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How To Post Quality Material That Ranks Well

Ranking high in a web search is not magic. There isn’t a button you press that automatically puts you at the top. It takes hard work and consistent writing. Here are some of the best ways I have found to increase the ranking of blogs.

First of all you want to own the domain. Buying the domain will show search engines that you are doing it for something other than fun, and that you are trustworthy. Search engines only promote sites that they believe are trustworthy sources of information. When you do not own your domain you could just be anyone, search engines don’t know if you are worth promoting. So if you want to rank well, do yourself a favor and purchase a domain.
Second, post original content. Don’t copy content off of other blogs or sites. Posting original content allows your blog to be seen as trustworthy. If you post original trustworthy content that solves problems that people are searching for, you are more likely to rank well. Also adding original media such as videos, podcasts, images, etc. will also make your blog more prone to higher rankings on search engines.
The last tip I will mention is back-links to your blog. Having links from other websites related on the topic back to you are very beneficial for high rankings. Going back to being trustworthy, if other sites trust you that shows search engines that you are in fact trustworthy. Also, never buy back links. The source makes a big difference. One back link from a high ranking site is more valuable than one hundred back links from insignificant blog. Don’t forget to back link to your own blog. Keep the readers on the blog as long as you can.
I hope this helps with any basic questions you have about ranking well in search.

How Has Social Media Changed The Way We Watch Sports?

Sports and social media have slowly been merging together and will keep merging until they are almost nothing without each other. Examples of how these two areas have merged are the Twitter live updates of almost any major sporting event you would want to see. You can follow game four of the NBA final on twitter tomorrow at 9:00 PM. I can see google doing something similar with hangouts. Could you imagine watching a game from any section of the stadium you want to watch it from? I believe watching games through hangouts will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the game better than just watching it on the television. Vine would be The most interesting. If you missed a game and wanted to see the most important parts you could watch a six second vine instead of watching a two minutes of replay footage. Social media is the future of sports there is no doubt about that. Twitter has proved that and now it is Google’s turn to do something great with sports. Google already has the live scorebord that comes up in search results but they will do much greater things in the future.

Yahoo also offers a sports dashboards and it is pretty good. I can picture google doing something similar in the future. If Google could just make a tab on the top that said sports it would be amazing. They could have options to watch games live and have a dashboard with all the games and sports you want. imagine watching any game from your computer and seeing live comments from your communities and other google plus users on a hangout tab on the same screen. This would change the way we experience sports.

Another Google product that could change the way we watch sports is Google glass. Imagine watching an NFL game from the point of view of the coaches or the referees. Or watching Golf from Tiger’s point of view. The options are only limited to peoples creativity.