Christmas Eve Snapchat Filter 2016! – It’s Finally Here!

Snapchat has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings as a small social media app. Snapchat now offers more features than ever. One of the most popular features on Snapchat is the Snapchat filters and Snapchat lenses. Snapchat filters allow anyone to add cool borders and effects to their snapchat posts and snaps. Some of the most popular snapchat filters are Geo Filters, this means that the filters are only available in a specific area. These lenses work great for showing your friends where you are and what a great time you are having. Another popular use of snapchat filters is holidays, and no holiday is done better justice on snapchat than Christmas.

That’s right, it is that time of year again. Time for hot chocolate, christmas movies, and time with your favorite family members. Luckily, gifts are not all that you will be given this christmas season. Snapchat has already amped up their filter production and have released over five different snapchat lenses and filters. In this article specifically we will be taking a look at the Christmas Eve Snapchat filter that was released at 12 am eastern time in the United States. Below you will find an image of the Christmas Eve 2016 snapchat filter along with a description of the filter’s elements.

Christmas Eve Snapchat Filter 2016 Description and Image 

The Christmas Eve snapchat filter brings together a bunch of different elements that just scream Christmas time. The Christmas Eve snapchat filter for 2016 consists of an animated scene that is situated along the bottom of the screen. The scene is set on a snowy ground and is topped with text that reads “Christmas Eve.” Below this text is two Reigndeer along with a number of different christmas colored gifts. There are also three christmas trees in the center of the filter that separate the reigndeer from santa, who is standing on the right hand side of the filter. You may also be able to pick out a few tiny elves hidden throughout the Christmas Eve snapchat filter. This filter is going to be used heavily throughout December 24th, 2016 so make sure that you give this filter some love and apply it to some of your snaps this christmas eve. We are also going to be looking forward to the Christmas day snapchat lenses and filters that will be released tomorrow. Give this filter a try and let us know how excited you are for Christmas by commenting below!

Christmas Eve Snapchat Filter 2016! - It's Finally Here!