Category: photo sharing

Speed is Key

This day in age everybody is looking to get information as fast as they can. If you can’t offer fast easy access to communicate you will not be successful. Evidence to support this is the fact that social apps like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat are very popular. They all offer a way to share information visually which is the fastest way to intemperate something. Vine takes it a step forward and adds sound to the visual. Facebook, on the other hand, has a mobile set up that is very complected. On top of that they change the interface all the time like it is no big deal. While Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat offer a fast and easy way to share visuals. But what is sad is that Instagram has had updates that have started to add complexities that do not make the app any better. An example of this is a random shape that appears on the screen when you have notifications. Because of this I feel that Instagram will have the same fate as Facebook and Myspace. At the same time Vine will have countless opportunities for businesses to benefit from the service. So in the next year Instagram will be in Facebook’s position and Facebook will be in Myspace’s position.

Snapchat Competition?

It seems like snapchat has no competition but as it turns out there are other apps like Snapchat if you go deep into the play store and app store you might find Wink. This app is similar to Snapchat in the sense that it allows you to share photos instantly. The differences might make it a more popular app than Snapchat. What I believe that makes Wink better is that it allows you to share the same picture with multiple people. You can also like peoples pictures like on Instagram. another feature that makes wink a little better is the fact that you can choose photos from your gallery to share. I could see Wink becoming just as if not more popular than Snapchat in the next couple of months. I will download it and see what it is all about then do an update on how the interface is and how it compares in the long run.