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Post Photos On Yik Yak Update July 2015

Image result for yik yakYik Yak has always been text only and photos for special themed peek locations. This has been entertaining yakers around the world for the past few months. Users of the service have been patiently waiting for the ability to post pictures to accompany their yaks. Well, their long wait is over. The latest Yik Yak update now allows for pictures to be taken and added to your yak. It is as simple as updating the app, composing a new yak, and clicking the blue circular camera button on the bottom left of the screen above the keyboard. The first time you try to take add a picture you must first be sure to allow Yik Yak access to the camera. On the camera screen you just point the camera at whatever you want to capture and press the circle capture button on the bottom center of the screen. You also have the option of selecting an image from your gallery to add to your Yak. This is done by clicking the gallery button that looks like a nine by nine grid just to the right of the capture button on the camera. To access your camera roll you must first give the Yik Yak app permission to enter your photos. When you post your image it will pass through moderation before being approved and posted to your location. In order to pass through the moderation, the image associated with your yak must be appropriate, contain no faces and have no illegal activities. I always thought Yik Yak would never allow pictures because there is no way for them to monitor what users post and user reports would take too long to be processed. Having the pictures pass through moderation before being posted solves this problem. Yik Yak did a good job making the new feature intuitive and safe for users. Plus it also keeps the service anonymous. It from five to ten minutes for your image post to be approved and posted to your location. When you first post your yak, your post will display a temporary automated yak that says “Your Image Is Being Processed” It looks like this:
After your image has been approved and Yik Yak has verified that the image is appropriate for their service the temporary yak will be replaced by your yak containing the image. It will be displayed with the text portion first with the image below the text. It will look like this when approved:
Overall I believe that images will add a new touch to Yik Yak that should be positive but could also be negative. Let me know what you think of the new update. 

Snapchat July 2015 Update – New features And How to Use Them

Snapchat is constantly updating its mobile app to keep enhancing the snapping experience. Previous updates have added a simpler, cleaner look, filters, fonts, messaging and even facetime. I must say that personally I didn’t think that the facetime would be necessary, but I have actually used it quite a bit to share a moment with someone really quick. To read more about the previous snapchat updates click HERE Anyways, lets get back to our main topic which is the snapchat update that was released in July of 2015.
The July 2015 snapchat update, also called the version 9. 11. 1 update, ads two main new features. The first new feature allows users to add a photo to their snap code. This is basically like adding a profile picture to your account. To add a picture to your snap code, swipe to the camera screen then swipe down on your screen to reveal your snap code. By tapping on your snap code you will be presented with your snap code with the interior of the ghost displaying the view from your front facing camera. To capture the image just tap the gray circle button below your snap code. After you tap the button it will say ready, set, go, and you it will take three pictures. These pictures will play as a slideshow in your snap code. Other snappers will be able see your snap code picture next to your name when you add them.
The second new feature added in the July 2015 update is the ability to tap once to view entire stories and snaps you receive. This feature is very helpful when viewing long stories that previously you would have to hold for three minutes to view the story. Now you just tap on the story once and it will play through. If you want to skip to the next segment you just tap again. No need to use two fingers.
I have found the new snapchat update very helpful and I can’t wait to see what snapchat comes up with next.

New From Google – Mobile Search App Could Look A Lot Like Google Now

Google has recently been working on a new interface for the mobile search app. It will look a lot like something we have seen before. The new app will have cards instead of a long list. all of the cards will have different information about what you search for example if you search “Google” there will be a card for information about the company, a card for stock, a card for search results and a card for news, images, etc. You will be able to swipe away cards that you do not want on the screen you can also disable some cards from coming up. If the cards on search are a success they will apply the card idea to desktop search to. The problem I see with this is that you could not swipe the cards away and it could turn into a pain. I have this problem with the google plus notifications. I find myself trying to swipe with the track pad but in reality I have to click the little X. I can’t wait for the new interface to be applied. I think it will make search faster and smoother. I just hope the find an efficient way to deal with removing the cards.

What Will Be The Next Addition To Google+?

Google+ has had lots of new cool things added to it in the past few months. One of the most popular of these being Auto Awesome. This feature stitches photos into animations and panoramas. Another cool feature added is the photo editor. This enhances pictures and allows you to crop, adjust brightness, contrast, and add a filter to your photos. Who knows what the next amazing feature will be. Maybe it will be a way to share vine posts more easily. Or maybe they will incorporate the entire snapseed app. Maybe the next big thing will be a video editor. The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait for google  to come out with the next version of Google+. I have a feeling I will be pleasantly surprised. What do you think the next innovation will be?

Google has the capability to create almost anything they want. What will be cool is when they make sports more social. Watching sports from a live hangout would be amazing. Commenting live with your friends or member of your favorite sports community. I just hope this day comes soon. Would you rather watch the game on the television by yourself or watch it while hanging out with your friends on the same screen?