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College Football National Championship – Follow It On Social Media

Weather this is the biggest game in college football or the biggest game in all of football, the college football national championship is tonight at eight thirty. This years mach up is going to be interesting. No south eastern conference this year. Its the big ten and the pac twelve. The Ohio State Buckeyes will face off against the Oregon Ducks in Arlington Texas. Its always fun to see what other people are thinking during the game. The smack talk before the game is also quite entertaining.

The best place to witness this trash talk will definitely be on twitter. Just watch the hashtag UOvsOSU. I’m almost one hundred percent sure there will be rant after rant. Fans gone wild, defending their team. Trash talk on social media is the funniest part of sporting events. 
On the other hand, social media can give you a behind the scenes look at the game. Snapchat usually makes a compilation of peoples view of the game. Like tailgating and the view from their seats. They also have snaps from the players in the locker room getting ready. It is interesting seeing the players preparing for the game. 
On Instagram you can view sports center, college football playoff, or other sports broadcast accounts. They will be constantly posting hype before the game. They will also post interesting photos and videos of big moments in the game. 
Social media is a great way to interact with other fans and provides a different perspective of the game. So don’t forget to check social media throughout the game. It will keep you entertained during the commercials and just enhance the whole viewing experience. 

Should YouTube Create a Rival To Twitter’s Vine

Twitter created vine as a way to share short (six second) videos with your friends. Eventually it grew and nearly  beat out Facebook’s Instagram. But now it seems like vine has been on a decline ever since Instagram came out with video sharing with longer videos (fifteen seconds). I believe that it is time for Google to get their hand into the bowl. YouTube has an enormous amount of traffic each and every day; as does the mobile app. So what if Google was to create a mobile app to rival Vine. Where you can share short videos with the web and have the videos in your subscribers feed. Instead of having captions it would be just like the YouTube we know now with a title and a description. Plus having the ability to search for clips instead of just browsing for them through a vague compilation. The videos would be a minute or less; longer than Instagram and Vine but still shorter than the time consuming six minute videos on the main site. Have you ever found yourself watching one short clip after another on YouTube and before you know it thirty minutes have passed. That is what people would do with this app; entertain themselves. It would be the top app on the app or Google play store.  All of these features would add up to an app that could put Instagram and Vine on the sidelines. Integrating the app with Google plus would make it even better. Creating this app would be an incredibly worthwhile endeavor for Google. Thousands… No.. Millions would visit this app daily to share with the world. Everybody would benefit; Google, users, and companies that want to advertise. What company wouldn’t want their ad on an app like this. Users could make money as well by integrating adsense. the possibilities are endless.

How to Use Instagram to its Full Potential

Lots of people use Instagram. Some do it right some are just plain lost. There is no right or wrong way to use Instagram, but there are mistakes that cause people to miss out on some of the benefits of using it. There are multiple reasons people post on Instagram: there are those who post simply to have fun, there are some who post to share with friends, then there are those who post to promote themselves, their work or their business.

Posting is the most basic part of using any social media platform. There are a few ways you can make sure your posts do what you want them to do. If you are in it for fun or to share with friends, post and your done. If you are trying to promote something then here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of every post.
First you need to have a good quality picture. It also needs to be something that will catch your followers attention. Make sure the picture you choose has something to do with what you are trying to promote. That is pretty obvious.
Your caption needs to link your image to what you are promoting. It will also help you get traffic from Instagram to your post to your website, or business. To create a good caption, write a sentence that tells a story about where the image is from or what the image is. Your also going to want to add hashtags, and tag any other accounts related to the image.
A good way to loose a following is to post more than three times a day. If you drown your followers feed they will eventually get bored and make the green button blue again. So stick to keeping posts more than two hours apart and no more than four posts a day.

Hashtags are the best way to get followers and people to see your posts and eventually you or your business. The best way I have found to use hashtags to gain a following is to find a hashtag related to your post that has around fifteen thousand posts on it and start posting to that hashtag every other day. This will mean you pretty much dominate the hashtag. This helps you get followers because people who are interested in that hashtag will search it, when they search it they find your post, when they find your post they find you, and since your posts are related to something they are interested they will follow you. Once they follow you they will see all of your posts and become interested in you or your business and want to find out more that is where your profile comes in.

Your profile is what people see and what links your Instagram posts to your website. You need to have your profile picture something that will catch peoples eye. Pictures of you, something related to your posts or a logo work well.
How do you link to your website? With your bio. Your bio should contain a description of you or your business, and a link to your website. Having a link in your bio is the only way you can link your profile to a website.
When it comes to weather or not you should make your profile private or public, make it public nobody likes it when you don’t know what an account is posting about before they follow them.
Another way you can gain followers is to follow people that have similar posts as you or businesses that are related to yours. And when  people follow you follow them back if they have interests similar to you or your business they are the ones that can turn into friends or customers.

