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Buzz Feed and IHeartRadio On Snapchat Discover

The Snapchat discover page is a place where Snapchat has gathered sponsored content and put it all in one place on the app. This sponsored content is the main way that Snapchat is making money. Companies pay to have their content sponsored in the Snapchat discovery page. In a recent update, Snapchat has moved the Sponsored content to the stories page on the app. This increases the money Snapchat can charge to promote the content. The content is from companies such as People Magazine, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, ESPN, Food Network, National Geographic, CNN, and Vice. In the most recent update however, there have been two new content providers added to the discover page of Snapchat. Buzz Feed and iHeart Radio are the newest members of the Snapchat discover page.

The Buzz Feed section of the discover page is filled with just random information and facts. It is full of fun graphics that are colorful and eye catching. It Is very similar to the Buzz Feed website, but in a magazine format. I have spoken with many younger users who are actually interested in using this feature on discover because of the addition of Buzz Feed. The other recent addition to the discover page is the iHeart Radio section. This section is full of everything having to do with the music world. With information regarding the upcoming iHeart Music Awards, as well as giving you the latest scoop on any events in the music world. I have found that with these recent additions, I have been finding myself spending more time in the discover section of Snapchat. The random facts and information provided in the new sections have added a lot of new information to the app. These new additions will fit in with Snapchat’s users, which are usually a younger demographic. Check out these new additions and see what is going on in the music world and what random information you can find out about on Buzz Feed.

How to Facetime on Snapchat – Helpful Tips


Image result for snapchat logoIn an update a little over a year ago, in one of the biggest Snapchat updates. The ability to facetime was added to the Snapchat app. This feature allows users to facetime with other snappers that are also using the app. When the update was first made public, many snappers had trouble figuring out how to facetime on Snapchat. It seems a little complicated when you first try it but it once you’ve done it a few times it is extremely simple. To facetime on Snapchat, both participants must be on each others messaging page. You can tell they are on the messaging page as you when the bottom right gallery button turns from yellow to blue.

This button usually allows you to send pictures from your gallery in the Snapchat messenger. When this gallery button turns blue that means that you and the person you are messaging are both on the same screen. When this happens you can hold down the blue button which will start the facetime feature. When you press and hold the button you it will first display a circle containing the view of your front facing camera. As soon as you hold down the blue button the view from your camera will replace the messages on the other users screen. There will be no audio until the other member presses and holds the blue button. Once the other user presses and holds the blue button on their screen. The messages on your screen will be replaced by the view from their front facing camera. The facetime will end when either one of the participants leaves the message page, or both participants remove their finger.
Congratulations, you are now Snapchat facetiming. There are a few little tricks you can do once you have initiated the facetime with your friend. The first one I am going to mention is flipping the camera. To switch between your front facing camera and your regular camera, you have just have to slide your finger to the top half of the screen this will flip the camera from front facing, to normal. To switch it back, you just slide your finger back to the bottom half of the screen. It can be kind of tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be intuitive. The second little tip I’m going to give you is how to lock the facetime so that you do not have to hold your finger down the whole time you are facetiming. To lock the facetime just slide your finger to either the very top of your screen, or the very bottom of your screen, your circle with the view of your camera will follow your finger to either the top or the bottom. Then just hold your finger, with the circle following it, at the top or bottom of the screen. When you do this a transparent lock symbol will appear. When it does slide your circle to the symbol; this will lock it in place so that you don’t have to hold it there the whole time. This helps greatly if you are sharing live video for an extended period of time.


How to Add a Selfie to Customize Your Snap Code

Image result for snapchatThe July 2015 update for Snapchat had plenty of new additions to the app including: one tap story viewing, and a new snap code option. The new snap code option allows snappers to add a series of selfies that form a GIF. This GIF is then played in the center of your snap code. It is also what is seen by other snappers when you add them. It is pretty much just a profile picture for your Snapchat account. If you do not customize your snap code a random image of the Snapchat ghost with a random facial expression will display instead of your selfie GIF. Customizing your snap code is extremely easy and fun. So don’t be boring, follow the steps below to customize your snap code. It doesn’t take any time at all. 

The process of customizing your snap code by adding selfies is actually incredibly simple. First you are going to want to open the Snapchat app. Next you will be sent to the camera page of the app by default. There will be a ghost symbol at the top of the page in the center.

Tap the ghost at the top center of the screen, Or just swipe from top to bottom across the screen. You will be presented with this screen:
Your snap code is the yellow box above your username. Your snap code can be snapped by other snappers and it automatically adds you to their friends.  To customize your snap code with a selfie, simply tap on your snap code. When you tap on your snap code it will blow up and the white ghost will turn into your viewfinder for capturing your selfies.

