College Football 2016 Campus Gameday Sbapchat Filter

College football is finally here and students around the country are getting ready for their teams to battle it out on the field. 
Before the players get their football pads on there will be a campus geofilter for students to represent their school. The Gameday on campus college football snapchat filter will allow any student on campus of any university to rep their school on Gameday. Below you will find a description of the gamecock football Gameday on campus snapchat filter. This filter will be found on other campuses throughout football season in 2016. 

College Football 2016 Gameday on Campus Snapchat Filter

The college football campus Gameday snapchat filter will allow for college students at all major universities to support their football team on Gameday. Every college will have a different theme and look to their Gameday filter. Below you will find the university of South Carolina college football Gameday filter. It consists of a football laces with text that reads “gamecock football Gameday on campus” students on campus can show their school spirit and use the filters to add a little extra something to their post. Comment below which school you will be supporting on Gameday.

Happy Snapping!

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