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What Time Should I Post On Social Media? 2

When posting on social media it is important to post at the right time and in the right time zone. What are the best times to post things. During typical work hours you will see the most action on social media. Typical work hours are between the hours of noon and six. The reason for this is that when people are at work they need something to connect them with outside of work. Social media provides them with this connection. Another question that I will answer is: what time zone should I use? The answer to this is all in the numbers. Almost half of the nations population is in the eastern time zone. Eighty precent are in the eastern and central. So if you are in the east coast just post between noon and six. If you are on the east coast you should post between three and nine.

What Time Should I Post On Social Media?

A lot of people wonder what is the best time to post things on social media. The answer to that question is yet another question: what are you posting? If you are just posting to share something with friends or something you thought was cool it really doesn’t matter what time you post it. Just post it before you forget. But if it is content that you need to get traffic on, that is a different story. The busiest time of day is during the work hours. Admit it, you feel the urge to check your feed every so often while you are supposed to be working. You should get the most traffic between the hours of 11 and 5. So in other words avoid posting things in the early mornings and late evenings if you want more people to see it.