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Why Having Ads Is So Important To Social Media

Everyone hates when an ad is displayed before a video on YouTube. But the reality is without those ads before the video YouTube would not be able to exist. Well YouTube could exist without ads, as they are owned by Google, but that would not be a smart move for Google. Ads make it possible for social media sites to exist. They generate revenue which is why the sites exist. Let’s face it, social media sites are not created to help people get together and communicate. Social media sites are created to expand the creators wealth. 

Companies pay to have advertisements placed on social media sites. The companies pay an advertising placement service, such as Google Adsense, to place their ads on web pages relevant to what the company sells or provides. The owners of the web pages must create an account with the advertising placement service before they will have the option to have ads displayed on their site. When the ads are placed on the site the owner will be payed a certain amount by the advertisement service when the ads on their site are clicked. This is how the sites gain revenue.
This revenue is what the social media sites are after. The sites are created to bring in large quantities of people. These users believe they are here to socialize and communicate with other users; but the reality is, the users are being brought together to click some ads. They are being brought together to generate capital for the creators of the webpage.
So next time an ad comes up before a video, or clutter the margins of the screen, just try to put up with them. because without them Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites would not be a free service.

Should YouTube Create a Rival To Twitter’s Vine

Twitter created vine as a way to share short (six second) videos with your friends. Eventually it grew and nearly  beat out Facebook’s Instagram. But now it seems like vine has been on a decline ever since Instagram came out with video sharing with longer videos (fifteen seconds). I believe that it is time for Google to get their hand into the bowl. YouTube has an enormous amount of traffic each and every day; as does the mobile app. So what if Google was to create a mobile app to rival Vine. Where you can share short videos with the web and have the videos in your subscribers feed. Instead of having captions it would be just like the YouTube we know now with a title and a description. Plus having the ability to search for clips instead of just browsing for them through a vague compilation. The videos would be a minute or less; longer than Instagram and Vine but still shorter than the time consuming six minute videos on the main site. Have you ever found yourself watching one short clip after another on YouTube and before you know it thirty minutes have passed. That is what people would do with this app; entertain themselves. It would be the top app on the app or Google play store.  All of these features would add up to an app that could put Instagram and Vine on the sidelines. Integrating the app with Google plus would make it even better. Creating this app would be an incredibly worthwhile endeavor for Google. Thousands… No.. Millions would visit this app daily to share with the world. Everybody would benefit; Google, users, and companies that want to advertise. What company wouldn’t want their ad on an app like this. Users could make money as well by integrating adsense. the possibilities are endless.

New From Google – Android YouTube App Update

The YouTube app has recently been updated, I believe last night, and the changes are aesthetic as well as functional. The first thing you will notice is the new visual for the app. It is a red rectangle with rounded off corners with a white play symbol in the middle. When you open the new updated app you will have your what to watch section. It is pretty much the same accept for the fact that it is now lighter colored. If you swipe your finger to the right you will have your options and your subscriptions.

The coolest new feature I have found is that when you are watching a video you can minimize the video and navigate the app while the video plays in the bottom right corner. To get rid of the small screen you can swipe it to the left or right. To maximize it you can either tap on it or swipe it up. Its not going to revolutionize the way you watch videos but I think it is pretty cool. It is also pretty handy when listening to music or creating a playlist so that the sound will still be playing while you are searching for the next video. To sum it up I like the update. Do you like the new YouTube?

Will Youtube Get Beat Out By Vine?

Youtube is used by millions each day, but can vine beat out this giant and take the top spot for video sharing? This all depends on the decisions that vine makes later. Right now the answer would be no. It is lacking simple features that would make the app so much better. Simple additions like a keyword search, or a way to undo a section of footage. Any of those would have a huge impact. Another problem I see with vine is the fact that It doesn’t rank in search. Youtube videos on the other hand will show up on the first pages of a google search if you search the keyword. With vine videos you have to find whoever made the vine then find the video, or just find it on twitter. If google were to come out with a youtube Short where you share six second videos, it would beat out vine for sure. But if vine adds search and finds a way to rank in google search, it would be interesting to see what happens. If vine doesn’t add new features it is just going to be another social app and never grow to be something big.

What Time Should I Post On Social Media?

A lot of people wonder what is the best time to post things on social media. The answer to that question is yet another question: what are you posting? If you are just posting to share something with friends or something you thought was cool it really doesn’t matter what time you post it. Just post it before you forget. But if it is content that you need to get traffic on, that is a different story. The busiest time of day is during the work hours. Admit it, you feel the urge to check your feed every so often while you are supposed to be working. You should get the most traffic between the hours of 11 and 5. So in other words avoid posting things in the early mornings and late evenings if you want more people to see it.

Why Did Vine Do Better Than Cinemagram?

There are a few reasons why the social app Vine did so much better than Cinemagram. Some of the reasons are obvious while others are not. One of the major reasons why it was not as good is the fact that it was not visually pleasing. Orange is not a social media color. When I see red it is usually on warning signs and I typically avoid those. Another thing against it is the lack of audio in the videos. I have been reading through some of the recent comments for the app and it looks like they cut the video max length to six seconds in an attempt to imitate Vine. Another thing Vine has going for it is the fact that it is linked to a successful social media site and not some company trying to get recognized in all of the social media chaos. I have also heard that the video quality is not as good as vine but I have been having some quality issues with vine myself. whenever the light changes it takes too long for the camera to adjust. In summary I believe that vine is the better app and that Cinemagram will never be one of the greats. If I had to choose an app that would dominate the short clip area it would have to be vine or a Google version of it. If Google were to do a “Youtube lite” ,where videos were short, it would very popular.