To capture the selfies you just tap the circle underneath your code. The selfies will be captured in a burst of four pictures with a few seconds in between so that you can make another funny face or just adjust. Before the pictures are taken it will say, Ready, Set, Go. After the pictures are taken, they are turned into a GIF and will play in the silhouette  of the ghost. When you request to add people they will be able to see your selfie GIF. If you want to erase your customized snap code and return it to the default white ghost, just tap on your code again and tap the top left button that looks like a ghost with an arrow rotating counter clockwise around it.

Snapchat Discover Bar on the Stories Page

The discover page on Snapchat was added a few updates ago. It is a collection of sponsored content from companies. The content ranges from articles to videos and even quizzes. Content is provided by companies such as CNN, People Magazine, ESPN, Food Network and many more. They used to be located on a page labeled ‘Discover’ but have recently made a move many snappers are not happy with. Although the page designated for the discover content is still in its original place, there is a new slide bar that contains all of the discovery content located at the top of the ‘stories’ page. This means that if you want to see the stories of your friends or whoever else you may follow, you have to look underneath the discover content bar. There is also another bar that contains featured stories from events and locations all around the world. These have already been on the stories page; but they would have been mixed in. Now they have a scroll bar at the top below the discover scroll bar. This is a small change that has caused a huge uproar in the snapchat world. Users are very unhappy with the change and want the change to be fixed. Personally, I don’t mind the change because it isn’t that big of a deal to look two rows below to see stories. The real issue is that snapchat is allowing their sponsored content to be put into the users feeds. This could be the first sign that snapchat is going to flood the service with paid advertising. Or, it could be the only move they make. We will never know. If you are wondering why snapchat is placing these ads and sponsored content in the first place, the answer is simple; money. When the discover page was first created it was a way for snapchat to make money off of the companies sponsored there without cluttering users feeds. The companies that are sponsored have paid a lot of money to be sponsored on the page. Snapchat of course is happy to take their money in exchange for an extra page on their app. Now that snapchat has moved the sponsored content into a higher traffic area of their app, they can charge even more for it. It is just like advertising on billboards. The billboard in Times Square is going to have a higher price tag than the billboard out in Montana. Since more eyeballs will look at the stories page than the discover page, snapchat decided to move them their so that they can make more money. Let’s just hope that they don’t get too carried away with advertising. It could get so bad that you will have to watch a five second ad before each snap you open. Don’t worry though because it isn’t that bad yet, but it could come.

Snapchat July 2015 Update – New features And How to Use Them

Snapchat is constantly updating its mobile app to keep enhancing the snapping experience. Previous updates have added a simpler, cleaner look, filters, fonts, messaging and even facetime. I must say that personally I didn’t think that the facetime would be necessary, but I have actually used it quite a bit to share a moment with someone really quick. To read more about the previous snapchat updates click HERE Anyways, lets get back to our main topic which is the snapchat update that was released in July of 2015.
The July 2015 snapchat update, also called the version 9. 11. 1 update, ads two main new features. The first new feature allows users to add a photo to their snap code. This is basically like adding a profile picture to your account. To add a picture to your snap code, swipe to the camera screen then swipe down on your screen to reveal your snap code. By tapping on your snap code you will be presented with your snap code with the interior of the ghost displaying the view from your front facing camera. To capture the image just tap the gray circle button below your snap code. After you tap the button it will say ready, set, go, and you it will take three pictures. These pictures will play as a slideshow in your snap code. Other snappers will be able see your snap code picture next to your name when you add them.
The second new feature added in the July 2015 update is the ability to tap once to view entire stories and snaps you receive. This feature is very helpful when viewing long stories that previously you would have to hold for three minutes to view the story. Now you just tap on the story once and it will play through. If you want to skip to the next segment you just tap again. No need to use two fingers.
I have found the new snapchat update very helpful and I can’t wait to see what snapchat comes up with next.

College Football National Championship – Follow It On Social Media

Weather this is the biggest game in college football or the biggest game in all of football, the college football national championship is tonight at eight thirty. This years mach up is going to be interesting. No south eastern conference this year. Its the big ten and the pac twelve. The Ohio State Buckeyes will face off against the Oregon Ducks in Arlington Texas. Its always fun to see what other people are thinking during the game. The smack talk before the game is also quite entertaining.

