 

Why is Snapchat so Valuable; Turning Down Billion Dollar Offers?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send their friends photos and videos that can only be viewed for a short period of time. Simple idea right? This simple idea is worth billions; Snapchat has been offered tree billion by facebook and four billion by Google. Both offers were declined. So how much is Snapchat really worth? It is hard to put a finger on the exact number but here is what we do know: Snapchat’s value will only increase in the time to come. Does Snapchat think they can profit more than four billion dollars from the app? Advertisements. Right now Snapchat appeals to a demographic of older kids and young adults, but it is being used by more and more people just because its simple effectiveness. So advertisements on the app will rake in money for the company. Ads will show up for a few seconds before every few snaps. The ads may cause some people to say that they are going to stop using Snapchat, but most will be more than happy to look at the ad for a few seconds because they know that they will get to see the snap. It is just like YouTube. Ads before videos are annoying but everyone is willing to wait through the fifteen or three second ads so they can see the content hidden behind them. If I were Google I would drop whatever amount of money they want for Snapchat. Snapchat will only get bigger, and if it integrated into Google Plus, Google plus would explode.

Should YouTube Create a Rival To Twitter’s Vine

Twitter created vine as a way to share short (six second) videos with your friends. Eventually it grew and nearly  beat out Facebook’s Instagram. But now it seems like vine has been on a decline ever since Instagram came out with video sharing with longer videos (fifteen seconds). I believe that it is time for Google to get their hand into the bowl. YouTube has an enormous amount of traffic each and every day; as does the mobile app. So what if Google was to create a mobile app to rival Vine. Where you can share short videos with the web and have the videos in your subscribers feed. Instead of having captions it would be just like the YouTube we know now with a title and a description. Plus having the ability to search for clips instead of just browsing for them through a vague compilation. The videos would be a minute or less; longer than Instagram and Vine but still shorter than the time consuming six minute videos on the main site. Have you ever found yourself watching one short clip after another on YouTube and before you know it thirty minutes have passed. That is what people would do with this app; entertain themselves. It would be the top app on the app or Google play store.  All of these features would add up to an app that could put Instagram and Vine on the sidelines. Integrating the app with Google plus would make it even better. Creating this app would be an incredibly worthwhile endeavor for Google. Thousands… No.. Millions would visit this app daily to share with the world. Everybody would benefit; Google, users, and companies that want to advertise. What company wouldn’t want their ad on an app like this. Users could make money as well by integrating adsense. the possibilities are endless.

New From Google – Mobile Search App Could Look A Lot Like Google Now

Google has recently been working on a new interface for the mobile search app. It will look a lot like something we have seen before. The new app will have cards instead of a long list. all of the cards will have different information about what you search for example if you search “Google” there will be a card for information about the company, a card for stock, a card for search results and a card for news, images, etc. You will be able to swipe away cards that you do not want on the screen you can also disable some cards from coming up. If the cards on search are a success they will apply the card idea to desktop search to. The problem I see with this is that you could not swipe the cards away and it could turn into a pain. I have this problem with the google plus notifications. I find myself trying to swipe with the track pad but in reality I have to click the little X. I can’t wait for the new interface to be applied. I think it will make search faster and smoother. I just hope the find an efficient way to deal with removing the cards.

New From Google – Android YouTube App Update

The YouTube app has recently been updated, I believe last night, and the changes are aesthetic as well as functional. The first thing you will notice is the new visual for the app. It is a red rectangle with rounded off corners with a white play symbol in the middle. When you open the new updated app you will have your what to watch section. It is pretty much the same accept for the fact that it is now lighter colored. If you swipe your finger to the right you will have your options and your subscriptions.

The coolest new feature I have found is that when you are watching a video you can minimize the video and navigate the app while the video plays in the bottom right corner. To get rid of the small screen you can swipe it to the left or right. To maximize it you can either tap on it or swipe it up. Its not going to revolutionize the way you watch videos but I think it is pretty cool. It is also pretty handy when listening to music or creating a playlist so that the sound will still be playing while you are searching for the next video. To sum it up I like the update. Do you like the new YouTube?

Movies And Social Media

Movies have not changed in years. At least the way they are released to the public. Movies have always been shown in movie theaters. Recently some movies have been released on Direct TV and similar television providers. But I would not be surprised if in the not so distant future movies are released on social media. Weather it is on Youtube, or on a Google plus hangout on air. It would be Amazing to be able to watch the midnight releases on a hangout. And now with chromecast or apple TV you could put the movie right on your TV.

Eventually all entertainment will be on social media. TV, movies, even Sports. Could there be a new way to watch television, maybe on Google? Only time will tell. Could you imagine being able to cancel your television provider and save hundreds of dollars a year. It would also make watching television a better experience. How? By linking the television to Google plus and being able to comment on what you are watching with certain communities or circles. With Google anything is possible.

Why Getting Authorship From Google Is Important

Have you ever searched something and seen links to articles in the search results with a picture of the author. Have you ever wondered how they achieved this. It actually isn’t that hard. It is achieved by getting authorship from Google. When you get authorship your content will be favored over everybody else’s and rank higher in search. Which in turn will get you more page views and ultimately more clicks on advertisements. When Its all said and done you get more money. The hard part is linking your blog or website to your Google plus account. To do this you have to type in a special code into the about me section of your blog. It is hard to explain so I will just put a link to a website that describes exactly how to do it. Another key part to getting authorship is having a recognizable picture of your face on your Google profile.

Once you have authorship you will start ranking higher in search. This will play a key role in marketing your content. Another thing you can do to market your content is to use communities  . These will also help you market your content and help you find information to create more content. It is okay to join more than one community that is about the same thing. This will only increase your knowledge on the subject and make your content better. Another tip I will give you is to add an image. Learn more

How To Get Followers On Social Media

Google Plus:
If you have been having trouble gaining a following on social media. You came to the right place. Gaining a following does not require fame, fortune, or smarts. All you need to do is follow these simple steps and you will see an increase in the number of people adding you to their circles.

The first thing you need to do is click on people on the left hand tab. Then go into added you. Add anybody that you might want to be friends with. If They added you Why not return the favor and give them an extra follower. Now click on suggestions and do the same thing. Add anybody that you might want to be friends with. There that was step one.

Step two is even easier, make your account public. If people are looking for people to follow a public account is going to be a lot easier to add than a private one. Another reason why this will help you gain followers is because if people can see what you are interested in they might think it is interesting and add you.

Now that you have the basic ways to gain followers out of the way its time to get into the juicy stuff. Your going to want to do some digging to find something that is very interesting to you. Once you have found it share it. Other people will see these interesting things you are posting and add you. Why would they do this? Because you are a source of information to them, and they want more of the interesting content or pictures that you can provide them.

The reason that you have to find something that is interesting to you in the previous step is because some of these people are going to want to talk to you about the subject. This is step four, Communicating. It can be hard to face for some people but if you are actually social on social media you will get more followers and actually make friends. These friends will cause people that have added them to have you in their suggestions when they are looking for people to follow. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and comment on peoples posts, and respond when people comment on yours.

And of course there is the laziest and most expensive way to gain followers and that is to buy them. This is the worst thing you can do. All you are doing is paying so that other people think that you have followers. The followers you gain are just fake accounts that, once paid, the owner will one by one log in to each account and follow you. I believe that it is a complete waist of money but if you are desperate, go ahead.

By: Jacob Kehler