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How To Post Quality Material That Ranks Well

Ranking high in a web search is not magic. There isn’t a button you press that automatically puts you at the top. It takes hard work and consistent writing. Here are some of the best ways I have found to increase the ranking of blogs.

First of all you want to own the domain. Buying the domain will show search engines that you are doing it for something other than fun, and that you are trustworthy. Search engines only promote sites that they believe are trustworthy sources of information. When you do not own your domain you could just be anyone, search engines don’t know if you are worth promoting. So if you want to rank well, do yourself a favor and purchase a domain.
Second, post original content. Don’t copy content off of other blogs or sites. Posting original content allows your blog to be seen as trustworthy. If you post original trustworthy content that solves problems that people are searching for, you are more likely to rank well. Also adding original media such as videos, podcasts, images, etc. will also make your blog more prone to higher rankings on search engines.
The last tip I will mention is back-links to your blog. Having links from other websites related on the topic back to you are very beneficial for high rankings. Going back to being trustworthy, if other sites trust you that shows search engines that you are in fact trustworthy. Also, never buy back links. The source makes a big difference. One back link from a high ranking site is more valuable than one hundred back links from insignificant blog. Don’t forget to back link to your own blog. Keep the readers on the blog as long as you can.
I hope this helps with any basic questions you have about ranking well in search.

Will Youtube Get Beat Out By Vine?

Youtube is used by millions each day, but can vine beat out this giant and take the top spot for video sharing? This all depends on the decisions that vine makes later. Right now the answer would be no. It is lacking simple features that would make the app so much better. Simple additions like a keyword search, or a way to undo a section of footage. Any of those would have a huge impact. Another problem I see with vine is the fact that It doesn’t rank in search. Youtube videos on the other hand will show up on the first pages of a google search if you search the keyword. With vine videos you have to find whoever made the vine then find the video, or just find it on twitter. If google were to come out with a youtube Short where you share six second videos, it would beat out vine for sure. But if vine adds search and finds a way to rank in google search, it would be interesting to see what happens. If vine doesn’t add new features it is just going to be another social app and never grow to be something big.

How Big Will Vine Get?

     Vine has so much more potential to expand now that it is on Android. Now there will be much more creative people using the service. It also has the capability to attract businesses to advertise on it. Think about how cool it would be just to see a new product in a short six second video instead of watching a thirty second commercial before a Youtube video. There are so many options to expand using Vine. Would you rather spend ten minutes watching a hole in golf or six seconds watching each stroke? Speed is the key now and that is why sports like golf and tennis are not popular to watch on tv. Most people are too impatient to watch the two minutes between the action. There are countless ideas you can use a six second video to make information faster to get. There are a few problems with vine though.

1.  No front facing camera for Android.
2.  No way to search hashtags or keywords. 
3.  Does not rank in search.
The front facing camera issue is not as important as the no search and the fact that if you post a vine video it wont be shown in search results on Google. This will limit the business uses for the app because now you can’t use it to get people on the internet to see what you want them to see. wether it be a product or service. But because Vine is related to Twitter these major flaws will be fixed and vine will be one of the top if not the top social media app