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Instagram Videos Have Stopped Vine’s Rise In Popularity

Personally I thought that Instagram videos would not be able to compete with Vine. I could not be more wrong. Instagram’s videos are longer and you can delete segments. After more than a month of using the new service I have not looked at my vine account, so I would say that it is better, for me at least. Weather or not you prefer short or shorter videos that is up to you. We will see how vine and instagram evolve and change. Vine has improve their android app. Now that I am looking at the app after all these weeks, it is really starting to look like the instagram app. But Instagram has one thing that vine seems to be having trouble with. It is the fact that on instagram I have actually met people and communicated with them, on vine the only vines I see are by people I already know. So only time will tell what new changes these two video sharing apps will go through.

Will Video Calls Replace Everyday Face To Face Conversation?

When video call sites like oovoo and skype first came out I thought it was the coolest thing. But now it is so common it seems like someday it could replace human interaction. That may be a little extreme, but think about it. Why would you drive to a restaurant to meet someone when you could just video call them? The answer is, because without actually seeing someone you will slowly turn into an unsocial person. I’m not saying that video calling will do this.  It’s just that if you resort to video chats over going to meet someone, there might be a problem. So use video chats all you want, just don’t over use them. 

Why Is Instagram Going To Loose Popularity?

Instagram is a photo sharing social media app that was released in october of 2010 but has just now been gaining popularity. But I believe that this popularity is on the decline. Apps like Vine are now taking center stage as more people switch to video sharing instead of pictures. Why is this? You can share so much more in a six second video than in a still shot. The problem Vine is having is the fact that it is not as social as Instagram. There is no way to find your friends unless you link your Twitter or Facebook contacts. The problem for me is that I am just getting started on Twitter and have no contacts to link to Vine. Another problem with vine is that you cannot delete comments without going through multiple steps. Instagram on the other hand has a search and has the ability to delete comments. But I believe that Vine, being owned by a social media giant, will fix these problems before vine is history.

Why Don’t Kids Want To Do Anything New?

Kids today have no idea about what they could be doing. Some kids tell be about how you can use adsense to make money online. But when given the tools they quit after one day. Why would they not take the lemons and make lemonade? Because it would require them to learn new skills and they just won’t do it. It is really sad that kids would rather spend time on Instagram and Vine than make money making a few videos or articles a day. This generation has the worst work ethic the United States has ever seen. Social Media now gives kids the ability to promote themselves and even make some money but they would rather just post pictures of their lunch on instagram. Some of these kids will take the tools and be successful while the other kids go get their job applications, put on uniforms, and go to work. If they don’t get money as soon as they start they are not happy they expect money to be easy. But most of all they refuse to be creative.

Google’s Answer to Vine?

When vine came out on android it was a huge hit. The idea of sharing a short video instead of a picture appealed to a lot of people. Google took made its own version, but instead of a video it is an animation. Many of you may know about Auto Awesome and how cool some of them are but in reality, vine is just easier and faster. With Auto Awesome you just take a series of pictures with small changes in them and it stitches them into a short, or long, animation. Auto Awesome also can create panoramic pictures. This is similar to vine but defiantly not an imitation. Vine is more of a video sharing service than a clever photography trick. But now that it is on android. I can see many, much more clever, users starting to use it in better ways. My uncle and I believe that vine has much more potential and will grow to be much bigger than it is now. So Google did make a short animation feature but I don’t believe it was an attempt to beat out vine. They are just doing what Google does, which is make cool, fun things to help people out.

Why Did Vine Do Better Than Cinemagram?

There are a few reasons why the social app Vine did so much better than Cinemagram. Some of the reasons are obvious while others are not. One of the major reasons why it was not as good is the fact that it was not visually pleasing. Orange is not a social media color. When I see red it is usually on warning signs and I typically avoid those. Another thing against it is the lack of audio in the videos. I have been reading through some of the recent comments for the app and it looks like they cut the video max length to six seconds in an attempt to imitate Vine. Another thing Vine has going for it is the fact that it is linked to a successful social media site and not some company trying to get recognized in all of the social media chaos. I have also heard that the video quality is not as good as vine but I have been having some quality issues with vine myself. whenever the light changes it takes too long for the camera to adjust. In summary I believe that vine is the better app and that Cinemagram will never be one of the greats. If I had to choose an app that would dominate the short clip area it would have to be vine or a Google version of it. If Google were to do a “Youtube lite” ,where videos were short, it would very popular.

Vine more popular than instagram?

Vine surpassed Instagram in shares on twitter yesterday. What could this mean? Is Vine bigger than Instagram? I believe that Vine will pass Instagram but not now. In the near future Instagram will be another Facebook/Myspace story being used in small towns that have fallen behind. The idea of watching a short video is much better than just a picture that’s what Google+ has accomplished with Auto Awesome. Short clips can explain what is going on by themselves plus the voices and sounds you can hear from a vine video can get more information to you than just visuals. Overall Vine is just easier than Instagram. If you wanted to get a picture of a conversation or a cat doing something funny its harder to get a picture than it is to just film a short clip and share it. One thing Vine needs to improve is the interface. It can sometimes get annoying. Plus if you have an android you cannot use the front facing camera yet. So at this moment vine is just a seedling but eventually it is going to drown out Instagram and be the dominate mobile social network.

Features in Snapchat that you might not know about

 There are a few features in Snapchat you might not have known about. So this post will explain what those features are, and how to use them to enhance your Snapchat experience.

1.   Some of you may know about the first one as it is well known. I am sharing it because I was unaware of it until just recently. It is the video feature, which as the name implies allows you to snap short videos and send them just like a picture. In order to do this all you have to do is hold down the capture button and it will start to take the video. A red arc will start to move around the capture button, this shows how much longer you have to take the video. You have ten seconds to capture whatever you like before it will automatically end it. The video captures audio just like vine.

2.  This feature is the one I found the most surprising when I found out about it. This feature allows you to add filters to the snaps. To do this you tap between the send and save image buttons and in the caption type in Negative… this will make the image negative. Another filter you can use is black and white to use this filter you tap between the send and save image buttons but this time you type B&w… in the caption.

3. If you need to switch from your front facing camera to your regular camera; this feature will speed up that process. It can be annoying trying to locate the icon on the screen to rotate the camera if you need it done fast but you can easily switch it just by double tapping the screen. Just like double clicking a file saved to your desktop to open it, just with your finger to the screen. So next time you need to switch the camera try double tapping anywhere on the screen.

4.  The fourth feature is one that can add something different to your snap. By entering the settings and tapping Manage you can then select Visual Filters. Once there is a check in the box you can take a picture and while viewing it you can swipe to either side and a filter will be applied to your picture. One swipe to the left will apply a filter that makes the photo looked a little aged. Two swipes applies black and white.  

5.  The last feature will turn your boring text into large bold text that is easier to read. To activate this setting you will, again, go to settings, tap Manage, then tapping Special Text. Once you have done this you will now see a T when you are typing text on your snap. By tapping it once it will make the text bold. By tapping twice it will make it bold and centered.