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How Has Social Media Changed The Way We Watch Sports?

Sports and social media have slowly been merging together and will keep merging until they are almost nothing without each other. Examples of how these two areas have merged are the Twitter live updates of almost any major sporting event you would want to see. You can follow game four of the NBA final on twitter tomorrow at 9:00 PM. I can see google doing something similar with hangouts. Could you imagine watching a game from any section of the stadium you want to watch it from? I believe watching games through hangouts will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the game better than just watching it on the television. Vine would be The most interesting. If you missed a game and wanted to see the most important parts you could watch a six second vine instead of watching a two minutes of replay footage. Social media is the future of sports there is no doubt about that. Twitter has proved that and now it is Google’s turn to do something great with sports. Google already has the live scorebord that comes up in search results but they will do much greater things in the future.

Yahoo also offers a sports dashboards and it is pretty good. I can picture google doing something similar in the future. If Google could just make a tab on the top that said sports it would be amazing. They could have options to watch games live and have a dashboard with all the games and sports you want. imagine watching any game from your computer and seeing live comments from your communities and other google plus users on a hangout tab on the same screen. This would change the way we experience sports.

Another Google product that could change the way we watch sports is Google glass. Imagine watching an NFL game from the point of view of the coaches or the referees. Or watching Golf from Tiger’s point of view. The options are only limited to peoples creativity.

Will Snapchat Ever Get New Features?

Snapchat has established itself as the fastest way to share pictures but I have some problems with it.
1. You can only view pictures for 10 seconds.
2. You can only send a picture to one person.
These problems make the app annoying to use when you try to share a picture for more than one person, or if you want to share a picture sent to you with friends. But I guess that also protects people so that their pictures don’t get taken and shared when they don’t want them to. A feature I would like to see is the ability to send a picture to more than one person. I would also like to see a feature that allows you to see certain pictures as long as you need to. Wink already has all of these problem solved. The only problem with Wink is that nobody uses it yet. So I am stuck with snapchat and its problems. It works but it could be better.

Will Waze Improve Google Maps?

Google purchased Waze, a realtime traffic app from Isreal, earlier this week. Why did they do this? Some say that Google is going to take the technology used in the app to improve google maps. The technology used by Waze uses your cell phones position to calculate the traffic where you are. This technology has the capability to make google maps just a little better. By improving traffic reports and showing them real time on your route. This could also be helpful in calculating arrival times. In all I believe that Google’s purchase of Waze was a wise one. It will improve the overall quality of google maps. But don’t get too excited, you won’t see these improvements for at least three years because thats how long Google plans on keeping Waze as an independent company.

Are Ads On Social Media Good?

Ads on social media may seem bad at first but when you think about it, you start to realize how fortunate we are to have ads in our social media. What do I mean by this? I am saying that if we had no ads in social media they would be somewhere else. Somewhere much more annoying.  If ads were not in your social media they would be in your emails as spam or they would be constantly calling or texting you. Would you rather have a box in the corner of something you are reading or an inbox full of spam. Now I will admit that sometimes there is an ad that pops up in front of the article you are reading but that is not very common. And the fact is, people barley notice ads when they are reading. There is a statistic that says you are more likely to survive a plane crash than click an ad. That is bad news for the people paying for ads. But it is good that the ads are not noticed.

Why Is Instagram Going To Loose Popularity?

Instagram is a photo sharing social media app that was released in october of 2010 but has just now been gaining popularity. But I believe that this popularity is on the decline. Apps like Vine are now taking center stage as more people switch to video sharing instead of pictures. Why is this? You can share so much more in a six second video than in a still shot. The problem Vine is having is the fact that it is not as social as Instagram. There is no way to find your friends unless you link your Twitter or Facebook contacts. The problem for me is that I am just getting started on Twitter and have no contacts to link to Vine. Another problem with vine is that you cannot delete comments without going through multiple steps. Instagram on the other hand has a search and has the ability to delete comments. But I believe that Vine, being owned by a social media giant, will fix these problems before vine is history.

