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Post Photos On Yik Yak Update July 2015

Image result for yik yakYik Yak has always been text only and photos for special themed peek locations. This has been entertaining yakers around the world for the past few months. Users of the service have been patiently waiting for the ability to post pictures to accompany their yaks. Well, their long wait is over. The latest Yik Yak update now allows for pictures to be taken and added to your yak. It is as simple as updating the app, composing a new yak, and clicking the blue circular camera button on the bottom left of the screen above the keyboard. The first time you try to take add a picture you must first be sure to allow Yik Yak access to the camera. On the camera screen you just point the camera at whatever you want to capture and press the circle capture button on the bottom center of the screen. You also have the option of selecting an image from your gallery to add to your Yak. This is done by clicking the gallery button that looks like a nine by nine grid just to the right of the capture button on the camera. To access your camera roll you must first give the Yik Yak app permission to enter your photos. When you post your image it will pass through moderation before being approved and posted to your location. In order to pass through the moderation, the image associated with your yak must be appropriate, contain no faces and have no illegal activities. I always thought Yik Yak would never allow pictures because there is no way for them to monitor what users post and user reports would take too long to be processed. Having the pictures pass through moderation before being posted solves this problem. Yik Yak did a good job making the new feature intuitive and safe for users. Plus it also keeps the service anonymous. It from five to ten minutes for your image post to be approved and posted to your location. When you first post your yak, your post will display a temporary automated yak that says “Your Image Is Being Processed” It looks like this:
After your image has been approved and Yik Yak has verified that the image is appropriate for their service the temporary yak will be replaced by your yak containing the image. It will be displayed with the text portion first with the image below the text. It will look like this when approved:
Overall I believe that images will add a new touch to Yik Yak that should be positive but could also be negative. Let me know what you think of the new update. 

Yik Yak – Anonymous Social Media Platform – App Information

There is a new breed of social media on the market. With this type of social media you can post whatever it is that you want without worrying about what people will think of it. With Yik Yak you can post whatever you want without consequence. Well that’s not entirely true, but we’ll discuss that later. On Yik Yak you can speak your mind anonymously. This allows users to let things that might be too embarrassing to post on twitter or facebook. 

Posting on Yik Yak is just like posting on any other social media service. The only three differences between Yik Yak and other services is that your post is anonymous, and posting is refereed to as yakking. Posts are called yaks, And you can only view yaks that are posted within a certain distance of you. Nobody knows who is posting. This allows people to be more risky with their post. You will find that posts on Yik Yak can be very personal. This may seem kind of weird to some but entertaining to others.
Yik Yak is most popular on college campuses with underclassman but it is very entertaining for many other people. Though the use in rural areas and cities with older demographics see limited use, the app is constantly yakked  on by younger folk. You will commonly see users yakking jokes, food, school work, and many other things.
On the app, instead of liking or favoriting a yak, you either up-vote or down vote the post. Up-votes are what you are going for when you post. The most popular posts have upwards of ten thousand up-votes. The votes also determine weather or not a yak is kept on the feed. Once a yak reaches five down-votes, it is removed from the feed. This keeps offending yaks from being kept on the feed.
You can also peek at other locations. By selecting the peek option you can see what people are yakking anywhere in the world. The most entertaining yaks will be found on college campuses to be sure to peek at those. There is also a section at the top of the peek tab that has a few sections of yaks with a theme. Those are always interesting to view. Another feature in the peek tab is the ability to save peek locations. So if there is a place you want to see what the users there are yakking you can have easy access to those locations.
This app is available on apple and android. If you find yourself looking for some mindless entertainment then I suggest you download Yik Yak. Happy Yakking!!!