Instagram and Snap My Ad


Most people know that Instagram can sell its users photos to generate their own revenue. But wait have you ever read the new terms and conditions. Instagram cannot sell your pictures to earn money but now you have your chance to get rewarded for your photos. Snap my ad is the new app that allows you to sign into your instagram account and choose what photos you want to share. The next step is to search brands to interact with and get rewarded for your photos. The prizes include gift cards and magazine subscriptions. The brands get rewarded with the right to use your photos in ads. If you want to give this app a shot you better own an IOS device because the app is only available on the app store. The app is not available on the google play store, yet. So I have no way to try it out. But if you try it let me know how your experience with the app goes. Here is the link to download

Instagram Videos Have Stopped Vine’s Rise In Popularity

Personally I thought that Instagram videos would not be able to compete with Vine. I could not be more wrong. Instagram’s videos are longer and you can delete segments. After more than a month of using the new service I have not looked at my vine account, so I would say that it is better, for me at least. Weather or not you prefer short or shorter videos that is up to you. We will see how vine and instagram evolve and change. Vine has improve their android app. Now that I am looking at the app after all these weeks, it is really starting to look like the instagram app. But Instagram has one thing that vine seems to be having trouble with. It is the fact that on instagram I have actually met people and communicated with them, on vine the only vines I see are by people I already know. So only time will tell what new changes these two video sharing apps will go through.

Why Are Hashtags Important?

All social media connects you with people of a similar interest. How do they do it? Most social media services use hashtags (#) to connect you with people of similar interests. To do this you just have to search a hashtag and see who is posting to it. Twitter started the hashtag era when they started using hashtags to connect people. Ever since then all social media provides hashtags and hashtag search. Accept for Facebook. But today that changed. Today Facebook started using hashtags. will this help Facebook recover? I don’t think so. I have had good experiences using hashtags. On instagram I have met over thirty people that I now talk to very often. So in my opinion hashtags are a good change for facebook but it won’t help them out of the hole they are in.

Hashtags also help you find information on any social media service. If you could not tag a subject into your content there is no way for other people to find it. If people cannot find your content they cannot read it, if they cannot read it your information is just sitting, accomplishing nothing. As soon as you add a hashtag it will be much easier for millions of people to find your work. And use the information you provide to improve their knowledge on the subject that you wrote about.

Lots of companies now use hashtags so that people can share images of their product in photo contests. So basically what is happening is that they are creating a gallery of pictures, most of them being of their product. So if someone sees that hashtag on one of their friends’s pictures they will click the link and find all of that company’s products. So that company just got free advertising by creating a hashtag and hosting a contest on social media this is how social media can be beneficial to any company, big or small, looking to sell more product or service.

Why Is Instagram Going To Loose Popularity?

Instagram is a photo sharing social media app that was released in october of 2010 but has just now been gaining popularity. But I believe that this popularity is on the decline. Apps like Vine are now taking center stage as more people switch to video sharing instead of pictures. Why is this? You can share so much more in a six second video than in a still shot. The problem Vine is having is the fact that it is not as social as Instagram. There is no way to find your friends unless you link your Twitter or Facebook contacts. The problem for me is that I am just getting started on Twitter and have no contacts to link to Vine. Another problem with vine is that you cannot delete comments without going through multiple steps. Instagram on the other hand has a search and has the ability to delete comments. But I believe that Vine, being owned by a social media giant, will fix these problems before vine is history.

Are Google+ Users More Creative Than Other Social Media Users?

Google+ has gained a lot of new users over the passed couple of months. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing about this is Google+ will gain mor and more popularity. The bad thing is there will be more and more people that post pictures of their food and just simply post “breakfast”. These are what I like to call uncreative users. Google+ may get over run with these uncreative users. But the good news is that unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to exclude yourself from the uncreative users. This is the feature that will put Google+ on top. The original Google+ users are much more creative than Facebook or Instagram users that may switch over to Google+ in the near future. It is sad that people are so reliant on technology they cannot create information or find information themselves. I also believe that it takes more creativity just to create a google plus post than on other social media. Some of my friends try Google plus and quit. Why do they do this? Because they say it is too hard to post things and learn the interface. Learning the interface was the most fun part of getting into google plus for me. But I guess that people have adapted to these simple social media apps that only have two actions to post something and require no text. Then when they get to Google+ they have to create something for a post and they are overwhelmed. 

What Time Should I Post On Social Media?

A lot of people wonder what is the best time to post things on social media. The answer to that question is yet another question: what are you posting? If you are just posting to share something with friends or something you thought was cool it really doesn’t matter what time you post it. Just post it before you forget. But if it is content that you need to get traffic on, that is a different story. The busiest time of day is during the work hours. Admit it, you feel the urge to check your feed every so often while you are supposed to be working. You should get the most traffic between the hours of 11 and 5. So in other words avoid posting things in the early mornings and late evenings if you want more people to see it.

Why Did Vine Do Better Than Cinemagram?

There are a few reasons why the social app Vine did so much better than Cinemagram. Some of the reasons are obvious while others are not. One of the major reasons why it was not as good is the fact that it was not visually pleasing. Orange is not a social media color. When I see red it is usually on warning signs and I typically avoid those. Another thing against it is the lack of audio in the videos. I have been reading through some of the recent comments for the app and it looks like they cut the video max length to six seconds in an attempt to imitate Vine. Another thing Vine has going for it is the fact that it is linked to a successful social media site and not some company trying to get recognized in all of the social media chaos. I have also heard that the video quality is not as good as vine but I have been having some quality issues with vine myself. whenever the light changes it takes too long for the camera to adjust. In summary I believe that vine is the better app and that Cinemagram will never be one of the greats. If I had to choose an app that would dominate the short clip area it would have to be vine or a Google version of it. If Google were to do a “Youtube lite” ,where videos were short, it would very popular.