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What Is Your Social Media Strategy?

It is typical for people to have a strategy to their social media posts. Some people use automators like Buffer to set specific times for their posts. While others philosophy is to just post whenever they make them. It is all personal preference. Another good strategy is interaction. By interacting with other users you can find people with similar interests and ultimately get a bigger following. With a big following a problem you may face is responding to all of the interaction your followers have with you. Don’t let it suck up your time, your time is more valuable than responding to every comment. Another key to getting a good strategy set up is to keep it simple. If you don’t have to think about it, it will be easier to produce quality material. Sometimes you will have a strategy and it will be so simple you don’t even know you follow it. If this is the case you have a good strategy and you should keep it that way. If you struggle to follow your strategy you should simplify it.

Are Google+ Users More Creative Than Other Social Media Users?

Google+ has gained a lot of new users over the passed couple of months. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing about this is Google+ will gain mor and more popularity. The bad thing is there will be more and more people that post pictures of their food and just simply post “breakfast”. These are what I like to call uncreative users. Google+ may get over run with these uncreative users. But the good news is that unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to exclude yourself from the uncreative users. This is the feature that will put Google+ on top. The original Google+ users are much more creative than Facebook or Instagram users that may switch over to Google+ in the near future. It is sad that people are so reliant on technology they cannot create information or find information themselves. I also believe that it takes more creativity just to create a google plus post than on other social media. Some of my friends try Google plus and quit. Why do they do this? Because they say it is too hard to post things and learn the interface. Learning the interface was the most fun part of getting into google plus for me. But I guess that people have adapted to these simple social media apps that only have two actions to post something and require no text. Then when they get to Google+ they have to create something for a post and they are overwhelmed.