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Online College Programs Vs. Traditional Universities

Getting your college degree is essential to get a decent job these days. Businesses will not hire individuals who lack a college degree. College degrees show employers that you can handle a tough schedule and can handle large volumes of work. In the end they want someone who will make them money. Businesses want individuals that will stop at nothing to get the job done and make the company money.
Going to college can be very time consuming, and if you are living on campus it is pretty much your life. But there is another option. Most major Universities have online programs. This allows students to earn their degree from anywhere in the country. This allows students to save money on either housing on campus, or commuting to and from classes. It is also handy because you can hold a job easier and earn money while in college.
Some programs give you virtual avatars so you can interact with other students. They can be very complicated. These avatars have a virtual classroom to move around in and do what you would do in a regular class. It is basically like a social media platform for college. You get to chat and talk with students and earn your degree at the same time. I know social media will eventually play a huge role in all schools, including public grade schools. You can read about that HERE
In conclusion online college can be a better option for some students, while others will have a better time physically going to classes.

Will Stores Be An Endangered Species?

It seems like stores are a very important part of out everyday life but they could be fewer of them faster than you think. Online shopping is getting more and more popular. Why is this? Because you can visit multiple stores without spending a penny on gas. Social media could take this a step forward. Toyota recently released a way to create custom Toyota cars with your friends and you can also talk to an expert. Social media will soon be how we shop for everything. Google also has the ability for you to walk through buildings virtually. This technology may even be used for shopping in the future. Online stores like Amazon get you the best deals on almost anything you would ever want. In my opinion stores today are just show rooms for online stores. The only reason people go to stores now is to see how cloths feel and fit or how any product feels or fits. The stores that will take longer to go online are food and produce stores. These will stay in physical buildings for longer.