College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat

College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat

The college football playoff national championship will be kicking off on January 11th at 8:30 PM. The college football playoff started with four teams: Clemson, Alabama, Michigan State, and Oklahoma. Clemson played Oklahoma in the orange bowl earlier in December. The Tigers fell behind early but fought back to beat the Sooners. Later that night Alabama dominated Michigan State; who couldn’t muster a single point against the Crimson Tide. On January 11th, Clemson will face off against the Crimson Tide in what should be a good game. Clemson being number one in the polls is still listed as the underdog for tonight’s game. Tonight’s game will be the feature of one of Snapchat’s live stories. The story will be a collection of snaps directly from fans that are in attendance at the game.

What to Expect From the live College Football National Championship Story on Snapchat 

The snapchat story for the college football national championship will contain a collection of snaps from the game. When the story is first released there will be a short bit of text that describes the event that is about to take place, which is the national championship for fbs college football. It will be followed by numerous snaps that will show key moments in the game. It will start off with a few videos or pictures of fans cheering for their team and a video of kickoff. Throughout the game there will be updates of the story that include new shots of the game. Look for new updates whenever a team scores. It will be interesting to see the game from the perspective of a fan that is actually in the stadium. Alabama and Clemson have two of the most loyal fans in college football and they will be fired up to watch this game.

If you are watching the game on a television it is still a cool little thing to check out the live story during commercials just to see what the atmosphere at the game actually looks like. I usually check the live story for every game I watch on television. It is an interesting supplement to watching the game.

If you are actually at the game look out for Geo filters that may be available for the national championship game tonight. If you find any be sure to send them out to your friends who aren’t at the game and rub it in their faces. Arizona is the place to be for college football fans.

When you watch the story look for the word “explore” at the bottom of each snap. When you see the word “explore” you can swipe up on the snap and you will be presented with more snaps of the same moment just from different perspectives. It is pretty cool to be able to see the same moment from different fan base’s perspectives.

The national championship can be viewed by tuning in to ESPN. They will be broadcasting a pre-game show before kickoff if you are interested in viewing that. Snapchat will also be giving instant replays from the fans point of view for big moments throughout the game. So be sure to check the live story for the national championship college football game between the Clemson Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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College Football Playoff National Championship Live Story on Snapchat