The best place to witness this trash talk will definitely be on twitter. Just watch the hashtag UOvsOSU. I’m almost one hundred percent sure there will be rant after rant. Fans gone wild, defending their team. Trash talk on social media is the funniest part of sporting events. 
On the other hand, social media can give you a behind the scenes look at the game. Snapchat usually makes a compilation of peoples view of the game. Like tailgating and the view from their seats. They also have snaps from the players in the locker room getting ready. It is interesting seeing the players preparing for the game. 
On Instagram you can view sports center, college football playoff, or other sports broadcast accounts. They will be constantly posting hype before the game. They will also post interesting photos and videos of big moments in the game. 
Social media is a great way to interact with other fans and provides a different perspective of the game. So don’t forget to check social media throughout the game. It will keep you entertained during the commercials and just enhance the whole viewing experience. 

Snapchat Message And Facetime – How To Use


Snapchat has been updated and now gives you two great new features. These features create a new Snapchat experience that will leave the former version looking like a pile of dirt. These additions add two features that have previously been released; but Snapchat adds its own twist to them.S
The first new feature is messaging. Messaging has been around for quite some time but now snapchat has created its own version. To access the snapchat messaging, you swipe right from the camera screen. Then swipe right again across the user you would like to message with. You can then either message the user you have selected, or send them a picture from your camera roll. When you send a picture from your camera roll, the recipient can view the photo as long as they want. But when they exit the messaging section then return it will be gone. Like a traditional snap. The messages do the same. Once both parties have viewed the message it will be removed. Unless either the sender or the recipient taps on a message or photo. If someone taps a message or photo it will be saved, until they tap it again.
The other new addition is Snapchat facetime. This feature allows you to facetime with other Snapchat users. To do so, both users must be in the messaging section. Once this occurs the yellow rectangle at the right of the text box will turn blue. To facetime, both users must hold their finger on the blue button. You must continue to hold your finger on the screen for the facetime to continue. Unless you lock the camera in either the front or back facing position by sliding your finger to the top or bottom of the screen. Sliding your finger to the top will use the normal camera. Sliding your finger to the bottom will cause your front facing camera to activate.
These new features can be kind of fun. So go play with them, and let me know what you think.

Why is Snapchat so Valuable; Turning Down Billion Dollar Offers?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send their friends photos and videos that can only be viewed for a short period of time. Simple idea right? This simple idea is worth billions; Snapchat has been offered tree billion by facebook and four billion by Google. Both offers were declined. So how much is Snapchat really worth? It is hard to put a finger on the exact number but here is what we do know: Snapchat’s value will only increase in the time to come. Does Snapchat think they can profit more than four billion dollars from the app? Advertisements. Right now Snapchat appeals to a demographic of older kids and young adults, but it is being used by more and more people just because its simple effectiveness. So advertisements on the app will rake in money for the company. Ads will show up for a few seconds before every few snaps. The ads may cause some people to say that they are going to stop using Snapchat, but most will be more than happy to look at the ad for a few seconds because they know that they will get to see the snap. It is just like YouTube. Ads before videos are annoying but everyone is willing to wait through the fifteen or three second ads so they can see the content hidden behind them. If I were Google I would drop whatever amount of money they want for Snapchat. Snapchat will only get bigger, and if it integrated into Google Plus, Google plus would explode.

Which Operating System Is The Most Social?

iOS 7Operating systems have not been social in past years but recently Windows, Apple, and Android have been making their operating systems more social. How did they do this? Well Apple did it by adding the ability to post to facebook from the notification area. Android had the release of the Facebook phone which was a flop, Windows connects you to xbox live and any social media service you want all in one screen. But most recently Apple has released ios 7 which has the new air drop feature. This is the most social thing that I have seen in an operating system. It is basically Snapchat but better and it takes it a step further. It allows you to save pictures shared with you and you can share with as many people as you like. I think this feature makes ios 7 the most social os.

Will Snapchat Ever Get New Features?

Snapchat has established itself as the fastest way to share pictures but I have some problems with it.
1. You can only view pictures for 10 seconds.
2. You can only send a picture to one person.
These problems make the app annoying to use when you try to share a picture for more than one person, or if you want to share a picture sent to you with friends. But I guess that also protects people so that their pictures don’t get taken and shared when they don’t want them to. A feature I would like to see is the ability to send a picture to more than one person. I would also like to see a feature that allows you to see certain pictures as long as you need to. Wink already has all of these problem solved. The only problem with Wink is that nobody uses it yet. So I am stuck with snapchat and its problems. It works but it could be better.