How Do You Generate Ideas For Content?

Lots of people use different techniques to generate ideas for their posts. Some people prefer to sit in a quiet room to sit and think, some like background noise. I know when I am using the internet I always turn on my television so that there is background noise. But when I am thinking of things to write about I prefer to either jump on my bike and ride to the river or just walk around. Both of these methods can be terribly exhausting in the heat of the southeast. So when I feel like staying in the a/c I just watch the news and surf Google+ for an inspiration. Everybody has their own personal way to come up with ideas. For some they can just pump out ideas all day long. Others will sit and stare at a blank wall until an idea comes to them. Some people use graphic organizers and go through a huge process to map out exactly what they are going to say. It is all up to the personality of the writer. I prefer to get an idea and just let it flow out. I find this easier and it makes things flow better.

Another great way I have found to come up with ideas is to find communities related to what you want to write about and just see what people are writing about. This is what I usually do when my mind goes blank and I cannot come up with anything. At first it was difficult but I have found quite a few communities that I go to often to find topics and jog my brain. There are communities for everything now so all you have to do is explore and find the one with people the most like you.

What Will Be The Next Addition To Google+?

Google+ has had lots of new cool things added to it in the past few months. One of the most popular of these being Auto Awesome. This feature stitches photos into animations and panoramas. Another cool feature added is the photo editor. This enhances pictures and allows you to crop, adjust brightness, contrast, and add a filter to your photos. Who knows what the next amazing feature will be. Maybe it will be a way to share vine posts more easily. Or maybe they will incorporate the entire snapseed app. Maybe the next big thing will be a video editor. The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait for google  to come out with the next version of Google+. I have a feeling I will be pleasantly surprised. What do you think the next innovation will be?

Google has the capability to create almost anything they want. What will be cool is when they make sports more social. Watching sports from a live hangout would be amazing. Commenting live with your friends or member of your favorite sports community. I just hope this day comes soon. Would you rather watch the game on the television by yourself or watch it while hanging out with your friends on the same screen?

Why Don’t Kids Want To Do Anything New?

Kids today have no idea about what they could be doing. Some kids tell be about how you can use adsense to make money online. But when given the tools they quit after one day. Why would they not take the lemons and make lemonade? Because it would require them to learn new skills and they just won’t do it. It is really sad that kids would rather spend time on Instagram and Vine than make money making a few videos or articles a day. This generation has the worst work ethic the United States has ever seen. Social Media now gives kids the ability to promote themselves and even make some money but they would rather just post pictures of their lunch on instagram. Some of these kids will take the tools and be successful while the other kids go get their job applications, put on uniforms, and go to work. If they don’t get money as soon as they start they are not happy they expect money to be easy. But most of all they refuse to be creative.

Is ios7 A Copy Of Android 4.2?

Apple announced ios7 today.  The software is similar to android. Apples new ios 7 software is similar to androids jellybean 4.2 software. Apple claims that with this is a new perspective of a mobile operating system. When in reality Android 4.2 has had all of the features this has for months now. Even the new font on the homescreen is similar to android. It has the ability to have multiple applications open at the same time. This is also from android. The more I read through the new features the more I laugh. Filters you can apply to pictures, can people not already do that using social media apps? Safari is also starting to look like crome. Read through the features for yourself and tell me that they do not match android. What I am looking forward to is the actual release of the iphone six to see what the final version looks like. This proves that android is far beyond ios.

Why Should You Share Other Peoples Content?

There are a lot of people using social media that never share other peoples content. This is not a good position to be in. If you don’t share other peoples content you won’t be seen as a reliable source of information. Credibility is important in getting a good following. If you only post about yourself people will get bored of your content and won’t look forward to what you are posting. If you don’t post content other than your own you need to get to it and get your reliability levels up. A good place to learn about finding good content is  This website contains a few tips to get you sharing quality information with your followers. If you don’t share others content you are not using social media correctly. Social media is made to spread ideas and information. And if information gets to you and stops you are defeating the purpose of social media.