Celebrities on Snapchat – Snoop Dog And DJ Khaled on Snapchat

Celebrities on Snapcat - Snoop Dog And DJ Khaled on Snapchat If you follow DJ Khaled on snapchat you recently saw him in a green room with another music icon. DJ Khaled gave us his elliptical talk then moved into his egg whites. The highlight of his day was a meeting with Snoop dog. Khaled started his snap story by just showing himself in Snoop Dog’s “crib”. Next he then panned to the left and viewers saw Snoop dog with his head in his laptop. Khaled says that he is with the icon; referring to snoop dog. Snoop Dog proceeds to inform us that he is coming for snapchat. Khaled says that Snoop Dog snapchat is coming soon. Could this be a celebrity version of Khaled’s key to success talks?

DJ Khaled visited with the music artist Snoop Dog on January 6th. He shared some of Snoop Dogs choices in music as well as giving Snoop a chance to be in his wildly popular snapchat story. Snoop Dog created a short little tune as a tribute to DJ Khaled’s lion statue. Khaled mentions that Snoop Dog snapchat is coming. What does this mean?

Shortly after Khaled mentioned Snoop Dog snapchat, Snoop Dog preformed a short little verse with some Jamaican music in the background. DJ Khaled Says that Jamaica is a “Big Up”. I believe this is all we will see from Snoop Dog on DJ Khaled’s snapchat. We have noticed a number of celebrities making appearances on Khaled’s snap stories recently. Is this just because he is in Los Angeles, or is it his new strategy to entertain his following? So far Khaled has had Kim Kardashian, Floyd Maywether, and now Snoop Dog, all as guests on his snapchat story. We will have to see who else makes an appearance on his snapchat in the future. Will we see more in the future?

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Snoop Dog And DJ Khaled on Snapchat

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